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Canadian Moose Replica – Custom Signs And Props

Crafting A Custom Sign To Create A Canadian Moose Head Replica

We often talk about our custom signs being shipped all over North America but today, as we enter the Canada Day Long Weekend celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday we thought we would show you a Canadian symbol that was recently shipped to a U.S. client.

In the image above you can see in the bottom row of images that the project was created in several steps. It began with creating a structure from High Density Urethane otherwise know as HDU.  The pieces of HDU were carved to match the shape of the moose head, then they were layered to create dimension.  Once the moose head took shape it was given a custom paint finish with a texture element to replicate the look of a moose’s coat.  Then its features were finished to give it a more comical look.  Once all of the elements were completed the finished project  was shipped to our customer. It will serve as a wall hanging for the client which we are sure will become quite a conversation piece.

Creating Dimensional Signs, Props And Replicas

If you follow our blog you know that we get lots of requests that include the Canadian Moose along with other animals that are symbols of Canada.

Canadian Custom Sign - The Sign Depot Canadian Custom Sign - The Sign Depot

If you find yourself looking for a custom sign, dimensional or otherwise, please visit our CONTACT US page.  From there you can email us with the project you are looking to have created. Just send your contact info along with what you are interested in, the size you are looking for and another specifics would like included.  Our sign designers will provide you with a quote for your approval and then the process can begin.

For more examples of our work visit our website and choose our portfolio tab.  There you will see all the types of custom signs we can create.

Happy Canada 150!


Settlement Co. Makes It Official With A Their Custom Business Sign


A Sign Of Things To Come

As stated on the Instagram and Facebook pages for Settlement Co. it is now “Officially Official” that they are opening a second location.

Choosing the newly installed custom business sign to make the announcement, keeps their branding top of mind for their current and potential customers.

No Need To Search For Settlement Co.

The new locale is in a high traffic area near Downtown Kitchener. By choosing to brand the exterior of the building with signs that are visible to vehicle traffic and pedestrians passing by, ensures that the community can find them easily.

Custom Business Sign - Settlement Co - The Sign Depot

Custom Business Sign - Settlement Co - The Sign Depot

Both signs were created to stand out from the surroundings.  Their herringbone design was used as a backer for each sign and then individual cutout letters were mounted to it to add dimension to the signage.  Both of these custom business signs were finished off with a sign frame to give the signs a sleek, stylish look.

Get Set For Settlement Co.

To get set for opening of the second Settlement Co. location, they are offering a 4 WEEK COFFEE CRASH COURSE to the public.  With a variety of topics ranging from tastings to Latte Art design, these classes will provide a great intro of their offerings to the community.

Including Custom Business Signs Into Your Expansion Plan

Custom Business Sign - Settlement Co - The Sign Depot

Are you planning to add new locations to business? The best way to get the word out about a company expansion is through custom business signs that enhance your brand.  The expert sign-makers here at The Sign Depot can work with your current design or assist you in developing new designs for your business.  Just visit the CONTACT US page to get a quote. For more examples of our custom signs visit our website gallery, find us on facebook or send us a tweet with what we can assist you with.


Creating A 3 Dimensional Sign For Kitestring Creative Branding Studio

Creating With The Creatives

Over the years we have created several 3 dimensional signs.  Some signs have been designed here in house while others have come with the sign design in place and required us to fabricate their signage to their specifications.  In this case Kitestring Creative Branding Studio had all the pieces “almost” in place.  By pieces, I mean they wanted a layered 3 dimensional sign for their Hamilton Ontario office space.  They came to us with the design specifications in hand and it was up to the expert signmakers here at The Sign Depot to piece the project together.

Dimension By Design

The design for the interior sign included a brushed aluminum backer topped with a black panel with individual letter cutouts, and the addition of acrylic pieces finished to match the Kitesting logo.

