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Instagram Worthy Signs Help Bring Smiles To The New Hamburg Dental Office

Posted by Lisa on 6/21/2019


The New Hamburg Dental Group is known for maintaining some of the best smiles around, so it brought smiles to our faces when they came to us for sign frames to use in their dental office. They wanted custom signs to help their young patients show off their smiles.

When You’re Smiling On Instagram Then The Whole World Smiles With You

Many are familiar with the song When Your Smiling that has been recorded by Louis Armstrong, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and most recently by Michael Buble.

The New Hamburg Dental Group wanted to have the whole world smile while scrolling through their New Hamburg Dental instagram feed. To achieve this we created light weight custom signs that could be lifted by children and sized perfectly for them. Each sign had text and graphics designed and then applied to the surface with vinyl. The signs are hung in their office and make a great wall display as well.

After a check-up a child has the opportunity to show off their smile in an instagram-worthy moment. It gives the kids something to look forward to at the end of their appointment and encourages them to keep up their dental routines at home.

Elevate Your Brand on Instagram with Signage

Several instagram feeds show a variety of images and many of them feature signs as part of the photo. This takes the messaging well past the caption and assists in making your brand recognizable.

Often businesses use their reception signs and other office signs as part of their instagram images as a way to elevate their brand and display their company logo. This also assists your company in leaving a lasting impression for those viewing their instagram feed.

If you are looking for some assistance with office signs that fit your brand, be sure to visit our CONTACT US page or email

We want to ensure there are miles of smiles when it comes to creating custom signs for companies.


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