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Creating Custom Business Signs That Work For Your Business

Award Winning Custom Business Sign - The Sign Depot

Do You Realize That Your Sign Is Working Hard For You?

Many businesses think of their signs as an address marker but they are so much more than that.  A custom business sign is an extension of your company’s brand and it serves as a 24 hour advertisement for your business.  That means your sign is working to expand your business by attracting new customers to your location.  By choosing a sign that reflects the standards for your business, you are conveying what you are able to offer consumers.  Some of these items may include

  • Quality
  • Welcoming Atmosphere
  • Transparency
  • Attention Detail
These are just a few ways that your custom business signs show your potential customers what they can expect from you.  

Open The Door To New Business

Sometimes just getting them in the door is all it takes to showcase all that your business has to offer.  By choosing a sign design that allows your establishment to look approachable and friendly you are sending out signals to passers-by that your company is inviting and looking forward to having them pop in.  They see it as a new experience and you should see it as an opportunity to introduce them to your business.

Custom Business Signs - Doors - The Sign Depot

Leave Your Mark As A Landmark

Some of the best landmarks in a community are business signs.  Think of when you are giving directions to someone new in town that is not familiar with the street names yet.  You will often give them landmarks to let them know how to arrive at their destination.  Make sure your business is a landmark in the area.  Make it easy to recognize from a distance to ensure your company is easy to find and memorable to someone new.

3 Dimensional Signs - Projection Sign - The Sign Depot

Shed Some Light On The Matter

As mentioned earlier your sign is works 24 hours a day, so be sure that it is visible day or night.  By doing this you let others know that your are available beyond 9 to 5 to assist them with your business services.

Dels Dimensional Signs - The Sign Depot

Dels Lit Dimensional Signs - Sign Lighting - The Sign Depot

Is your sign working for you? If you think it’s not properly doing its job be sure to visit our CONTACT US page to connect with the expert sign-makers here at The Sign Depot.


How To Use A-Frame Signs To Capture Pokemon GO Traffic

A-Frame Sign - Pokemon Go - The Sign Depot

Get Your Business GOing With Pokemon GO

Many businesses are finding that Pokemon GO players are hovering in their areas.  While you have foot traffic surrounding your establishment, you need to capitalize on it and attract these potential customers into your retail shop, restaurant, corner store , golf course, studio space etc.  A-Frame signs are a great way to do this.  With so many options you can select the right A-Frame sign style for your business.

How Your Custom A-Frame Sign Can Attract New Business

With all of these people passing by trying to “Catch ‘Em All” it is the perfect time to capture their attention while they are trying to capture Pokemon.  We suggest using a custom A-Frame sign to attract them to your business.  A-Frames can be customized to suit your brand and shed some light on what you have to offer.

Your A-Frame sign can be fabricated to include spots for

 We suggest using these signs to send a message to the Pokemon GO players in your vicinity.  Let them know what time your business will be sending out lures or what Pokemon have been captured in the area (use a Pokemon GO map to find out info about Pokemon in the area).  Below are examples of custom A-Frame signs from The Sign Depot.

A-Frame Sign - The Sign Depot

A-Frame Sign With A Wipe Off Board - The Sign Depot

Artistic A-Frame Sign - The Sign Depot

A-Frame Sign - The Sign Depot

A-Frame Sign - The Sign Depot

A-Frame Sign - The Sign Depot

A-Frame Sign - The Sign Depot

Can you see a message about your business on a similar A-Frame sign? Visit our CONTACT US page for a quote on a custom A-Frame for your business.  It may just get some of the Pokemon GO players wandering outside your establishment into your retail space, and once they are inside you can show them all you have to offer!  They may just let other Pokemon GO players about your company and create a buzz about what you do for players that stop by.



Custom Campground Signs For Tim Horton Children’s Foundation Memorial Camp

Time To Sign Up For Camp

This is the time of year when many families are spending summer their vacation time at cottages and campgrounds.  It may be for fun in the sun, canoeing in lake or cooking over a campfire.  To ensure that children that may not have an opportunity to experience the outdoors in that way get a chance to, the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation sends kids to camp through sponsorship and the funds raised at their annual CAMP DAY.

Custom Sign - Tim Horton Children's Foundation Memorial Camp - The Sign Depot

Custom Signs For Campground Operations

Running a summer camp has many challenges and often custom signs can assist with some organizational logistics.  Whether it be for wayfinding on the grounds or organizing cabin groups, signage can help simplify tasks for camp administrators.  The Tim Horton Memorial Camp decided that their signs needed to be a mix of bright and bold signage to clarify what needed to be where for their camp.  Below are a few examples of signs that the expert sign-makers here at The Sign Depot created for the campground.