3 Dimensional Sign - Kitestring Creative Branding Studio - The Sign Depot

3 Dimensional Sign - Kitestring Creative Branding Studio - The Sign Depot

3 Dimensional Sign - Kitestring Creative Branding Studio - The Sign Depot

 Once assembled the 3 dimensional sign was ready for it’s new home at the Kitestring office.

Stand Out From The Surroundings

The use of colour and dimension worked well and gave the sleek sign an extra level of style and sofistication that fit well in the workspace.  As you can see from the installed image below, the sign stands out from its surrounding area.

3 Dimensional Office Sign - Kitestring - The Sign Depot

 It stands out two ways.  First, the 3 dimensional sign literally stands out from the wall and second, the sign becomes a focal point for the room.

Bring Your Brand To The Forefront

Do you have a office space that could use some attention? Does your reception area need to be more receptive to clients?  Perhaps a 3 dimensional sign could be the professional edge that you need for your workspace. It may even assist in bringing the branding of your business to the forefront of your industry. Be sure to visit our CONTACT US page to get our expert signmakers working with your company!


3 Dimensional Streetcar Sign Structure Created For The Toronto 2015 PanAm Games

Toronto 2015 PanAm Games

The big news for the summer of 2015 is that the Pan Am Games were held in Toronto Ontario.  Athletes from several different countries arrived in Toronto Ontario Canada to compete in several sporting events.

Several months before the big event was held, the Pan Am torch headed across Canada and even make a stop in front of the 3 dimensional Beertown Waterloo sign we manufactured. You can see the image on our FACEBOOK PAGE.

Once the Pan Am Games torch arrived in Toronto it was time for the games to begin!

Pan Am Games Athletes’ Village

Because thousands of athletes participate in the Pan Am Games an Athletes’ Village was created to house them during their stay in Canada.  Part of the residential area included a Food Court/Dining Area for the athletes.  Within that building a 3 dimensional sign structure of a replica streetcar was designed for the food court by Cricket Design and fabricated by the expert signmakers here at The Sign Depot.

See our installers in action on our FACEBOOK PAGE.

Here is how the 3 dimensional sign structure looked after the installation was completed.


3 Dimensional Signs - Streetcar Toronto 2015 PanAm Games

You can even see a partial glimpse of it at the 59 second mark in this Kids CBC video below. The video presentation was created for the Pan Am Games Opening Ceremonies, which was broadcasted coast to coast on the CBC Televison Network.

3 Dimensional Signs

3 dimensional signs are signage projects that our signmakers specialize in.  If you want your business to stand out we suggest you visit the CONTACT US page to get a quote on a 3 dimensional sign for your company.

Be sure to let us know what you think of this 3 dimensional sign by leaving a comment below!


Custom Signs For Ontario Tourist Attractions

Ontario Tourist Attractions With A Custom Sign From The Sign Depot

Summer travel season is upon us.  Whether you enjoy day trips, or multi-day road trips, there are lots of places to see the sites of Ontario.  These destinations understand how important it is to be found by tourists and that is why they came to the expert signmakers at The Sign Depot for their custom sign.

Here in the Region of Waterloo the St Jacobs Farmers’ Market is stop for travellers and bus trip tourists. Learn more about the custom sign created them on our post about the new St Jacobs Market Building.

Landmark Sign - St Jacobs Market Building - The Sign Depot

With it’s many attractions it is Toronto is a travel destination to many visiting Canada. Toronto Ontario had even more visitors this summer because of the Toronto 2015 Pan Am and Parapan Am Games.  If you spent much of your July watching the Pan Am and Parapan Am Games you know that athletes from several countries are spending time in Toronto Ontario.   Watch the video below to get a glimpse of the “streetcar” that Sign Depot created for the Pan Am Athletes Village at the 59 second mark, and stay tuned for our upcoming step by step post about the project.
Niagara Falls, known as the honeymoon capital of the world, got it’s recognition as a “natural wonder of the world” but also because of the many things to do within the city.

