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Settlement Co. Makes It Official With A Their Custom Business Sign


A Sign Of Things To Come

As stated on the Instagram and Facebook pages for Settlement Co. it is now “Officially Official” that they are opening a second location.

Choosing the newly installed custom business sign to make the announcement, keeps their branding top of mind for their current and potential customers.

No Need To Search For Settlement Co.

The new locale is in a high traffic area near Downtown Kitchener. By choosing to brand the exterior of the building with signs that are visible to vehicle traffic and pedestrians passing by, ensures that the community can find them easily.

Custom Business Sign - Settlement Co - The Sign Depot

Custom Business Sign - Settlement Co - The Sign Depot

Both signs were created to stand out from the surroundings.  Their herringbone design was used as a backer for each sign and then individual cutout letters were mounted to it to add dimension to the signage.  Both of these custom business signs were finished off with a sign frame to give the signs a sleek, stylish look.

Get Set For Settlement Co.

To get set for opening of the second Settlement Co. location, they are offering a 4 WEEK COFFEE CRASH COURSE to the public.  With a variety of topics ranging from tastings to Latte Art design, these classes will provide a great intro of their offerings to the community.

Including Custom Business Signs Into Your Expansion Plan

Custom Business Sign - Settlement Co - The Sign Depot

Are you planning to add new locations to business? The best way to get the word out about a company expansion is through custom business signs that enhance your brand.  The expert sign-makers here at The Sign Depot can work with your current design or assist you in developing new designs for your business.  Just visit the CONTACT US page to get a quote. For more examples of our custom signs visit our website gallery, find us on facebook or send us a tweet with what we can assist you with.


Signs That Canada AM Likes The Kitchener Waterloo Community As Much As We Do

Creating Community Involvement

Last week Canada AM came to the Kitchener Waterloo area to broadcast their television program from the St. Jacobs Market. The majority of that episode focused on the community involvement in this region, whether it be at the rural community, or the technology sector. Here at The Sign Depot we are thrilled to be part of both of those communities as well.

Crafting Custom Signs For The Market Community

We have been involved in the St. Jacobs community for years, whether it be businesses within the St. Jacobs Village, for farms in the region or at the St Jacobs Market itself.

Custom Signs St Jacobs Market Community Involvement - The Sign Depot

Communitech Community Spotlight on Canada AM

While Canada Am spoke a lot about the local market they also stopped by the Communitech Hub to see how the technology community has evolved over the years.  We were thrilled that many of the custom signs that we have created for the HUB were featured in their video tour of that section of The Tannery Building.

Collaberation Is Key When It Comes To Community

If you watched the episode (if you missed it just click the image above) you would have heard them speak about collaberating within the community whether it be rural community, the urban area, the educational sector, regional governement or the business community. The key to this community is collaberation. It’s what gets things done.  It also encourages giving back to an area that is rich is culture and heritage. That is what creating a community like this is all about. Seeing how everyone can come together to evolve the area.

Our next Sign Depot collaberation project is with the Grand River Film Festival happening next month. Keep watch on Facebook and Twitter feeds for information about this year’s event. We look forward to this new sponsorship project for the company and hope you get a chance to attend this event and other arts and culture activities in the Kitchener Waterloo Ontario area.



Signs Of Community Involvement – TEDx

Connected Community

We want to ensure that our community involvement brings people together for a common good and this new event was something that was recognized as a positive change for our local area. With our past community involvement in TEDx Waterloo we were thrilled that TEDx Kitchener came to us to bring their branding to centre stage, especially since the theme for this event was Fostering Connectivity.

 For highlights from the event be sure to check out their #TEDxKitchenerED hashtag to see what those in attendance thought of the conference.

Grabbing The Attention Of An Audience

As a way to introduce TEDx Kitchener, a dimensional sign was created to draw in the audience members.  This stand up sign stood out from the stage but did not take away from the speakers’ presentations.  It is imperative for signs to have a unique look without becoming an eye-sore, so this one was designed for modern style of the TEDx brand.  To acheive the clean look the sign letters were router cut on our CNC table.