Custom Sign - Tim Horton Children's Foundation Memorial Camp - The Sign Depot

Custom Sign - Tim Horton Children's Foundation Memorial Camp - The Sign Depot

Creating Summer Memories

We think that camping is a great way to create lasting summer memories.  It also teaches responsibility, how to problem solve and it creates a co-operative atmosphere among the campers.  Developing these skills through fun and team work will help kids function in today’s world, and it helps create the confident, motivated leaders of tomorrow.  We hope you take the opportunity to get outdoors this summer.  It can help you stay active, enjoy the what nature has to offer and may just change your perspective on things.  Do you have a summer camp experience that you want to share with us? We would love to hear it.  All you have to do is leave a comment at the end of this post.

For more information on how you can help send kids to Tim Horton Children’s Foundation Memorial Camp be sure to visit their donation page.


Landmark Signs and Roadside Attractions Playlists

Welcome To Summer

The summer has officially begun and with a long weekend upon us, many are planning their summertime road trips.  While this activity usually has families scrambling for travel friendly board games and searching for locations on google maps, we thought we would provide you with something a little more fun. While you spend time looking out the windows at interesting landmark signs and roadside attractions you can sing along to the tunes below.

Road Trip Playlist

Inspired by CADDLE CANADA’S SUMMER PLAYLIST, here’s our playlist of songs (in no particular order) that we suggest you download for your upcoming summer road trips.

  • Life Is A Highway – Tom Cochrane
  • Route 66 – Nat King Cole
  • Little Red Corvette – Prince
  • Roll On Down The Highway – BTO
  • Thunder Road – Bruce Springsteen
  • Drive – The Cars
  • Leather Jacket – The Arkells
  • Middle Of The Road – The Pretenders
  • Sweet Mountain River – Monster Truck
  • Echo Beach – Martha and the Muffins
  • Little Honda – The Beach Boys
  • Freeway Of Love – Aretha Franklin
  • Pink Cadillac – Bruce Springsteen
  • Come Away With Me – Norah Jones
  • Travelin’ Band – John Fogerty
  • Mama – The Glorious Sons
  • Get Out Of My Dreams, Get Into My Car – Billy Ocean
  • I Drove All Night – Roy Orbison
  • Car Wash – Rose Royce
  • Drive My Car – The Beatles
  • Lets Ride – Choclair
  • Bobcaygeon – The Tragically Hip
  • Sudbury Saturday Night – Stompin Tom Connors
  • Run, Runaway – Great Big Sea
  • Shut Up And Drive – Rihanna
  • Mustang Sally – Wilson Pickett
  • King Of The Road – Roger Miller
  • Where The Streets Have No Name – U2
  • Runnin’ Down A Dream – Tom Petty
  • Interstate Love Song – Stone Temple Pilots
  • Radar Love – Golden Earring
  • Fast Car – Tracy Chapman
  • Holiday Road – Lindsey Buckingham
  • Low Rider – War
  • Born To Run – Bruce Springsteen
  • I Can’t Drive 55 – Sammy Hagar
  • Steve McQueen – Sheryl Crow
  • I’ve Been Everywhere – Johnny Cash
  • Vacation – The Go Gos
  • Paradise By The Dashboard Light – Meatloaf

Did we miss any? Be sure to add your favourites in the comments below.  Have you stopped by a roadside attraction lately? Here’s a picture we found on the Souvenir City City facebook with some of the signs we have made for them.

For more tourism related signage be sure to visit our post CUSTOM SIGNS FOR ONTARIO TOURIST ATTRACTIONS.


Custom Golf Course Signs Get You Into The Swing Of Things

Getting Golf Courses Set For The Season

If you read our post last month, about THE SIGNS OF SPRING, then you know we’re getting ready for our busy signage season. With the golf season about to be in full swing, now is the time that golf courses need to look at their signage.  Whether it is time to refresh entrance signs, re-brand club house signs, design new tee signs or install course wayfinding signage, having high quality custom golf course signs shows the golfers that their course of choice is committed to serving their needs.  This is very important to businesses that often bring clients for a round of golf.  The golf course they choose is often a reflection of the companies they represent.

Custom Golf Signs - The Sign Depot

Golf Course Sign Substrates

Golf course signs can be made from a variety of materials.  Often western red cedar sandblasted signs are the of choice for many golf courses, because of their traditional look, but there other material choices as well.  When it comes to custom golf course signs, we manufacture them from kiln dried wood, weathered barn-board, metals, stone and slate.  Each choice gives the golf course a distinct look that best represents their course and it’s surroundings.