3 Dimensional Sign Sculpture - The Sign Depot

In addition to the landmark signs featured above, recently The Sign Depot created an indoor LED colour changing sign for the Grand Buffet located inside the Fallsview Casino Resort.  Be sure to read more about the 3 dimension sign we created for Fallsview Casino Resort on our Grand Buffet post.

3 Dimensional Signs - Grand Buffet - Casino Sign - The Sign Depot

Exploring The Landmarks Of Ontario

We are fans of all kinds of landmark signs! We encourage you to visit Ontario landmarks and be sure to tweet us your pics with their custom signs!  Who knows you may just end up on our Roadside Attraction Pinterest board!


3 Dimensional Casino Signs – Grand Buffet

Our Niagara Falls Signs Now Include Fallsview Casino

Over the years we have created several sign structures for Niagara Falls Ontario Canada attractions.  The 3 dimensional signs that we create become landmarks for their tourist destinations.  There is now an addition to the Niagara Falls signage list with the interior sign created for Fallsview Casino.

On A Grand Scale

The interior sign for Fallsview Casino’s Grand Buffet was manufactured in several stages here in our workshop then assembled for testing.  The project was all about layering through a multi-level sign design process.

The Grand Buffet Sign – Step By Step

The workshop here at The Sign Depot began to look more like a tropical floral display during the fabrication of the Grand Buffet sign.  It began with Ritch, our CNC router table expert, cutting the shapes from acrylic and HDU to start the sign formation.

3 Dimensional Signs - Grand Buffet - Casino Sign - The Sign Depot

3 Dimensional Signs - Grand Buffet - Casino Sign - The Sign Depot

After all the 3 dimensional shapes had been cut, they were taken to the paint room for finishing.

3 Dimensional Signs - Grand Buffet - Casino Sign - The Sign Depot

3 Dimensional Signs - Grand Buffet - Casino Sign - The Sign Depot

Then the layering and assembly began.

3 Dimensional Signs - Grand Buffet - Casino Sign - The Sign Depot

Ben our vinyl master added detail to the floral pieces for the sign.

3 Dimensional Signs - Grand Buffet - Casino Sign - The Sign Depot

Then channel letters were affixed to the alupanel backer in order to begin lighting the sign.

3 Dimensional Signs - Grand Buffet - Casino Sign - The Sign Depot

The sign was lit with LEDs which are very effiecient to run.

3 Dimensional Signs - Grand Buffet - Casino Sign - The Sign Depot

Additional colour changing face lit and halo lit LEDs were added to the custom floral pieces.

3 Dimensional Signs - Grand Buffet - Casino Sign - The Sign Depot

Then both types of LEDs were tested together to ensure they would work in unison.

3 Dimensional Signs - Grand Buffet - Casino Sign - The Sign Depot

Then the full sign was assembled and lit, then taken apart and taken to Fallsview Casino and installed in the interior space.

3 Dimensional Signs - Grand Buffet - Casino Sign - The Sign Depot

Below is a video demostration of the colour changing LEDs in the flower display areas of the sign (with background shop sounds included for your enjoyment).

The next time you find yourself in Niagara Falls Ontario Canada, be sure let us know if you visited Fallsview Casino and what you thought of the 3 dimensional Grand Buffet sign!


Incredibly Canadian Custom Signs

Being a Canadian Sign Company we thought we would pay tribute to Canada by showcasing our incredibly Canadian Custom Signs.  We think these custom signs we have created represent some of the great signs and symbols of Canada.  

14 Incredibly Canadian Custom Signs


1. Cottage Country

Canada has several destinations known as cottage country.  To hear what our readers think when they hear the word cottage be sure to read our post Custom Wood Cottage Signs And Making Memories.

Canadian Custom Sign - The Sign Depot

2. Canadian Beer

This Molson Canadian Brewhouse sign is a montage of Canada. Not only it it all about beer, the brew’s name is Canadian, and it is surrounded by a maple leaf and is situated in the Air Canada Centre.

