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Business Branding With Signs – Why 2014 Will Be All About Brand Trust

Posted by Lisa on 12/17/2013


Focus On Branding

In earlier posts we have discussed business branding and why focusing on branding better is so important to your business. Finding ways to make a visual impact with a custom sign to match your branding, adds to your company brand recognition, as well as brand trust.

You’ve Built Your Brand – Now What?

Remember your branding needs to be a representation of what your company stands for and how your clients feel about your business.  Use the quick checklist below to see which terminolgy best represents your brand.

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 You can read more about this on our blog post about showing your best attributes.

Now that you have a grasp of how to best represent your brand, you need to ensure your company reflects that image.  You want your business to stand out among your competition by ensuring you are the best of the best. When you always strive to be at the top of your industry, you are building trust with your clients.  Brand trust helps increase the word of mouth advertising about your company.  Here are four focus points that can get others talking about your brand.

  1. Quality – Everyone wants a well made product
  2. Service – Taking the extra step to exceed expectations
  3. Sourcing – They may come to you for additional projects that were not part of their orginal inquiry
  4. B2B Relationships – Happy clients are sure to refer your company to others

While these may not be the top points for all companies and services, they are ones the expert sign makers at The Sign Depot focus on.  Well made custom signs that exceed our clients expectations. Full branding from exterior signs, interior wayfinding, vehicle decals and window graphics make it easy for our clients to refer us to their colleagues.

How Will You Improve Your Branding In 2014?  We want to hear about the steps you plan to take in the new year.  Leave us comment, send us tweet or update us on facebook with your branding ideas for 2014


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