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Custom Historical Site Signs And Wayfinding Signage

Posted by Lisa on 8/14/2013


Signs For Historic Sites

Last month we asked our online audience what Historic Sites they enjoy visiting.  It was a varied list including Pioneer Villages, Military Reenactement Sites, Historic Ruins, Heritage Buildings and Natural Wonders.  Many of these places welcome visitors from all over the world, and how do they welcome them? With custom signs that are created to reflect the history of the site.

Custom Crafted Signs Made To Be Memorable

When the expert custom sign makers here at The Sign Depot are creating a sign for a historic site they consider these factors

  • Visibility
  • Close traffic areas
  • Brand recognition
  • Surrondings

With these four ideas in mind a custom sign can show off what the historic site wishes to convey to their visitors. With just a glance, guests get a good idea of what to expect from the site because of the traditional sign out front. Visibility is key to ensure that the sign is placed in the proper position.  If you factor in the traffic near by you will know if it is predominantly drive by or walk up traffic (and sometimes it is both).  Brand recognition come is the form of text, graphics, logo and colour choice and finally considering the surrounding area lets the sign designer know how to make the sign stand out but not look out of place.  In addition to conveying a message to passersby, the custom sign also provides wayfinding for the historic site.  You can learn more about the importance of wayfinding on our post about findability and wayfinding signs.

Let us know about some of the historic sites that you have visited recently and if you have pictures with their landmark signs we would love to see those too!

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11 Responses to “Custom Historical Site Signs And Wayfinding Signage”

  1. Posted by Lisa on 8/14/2013

    Clear signs and attention getting, too!

  2. Posted by Lisa on 8/14/2013

    There is so much artistic creativity involved in creating a custom sign to advertise your business, especially when you want to keep a traditional feel.

  3. Posted by Lisa on 8/14/2013

    My husband calls me a marketer’s dream! For me, many times it’s all about the packaging. So for me, a good sign can make it or break it.

  4. Posted by Lisa on 8/14/2013

    This is really cool! I love seeing these signs when I go to different towns!

  5. Posted by Lisa on 8/14/2013

    These look like nice signs. Memorable for sure!

  6. Posted by Lisa on 8/14/2013

    The most recent memorable sign that we took a picture from was in Key Largo at the most southern point in the continental USA. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

  7. Posted by Lisa on 8/14/2013

    Thank you for giving us the four factors to consider when making a sign.

  8. Posted by Lisa on 8/14/2013

    We live in the South and there are many landmarks. The signs that grab out attention most are the markers…they are usually gray with black lettering.

  9. Posted by Lisa on 8/14/2013

    We have a 9/11 memorial near us. I don’t think I have visited it but I should.

  10. Posted by Lisa on 8/14/2013

    Custom crafted signs are always special. They turn out beautifully in pictures.

  11. Posted by Lisa on 8/14/2013

    I love signs like this. These days some of them are truly looking like an art.

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