Canadian Custom Sign - The Sign Depot


3. Canadian Moose

One of the many recognized Canadian symbols is the moose.  Because it is very recognizable this moose made a great landmark in terms of a findabilty and wayfinding sign.

Canadian Custom Signs - The Sign Depot

4. Mounties

In Canada the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. otherwise known as the RCMP or the Mounties have always been a respected symbol of Canada.

Canadian Custom Signs - The Sign Depot

5. The Great One

Wayne Gretzky is known as the Greatest NHL Player of all time, so this  Dimensional Restaurant Sign pays homage to his jersey number 99

Canadian Custom Sign - The Sign Depot

6. Canada Goose

Although Eddie Bauer is an American company, they choose to represent their outdoor apparel company with a Canada Goose.

Canadian Custom Sign - The Sign Depot

 7.  Harvey’s Hamburger Chain

If you live in Canada then there is a good chance you have the slogan “Harvey’s Makes Your Hamburger A Beautiful Thing” in the back of your mind at all times.

Canadian Custom Sign - The Sign Depot

 8. The Beaver

As many of you are aware the beaver is a popular Canadian wildlife symbol. Enough said.

Canadian Custom Sign - The Sign Depot

9. The Polar Bear

As another Canadian symbol, the polar bear represents The Great White North.

Canadian Custom Sign - The Sign Depot

10.  Tobogganing

While we are on the topic of snow, we love our outdoor winter activities here in Canada. Tobogganing is tops here at The Sign Depot.

Canadian Custom Signs - The Sign Depot

11. Niagara Falls

A natural wonder located here in Canada, Niagara Falls Ontario is tourist destination. It’s a place where everyone is looking to have a Barrel Of Fun.

Canadian Custom Sign - The Sign Depot

12. The Loon

The loon is another Canadian bird that symbolizes Canada. So much so that we have it on our Canadian dollar which is otherwise known as “the loonie”

Canadian Custom Sign - The Sign Depot

13. Tim Horton

Whether it you are talking about the man, the hockey player, the coffee shop or the campgrounds, the name Tim Horton is known coast to coast.

Canadian Custom Sign - The Sign Depot

14.  The Maple Leaf

This sign located in The Sign Depot showroom is another combination of Canadian symbols.  It is all about the Maple Leaf and Maple Syrup.  Both items are definitely signs you are in Canada!

Canadian Custom Sign - The Sign Depot

While these are custom signs are incredibly Canadian, we make so many other types as well.  Need more information about aquiring a custom sign from The Sign Depot? Then visit our CONTACT US PAGE.



Sculptural Signs – Taverna Mercatto Restaurant Toronto

Ornamental Exterior Sign

Next time you are between two Toronto landmarks, Rogers Centre (formerly known as Skydome) and the Air Canada Centre, be on the look out for our latest work at Taverna Mercatto. Working with the design firm Office Bureau the restaurant exterior signage was manufactured to replicate ornamental metal. Unlike the mystery tunnel builder in Toronto, we know that you require permission and permits before you can begin building anything.

sign permit - The Sign Depot Inc

After approval from the Toronto Sign Bylaw Unit, the sign design for Taverna Mercatto was finalized and manufacturing of this ornamental sign began. Sculptural signs are eye-catching for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic and it was decided that a free standing sign would be a great focal point for this high traffic area.

3 Dimensional Projection Sign

The Taverna Mercatto sign was finished in black with 23K gold leaf highlights on this 3 dimensional sign and LED lit so it would shine both day and night.

Sculptural Signs - Taverna Mercatto - The Sign Depot

Projecting off a lamp post, it is a very unique sign on the street. Choosing sculptural signs as a way to differentiate a business from other companies is a great choice especially in an area where there are several restaurants to choose from.  It is very inviting looking and that is important when attracting customers to a restaurant in a central tourist area.

Be On The Look Out For Additional Mercatto Signage

In addition the Taverna Mercatto sign we have been involved in other design elements for that location as well as some of their other locations.