CNC Dimensional Sign Letters - TEDx - The Sign Depot

Vinyl was applied to the letters and they were placed into a custom platform piece to hold up the sign.

Dimensional Letters - TedxKitchener - The Sign Depot

While following the TEDxKitchenerED twitter feed, we noticed that the sign grabbed the attention of audience member @KWSarah when she tweeted  this pic

Community Involvement In Your Area

Community involvement has always been a part of what we do here at The Sign Depot. We want to know how you get involved in your community. There are many ways of doing so. Do you volunteer? Donate to a charitable organization? Participate in community events?  How do you give back to your community? We look forward to hearing about it! Leave a comment below, post on our facebook page or send us a tweet.  We are always looking to connect with local community as well as our online community. We think that is great way to begin Fostering Connectivity.


3 Dimensional Signs – How Street Signs Can Increase Business

Sometimes It’s Helpful To Throw A Wrench In Your Plans

Here on Borden Ave in Kitchener Ontario we get a lot of drive-by traffic.  Finding ways to capture the attention of passers-by can prove to be difficult for some businesses.  We often suggest that you walk across the street from your business and take a look at your building’s exterior.  Do you think the company storefront will stand out to those passing by at 50 km/h?

When Integraflift moved into our neighbourhood last year, they encountered this problem and the solution involved throwing a wrench in their plans.

3 Dimensional Sign Displayed For All To See

The idea for the Integralift sign was to highlight all of the services they provide.  Everything from forklift sales, to automobile repair. The signage package included two exterior business signs with the company’s contact information and the services they have.  In addition to the exterior signs, a 3 Dimensional sign was added to the mix. Using High Density Urethane (a signfoam often referred to as HDU), the sign experts here at The Sign Depot created a oversized wrench. This scupltural projection sign was created to grab the attention of the passing traffic, and serve as a landmark sign for the business.

3 Dimensional Signs - High Density Urethane - The Sign Depot

3 Dimensional Signs - Street Signs - The Sign Depot

See More Images At The Bottom Of This Post

The Best Business Signs Make An Impact

When the project was completed and installed Dennis, the owner of Integralift, let us know that the new signs made quite an impact.  He received new business from people who thought they had just opened and had no idea that Integralift had been there for a year already.

3 Dimensional Signs - Projection Sign - The Sign Depot

The View From Across The Street

Here at The Sign Depot we encourage our clients to think of their custom signs as an investment in their company.  They are a 24 hour advertisment for your business and a display of what your company represents.  These are things to think about when budgeting for your signage upgrades and branding designs.

Finding ways to show off your company’s assets through signage is something we excel at.  For more information on how street signs can increase business awareness and 3 dimensional signs, be sure to visit our Contact Us Page or connect with us on Twitter and Facebook.


Brands And Business Sign Solutions For Companies in Kitchener Waterloo


Do You See The Signs Of  A Good Business?

Of course you do.  Signs are meant to be noticed.   Choosing the best way to show off your branding is where we come in.  Creating business signs that make an impact is The Sign Depot’s specialty.   Being a full service sign shop with options for store front signs, reception signs, wayfinding signs, vehicle signs, and temporary promotional signs, we can cover your business branding across the board.

Where To Start With Your Business Signs

Here are some questions to ask yourself when it comes to selecting business signs for your company

  • Is my business recognizable?
  • What is unique about my location?
  • Is my business dependant on walk in traffic?
  • Would potential clients notice my business when driving by?
  • How does my brand stand out from my competitors? 

These are just a few things to consider when choosing signs that will represent your business.  There are some great examples of Kitchener Waterloo businesses that used signs to stand out in the video below

As you can see there is a lot of choice when it comes to selecting your company’s business signs.  To see more examples please visit the PORTFOLIO on our website.  There you can see how others are using signs to rise to the top of their business sector.  The sign experts at The Sign Depot can help choose the right style, size, materials, colours, text and graphics that will increase the find-ability of your business and help you grow your client base with better brand recognition

What We Do

When it comes to Outdoor Store Front signs we take into account where your business is located, how it will look amongst the surroundings, and how far the visibily reach can be. 