Bringing The Great Outdoors Inside

While many golf courses think only of their landscape signs, there are also opportunities to brand their golf course inside their facilities as well.  Signs are needed for pro shops, event facilities, administration offices and sponsored tournaments.  As golfers wander their, halls they often look for directories and course layouts to ensure they are headed to the proper areas.

Tee Time Tips

We’re looking for your best golf tips. Where to golf, what to bring, how to choose a course etc. Leave them in the comments below.  Your “pro tip” may just make it into our next post and help some of our readers get into the swing of things for the upcoming spring golf season.


Bringing Custom Business Bike Signs To Berlin Bicycle Cafe

Finding The Right Custom Sign Is Like Finding The Right Ride

Finding the right fit when it comes to custom business signs is like finding the right bike.

When Berlin Bicycle Cafe wanted to ensure that their signage was highly visible in the busy Belmont Village, they came to The Sign Depot to create signs for their exterior and rooftop.   This was to let people know that their cafe was more than just coffee.  They wanted to create a community for bicycle commuters that were passionate about bikes and being social over a cup of coffee.

Fabricating And Installing The Bike Themed Signage

The rooftop sign had to resemble a bicycle, but be sturdy enough to handle the elements.

Brrrr it’s cold out #icestorm #nopower #pleasespringcomesoon

A photo posted by @berlinbicyclecafe on

  It began as a CNC router cut piece.   Custom Business Signs - Berlin Bicycle Cafe - The Sign Depot It was finished in black and installed on top of the cafe.  As you can see from this image above, the replica bicycle structure is holding it’s own against Mother Nature.  The Berlin Bicycle Cafe store front letters were a bold font finished white.  The contrast from the dark facade of the building lets the text stand out and captures the attention of the traffic in the area. Whether the traffic is by vehicle, pedestrians walking by or those biking in the area, the Berlin Bicycle Cafe custom business signage is noticeable from all directions.  When you are in a high traffic area, catching the busy passers-by can be a difficult task, but as you can see in the final installation image below, this establishment is making it’s mark.

I think it’s a sign #gettingcloser #bikesandcoffee

A photo posted by @berlinbicyclecafe on


Get Set For The Busy Spring Season

While you might be thinking about pulling your bicycle out and pedaling you bike around town, first take a look at your establishment’s facade.  Could it use a refresh this spring? The Sign Depot is here to help with that. Visit our CONTACT US page to see how some new business signage can get you all set for a busy spring season.


Did You Notice The Signs Of Spring?

Spring Has Sprung At The Sign Depot

Have you noticed the signs of spring? While many look for robins and tulip blooms we have a whole different set of spring occurrences here at The Sign Depot.  It begins with a plethora of phone calls and emails related to these topics

After the spring basics listed above are in place our next steps usually involve preparing for the summer season.  What that means is we assist many golf courses and seasonal venues with their preparations for their busy season.

Golf Signs - The Sign Depot

The last sign of spring we see is when we begin receiving requests for quotes on custom cedar cottage signs.  Whether your cottage is a summer vacation home in Muskoka, or a cabin on the Grand River we can customize our wood signs to match your style and taste.

Custom Wood Cottage Sign - The Sign Depot

Cottage Signs And Address Markers - The Sign Depot

We are very happy to say we are ready for spring here at The Sign Depot no matter what Mother Nature sends our way over the next few weeks.  Are you ready for spring? Take a look at your signs.  Could they use a spring refresh? If so, be sure to visit our CONTACT US page to see how we can help.


What Consumers Think About Business Signs And Retail Signage

Your Business Sign Says A Lot About Your Company

A few years back FedEx Office asked American consumers about their thoughts on business signs and retail signage.  The reason for the survey was to see how important signs are when making decisions on where to shop. The survey results revealed that almost 8 in 10 (76 percent) of American consumers enter a store they have never visited before based on its signage.  It also went on to say nearly 7 in 10 (68 percent) have actually purchased a product or service because a sign caught their eye.  These stats are eye opening to many business owners.  In fact we have had our clients tell us that their sales increased significantly after they had the expert signmakers at The Sign Depot create new signage for their company. We even had a business owner tell us that after he purchased a sign from The Sign Depot that he received new business from people who thought they had just opened.  They had no idea that his business had opened a year earlier.

3 Dimensional Signs - Street Signs - The Sign Depot

Ensure Your Business Sign Makes An Impact

According to the survey mentioned above, over two thirds (68 percent) of consumers believe a store’s signage is reflective of the quality of products or services it provides.  It also mentioned that poor signage or signs in need of repair deterred people from entering a business.  Be sure that your exterior business signs make a positive impact on potential clients.  You want to ensure your signage is highly visible at all times, as your sign is a 24 hour advertisment for your business.