 Window graphics and interior signage upgrades are also part of their signage package, all with the artistic look to match their current architecture.

Choosing to work with a custom sign shop for both your interior and/or exterior signs allows for a lot of choice. From size to materials to paint colours your business signs are a great way to take your branding to the next level.   For more information on how we can elevate your brand visit our CONTACT US page to connect with one of our expert signmakers.


Signs That Canada AM Likes The Kitchener Waterloo Community As Much As We Do

Creating Community Involvement

Last week Canada AM came to the Kitchener Waterloo area to broadcast their television program from the St. Jacobs Market. The majority of that episode focused on the community involvement in this region, whether it be at the rural community, or the technology sector. Here at The Sign Depot we are thrilled to be part of both of those communities as well.

Crafting Custom Signs For The Market Community

We have been involved in the St. Jacobs community for years, whether it be businesses within the St. Jacobs Village, for farms in the region or at the St Jacobs Market itself.

Custom Signs St Jacobs Market Community Involvement - The Sign Depot

Communitech Community Spotlight on Canada AM

While Canada Am spoke a lot about the local market they also stopped by the Communitech Hub to see how the technology community has evolved over the years.  We were thrilled that many of the custom signs that we have created for the HUB were featured in their video tour of that section of The Tannery Building.

Collaberation Is Key When It Comes To Community

If you watched the episode (if you missed it just click the image above) you would have heard them speak about collaberating within the community whether it be rural community, the urban area, the educational sector, regional governement or the business community. The key to this community is collaberation. It’s what gets things done.  It also encourages giving back to an area that is rich is culture and heritage. That is what creating a community like this is all about. Seeing how everyone can come together to evolve the area.

Our next Sign Depot collaberation project is with the Grand River Film Festival happening next month. Keep watch on Facebook and Twitter feeds for information about this year’s event. We look forward to this new sponsorship project for the company and hope you get a chance to attend this event and other arts and culture activities in the Kitchener Waterloo Ontario area.



Award Winning Artistic Signs

Canadian Creativity Index

Last week it was announced that Kitchener Ontario is one of Canada’s Top Ten Creative Cites.  Finding ways to be artisticly creative are always at the top of the list here at Sign Depot. Knowing that we are established in city that is on the Canadian Creativity Index makes us proud members of our creative community.

Award Winning Signage

To double the  creativity celebration Sign Depot was awarded BEST IN SHOW for the 2012 Sign Media Canada Competition.

As seen in the July 2012 issue of Sign Media Canada, the top publication for signage in Canada.

The judges–members of Sign Media Canada editorial advisory board–had to consider each entry’s merits in terms of originality, creativity, appearance and design suitability.  Together, the selected winners in nine categories, with the entry earning the highest overall score also honoured as best in show.

Beertown Sign Wins Best In Show

The Beertown sign had all the elements that the judges were looking for, and as mentioned in an earlier post that sign had many elements to it.  Finding it out was first place in Canada is something Sign Depot takes a lot of pride in.

Award Winning Sign - The Sign Depot

But wait there’s more…..

We also received recognition as the runner-up sign company in two other categories.

The sign for Gusto 101 was the runner-up for top illuminated sign, and Sole Restaurant and Wine Bar received the nod as runner up for Stand-alone sign.

Now with this year’s competition over, we’re back to work creating projects to enter in next year’s Sign Media Canada competition.  Who knows what custom signs we’ll create for the remainder of 2012 but if you need a creative stand out sign for your business make sure to contact us!  You might be the owner of the next award winning sign.

Award Winning Sign - The Sign Depot

We want to celebrate this success so we’re having a BBQ for the Food Bank Of Waterloo Region! Bring some cans and get a burger! Sounds like a plan to me.

To find out more about what we are creating make sure to subscribe to our newsletter , which can be found at the top right of our blog posts.  To chat more about the artistic community send us a tweet, or leave a comment on facebook.