Reception signs are designed to focus on your logo, be a greeting for clients and show off what your company does best. 

Wayfinding signs become a guide for your business.  We cover eveything from Parking Lots to Building Entrances and Exits

Vehicle signs are mobile promotion for your business we make sure cars/trucks/vans look great driving by and parked.

Temporary Promotional signs can cover everything from SALE window graphics to A-Frame side walk signs with today’s specials

These are just some of the business sign solutions we offer.  We want to ensure you business looks great in all aspects of you branding.  As we say here at The Sign Depot

A Good Sign is a Sign of GOOD BUSINESS



Award Winning Artistic Signs

Canadian Creativity Index

Last week it was announced that Kitchener Ontario is one of Canada’s Top Ten Creative Cites.  Finding ways to be artisticly creative are always at the top of the list here at Sign Depot. Knowing that we are established in city that is on the Canadian Creativity Index makes us proud members of our creative community.

Award Winning Signage

To double the  creativity celebration Sign Depot was awarded BEST IN SHOW for the 2012 Sign Media Canada Competition.

As seen in the July 2012 issue of Sign Media Canada, the top publication for signage in Canada.

The judges–members of Sign Media Canada editorial advisory board–had to consider each entry’s merits in terms of originality, creativity, appearance and design suitability.  Together, the selected winners in nine categories, with the entry earning the highest overall score also honoured as best in show.

Beertown Sign Wins Best In Show

The Beertown sign had all the elements that the judges were looking for, and as mentioned in an earlier post that sign had many elements to it.  Finding it out was first place in Canada is something Sign Depot takes a lot of pride in.

Award Winning Sign - The Sign Depot

But wait there’s more…..

We also received recognition as the runner-up sign company in two other categories.

The sign for Gusto 101 was the runner-up for top illuminated sign, and Sole Restaurant and Wine Bar received the nod as runner up for Stand-alone sign.

Now with this year’s competition over, we’re back to work creating projects to enter in next year’s Sign Media Canada competition.  Who knows what custom signs we’ll create for the remainder of 2012 but if you need a creative stand out sign for your business make sure to contact us!  You might be the owner of the next award winning sign.

Award Winning Sign - The Sign Depot

We want to celebrate this success so we’re having a BBQ for the Food Bank Of Waterloo Region! Bring some cans and get a burger! Sounds like a plan to me.

To find out more about what we are creating make sure to subscribe to our newsletter , which can be found at the top right of our blog posts.  To chat more about the artistic community send us a tweet, or leave a comment on facebook.  


High Density Urethane Letters – VeloCity Garage

HDU And What It Can Do

High Density Urethane, often referred to as HDU is a material that we use quite often when creating dimensional signs. It can be manipulated in many ways to create the look you want to achieve.  In the past we have made it look like wood, brick, stone and even fudge.  HDU is a versatile substrate that can be routered,  sanded and painted just like wood.  You can be equally creative with the finish on a High Density Urethane sign. That is what VeloCity Garage decided to do with their space in The Communitech Hub.   The idea was for a sleek look with a bit of an edge.  The way that was accomplished was by using two different finishes on the same project.

Step By Step

The HDU sign letters were cut out on the CNC router table.  Then after sanding and priming the letters, pins were attached with epoxy.  These would be used for installation.  Then they were ready for the paint finishes.

the GARAGE portion of the sign was given a rust finish while the VELOCITY part was painted to a high gloss look.

After the VeloCity Garage signs were installed, the two very different looks came together to capture the feel of this High Tech shared space inside a re-purposed Tannery.  Finding the right mix of old and new was the key to artstic look of this uniquely crafted sign project.  The result was a “best of both worlds” sign that tips the hat to the building’s historic past and fast forwards occupents to the bright future.

