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3 Dimensional Signs - The Sign Depot


How 3 Dimensional Signs Let Your Business Stand Out

It’s easy to stand out. One recently completed project is ” Beside Moms ” a nice little cafe located in Nairn, Ontario. It always surprises me how the extra effort of carved dimension brings a sign to life. For this project we simp3 Dimensional Signs - Sandblasted - The Sign Depotly carved a bowl full of blueberries – coffee cup – muffins and cookies.
Simple, effective and noticeable.
This 3 dimensional sign was projected off the building making it visible to vehicle and pedestrian traffic.  This sign serves as a unique landmark for this area of town, making it easy find and memorable to people visiting the area.  The mix of sandblasted western red cedar and cnc routered high density urethane gives this sign mutiple layers of dimension.  Adding a pop of colour to the painted sign finish creates another focal point on the sign.  The sign bracket, hanging hardware and goose-neck sign lamps are finished it black to give the projection elements of the sign an uniform look.  This lets the sign stand out from the surroundings and lit sign can serve as a 24 hour advertisement for this establishment.

Find The Right Size Sign To Compliment Your Business

This small cafe wanted a small sign.  The idea was to make a big impact in a small area.  Choosing a 3 dimensional sign gave this small carved sign a lot of impact and created a lot of buzz for the business opening.  Finding a way to stand out from your surroundings is great way to attract new customers and get them in the front door.  That is how you properly use your custom business signs to advertise your business. Let your store front sign show what potential customers can come to expect from your business.  First impressions are lasting impressions.
Materials : Sandblasted Cedar and Carved HDU
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Reinhardt – Carved Cedar Sign


Carved Western Red Cedar

This double sided carved cedar sign is a classy way-finding business marker.

Each tenant has their own carved panel allowing the landlord flexibility to update in the event of tenant turnover.

This carved cedar sign features rich coffee brown latex along with both gold and silver leaf guilding. Being that this custom business sign was fabricated from western red cedar, this sign will give longlasting landmark for their business.  Sandblasted Cedar is one of the best choices for an outdoor sign because it is rot-resistant and very durable no matter the weather conditions.  Adding a durable sign finish adds a protective coating for the wood and adds some additional flare to the sign.  Because the sign was custom made it features a carved panel that can allow the landlord flexibility when it comes to updating the tenant listings.  Finding unique sign solutions for business owners is something we specialize in here at The Sign Depot.  Offering options that meet a client’s needs and budget are just some of the ways we have become an award winning sign company. We understand how important a great looking sign can impact a business.  We take the time to listen to our clients and give them ideas of what would best compliment their company. Here at The Sign Depot we work to exceed our clients’ expectation and have an extensive list of repeat customers who gracious enough to refer us to their contacts. That type of word of mouth advertising is something we are very proud of here at Sign Depot and we look forward to hearing how we can help your business shine.


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Each tenant has their own carved panel allowing the landlord flexibility to update in the event of tenant turnover.


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Second Cup – Pride Signs -Wholesale Wood Signs

We are proud to have Pride Signs as one of our largest wholesale clients.
One of the regular jobs with Pride signs is Second Cup signage.

Nothing says good brewed coffee like sandblasted western red cedar. Warm and crafted by hand a wood sign is to your eyes what warm cup of coffee is to your early morning – comforting !

Sign Depot supplies carved cedar signs – finished or unfinished to sign shop and franchise accounts across North America.