Custom Business Sign - Robins Goldsmithing - The Sign Depot

Plenty Of Signs Might Equal Plenty Of Sales

If you’re a fan of The Big Bang Theory you will recognize the quote from Leonard’s Mother “If a little is good, more must be better.”  Consumers also feel that way when it comes to signage.  The FedEx survey mentioned that on average, consumers think a small business should have two or three signs around its storefront.  In addition this, we also believe that interior retail signs, reception signs and wayfinding signage also assist potential clients with finding what they need in your establishment.

Desire to Learn - Reception Sign - The Sign Depot

Is your business ready for an upgrade? Be sure to visit our CONTACT US page and we will be happy to send you a FREE QUOTE for new business signs and retail signage for your company.



3 Dimensional Social Signs For Sociable Kitchen + Tavern

Refreshing The Restaurant

If you are familiar with the Moose Winooskis Restaurant in Brantford Ontario, you may want to stop by soon to see their rebranded restaurant.  The Charcoal Group of Restaurants have made a lot of changes to the location and it is now known as Sociable Kitchen + Tavern.   The new concept is inspired by a sea can shipping container and they wanted to incorporate 3 dimensional signs that would represent the new image for the establishment.

Sociable Signage Step By Step

The idea behind this signage project was to create the look of a vintage metal marquee sign.  It began with a refurbished metal structure which would be large enough to carry all the extras that would be added to the sign.

3 Dimensional Signs - Sociable Kitchen + Tavern - The Sign Depot

 The PVC was cut to look like the sides of a sea can shipping container

Then dimensional can letters were applied to the textured PVC backer that was carved on CNC router table.

3 Dimensional Signs - Sociable Kitchen + Tavern - The Sign Depot

Next metal directional arrows were fabricated and given a Modern Masters Rust Finish. Then clear acrylic rounds were cut to represent lit light bulbs and added to the arrows.

3 Dimensional Signs - Sociable Kitchen + Tavern - The Sign Depot

3 Dimensional Signs - Sociable Kitchen + Tavern - The Sign Depot

All of these pieces were layered on to the metal structure and then wired with LEDs to light up the sign.

3 Dimensional Signs - Sociable Kitchen + Tavern - The Sign Depot

3 Dimensional Signs - Sociable Kitchen + Tavern - The Sign Depot

The next step was to transport the sign to Brantford for installation.

The final part of this project was installation on the building.  The images and video below are courtesy of The Charcoal Group.

Sociable Sign Installation Video Click This Link

(you may have to click the link twice for the video to begin)

Socialable Sign

Get Sociable

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3 Dimensional Signs Score Big With Shoeless Joes

Restaurant Signs For Hockey Fans

Shoeless Joes North Bay opened it’s doors just in time for hockey season and wanted the atmosphere to reflect Canada’s Game.

This meant creating unique signage to match the hockey theme of this restaurant.  The sign requirements for this project included a hockey stick maple leaf and a hockey lace framed sign.  Both projects had several steps to acheive a proper 3 dimesional look for the signs.

Hockey Lace Sign

The LACE UP dimensional sign had several components to it.  It began with individual cnc cut letters that were finished red and then wrapped with actual hockey laces.

3 Dimensional Signs - Shoeless Joes - The Sign Depot

Next the metal frame was also painted red and the hockey lace was threaded through the frame to create a web.

3 Dimensional Signs - Shoeless Joes - The Sign Depot

Then the sign was assembled and installed in the restaurant’s interior.

3 Dimensional Signs - Shoeless Joes - The Sign Depot

Maple Leaf Hockey Stick Sign

The hockey stick sign was created to be 3 dimensional as well.  It started with a variety of stacked hockey sticks cut to form the half maple leaf.

3 Dimensional Signs - Shoeless Joes - The Sign Depot

 They were then attached to a plywood backer.

3 Dimensional Signs - Shoeless Joes - The Sign Depot

Once assembled it was mounted on to clear acrylic with a scratched ice look. The scratched ice look was created by applying vinyl frosting behind the acrylic piece.  Then the full sign was installed inside the restaurant.

3 Dimensional Signs - Shoeless Joes - The Sign Depot

Adding To The Atmosphere

Both of these signs have a very different looks but blend well with the surrounding atmosphere of the restaurant.  They are themed pieces that are noticable, but will not distract from the sports being played on their television screens. Together they enhance the patrons’ experience of being immersed in the hockey world.

For more information about 3 Dimensional signs or other signage that we fabricate be sure to visit our CONTACT US page to set up a quote for your business.  Now is a great time to get set for the new year!