VeloCity Garage Sign - High Density Urethane - The Sign Depot

If you happen to be visiting VeloCity Garage we would love to hear what you think of the sign. Tweet a pic to @TheSignDepot with your thoughts or find us on Facebook to see more of our projects.


And we’re PLANKING

Creating Walls With Wood Planks

When a designer has a vision, it is our mission to make that vision a reality.  Taking everyday materials and changing them to create interest is something that we do almost daily.  In most cases, once the right materials are found to fit the design concept, then the  construction can begin.  In this case, it was more about fitting the material into the construction.  The design was to create a wood plank wall in our Kitchener workshop for a Toronto restaurant.  Finding a way to construct a wall that could be transported and installed to match the design specifications required, was the challenge with this project.

Even big sign projects start small

Instead of beginning with a wall of lumber, the project was built in several small sections.  Each 24″x 24″ tile was made from cut cedar planks. When it was laid out on our workshop it resembled parkay flooring.

Against The Grain - Wood Wall Sign - The Sign Depot

After seeing how the individual sections would fit together, the project was disassembled so that each cedar piece could be finished with a spray stain process.  Once all the pieces were stained the cedar sections were stacked and transported to Toronto.

How we went against the grain

 Each 24″x24″ cedar tile was attached to match the pattern that was laid out in the workshop.  Adding dimension to the wall was a way to give it character.

 It also was to be a reflection of the establishment’s name,  Against The Grain Urban Tavern.cedar wall - against the grain - The Sign Depot

When the cedar wall installation was finished it transformed the back drop of the restaurant and ended up reaching 21 feet across the wall.

Custom Interior Signs - The Sign Depot

When a sign is not a sign, it can still be a sign of something else

While there is an absence of graphics and text on this sign project, to us it is still a cedar sign.  The lack of words on this sign still represents the business name in an understated way.


Did you Spot Sign Depot @TedxWaterloo ?

Signs and Screens and all the Wonderful Things

Here at The Sign Depot we were thrilled to be invited back to the extremely well attended TedxWaterloo for the 2nd year.

We happily welcomed everyone to the event

tedxwaterloo banner the sign depot kitchener ontario

and found our place in the finale

TedxWaterloo 2012 sponsor The Sign Depot

Were you at TedxWaterloo? Did you Spot The Sign Depot

Do you spot us in other places too?  We would love to hear how you find us!

Custom Business Signs – UPDATING DOWNTOWN

Custom Business Signs – UPDATING DOWNTOWN

Façade Grant Program For The City Of Kitchener’s Downtown Core

For the past few years The City Of Kitchener has been making changes to create a new streetscape.  Wider sidewalks, and better lighting are just a couple of ways they are creating a new look for the downtown core.  Many business owners are taking notice and relocating their shops to the area.  Others are upgrading existing buildings to match the surroundings.  The City Of Kitchener has created a Façade Grant Program to assist business owners with this transition.

We’ve been involved with three of these Grant recipients GLOSS, THE SILVER SPOON, and THE SPORTSLINK.  Each of these store changed their entrances to best reflect their unique businesses, and people are taking notice of their custom business signs.

The Feedback

Judy Horn,  of Silverspoon Chocolates, had this to say

Just wanted to let you know we love the teapot. There isn’t a day that  goes by without someone commenting on it. It has really made a  difference to our visibility on the street. Thanks again to Amos and  Peter and everyone else who worked on the sign and tea pot. We are  really pleased with the way it turned out.

Now her Artistic Feature Teapot is featured in the news where they had this to say about her business storefront

Bright red paint, big windows and the hanging teapot sign make it one of the most inviting spaces along the main street.

Teapot Sign - Custom Business Sign - The Sign Depot

That’s what it’s all about.  Inviting people to the area, welcoming them into the shops and creating a pleasant place to be. To find out more about how to start planning your custom business sign updates, take a look at our post on Sign Permits, Sign Regulations and Variances then contact us to get started on your company’s new custom business signs.