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Sculptural Signs – Taverna Mercatto Restaurant Toronto

Ornamental Exterior Sign

Next time you are between two Toronto landmarks, Rogers Centre (formerly known as Skydome) and the Air Canada Centre, be on the look out for our latest work at Taverna Mercatto. Working with the design firm Office Bureau the restaurant exterior signage was manufactured to replicate ornamental metal. Unlike the mystery tunnel builder in Toronto, we know that you require permission and permits before you can begin building anything.

sign permit - The Sign Depot Inc

After approval from the Toronto Sign Bylaw Unit, the sign design for Taverna Mercatto was finalized and manufacturing of this ornamental sign began. Sculptural signs are eye-catching for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic and it was decided that a free standing sign would be a great focal point for this high traffic area.

3 Dimensional Projection Sign

The Taverna Mercatto sign was finished in black with 23K gold leaf highlights on this 3 dimensional sign and LED lit so it would shine both day and night.

Sculptural Signs - Taverna Mercatto - The Sign Depot

Projecting off a lamp post, it is a very unique sign on the street. Choosing sculptural signs as a way to differentiate a business from other companies is a great choice especially in an area where there are several restaurants to choose from.  It is very inviting looking and that is important when attracting customers to a restaurant in a central tourist area.

Be On The Look Out For Additional Mercatto Signage

In addition the Taverna Mercatto sign we have been involved in other design elements for that location as well as some of their other locations.

 Window graphics and interior signage upgrades are also part of their signage package, all with the artistic look to match their current architecture.

Choosing to work with a custom sign shop for both your interior and/or exterior signs allows for a lot of choice. From size to materials to paint colours your business signs are a great way to take your branding to the next level.   For more information on how we can elevate your brand visit our CONTACT US page to connect with one of our expert signmakers.


Custom 3 Dimensional Signs Can Be Big For Business – Baden Coffee

A Big Bean For Baden Coffee

Finding ways to bring attention to a new location can cause difficulty for some businesses, but Baden Coffee knew just what to do for the opening of their sit down coffee shop and retail location.  They decided a 3 dimensional sign would be a great way to attract attention to their establishment and increase the findabilty of their location. Baden Coffee decided to create a landmark sculptural sign that would make their business highly visible to passers-by.  Over the years we have created several signs for Baden Coffee and they wanted to heighten the visibilty of their unique brands.

Unique Signs - The Sign DepotCustom Sign - Baden Coffee - The Sign Depot

 The 3 dimensional sign was created to extend their branding to the exterior of the store. A replica of the animated coffee bean from their logo

Business Logo Signs - The Sign Depot

 was constructed from Carved High Density Urethane (HDU) through the use of our CNC Router Table and a lathe to manufacture the rounded objects.

Below is photo recap of how the project evolved within our Sign Depot workshop.

CNC Signs - The Sign DepotHigh Density Urethane Signs - The Sign DepotCustom 3 Dimensional Business Signs - The Sign DepotLathe Signs - The Sign DepotCustom 3 Dimensional Sign - The Sign Depot

Artistic Finishing Touches

An artistic custom finish was applied to the sign scuplture. It included a styrocoat spray applied to the surface to harden the HDU (sign foam) and serve as a base for the paint to adhere to. Painting was done in stages and made to match the character logo for Baden Coffee.  Creating the custom paint finish for the Baden Coffee Bean sculpture added to the “look” of the 3 dimensional sign.

3 Dimensional Signs - The Sign Depot3 Dimensional Signs - Coffee Cup - The Sign Depot3 Dimensional Signs - The Sign Depot

Bringing In Big Business At Baden Coffee

After the Baden Coffee Big Coffee Bean was completed it was installed above the main entrance.  This 3 dimensional sign is sure to become a landmark for the Baden Coffee retail location and will attract the attention of the traffic passing by.

testimonial - The Sign Depot

3 dimensional sign - Baden Coffee - The Sign Depot

To see more pics of the Baden Coffee Team with the new BIG BEAN head over to their facebook Photo Gallery. To learn more about our 3 dimensional signs for business  and how they can create a branding buzz, be sure to check out Proportion Is Everything post.  There you will see how sculptural signs quickly become landmarks and a 24 advertisement for your company.



Sculptural 3 Dimensional Signs – A Fish Out Of Water

or Finding Nemo At The Sign Depot


Over the last few weeks we’ve been watching a new character evolve.  The beginning stages of the sign foam structure we best described as “Goldfish Cracker” shape.  That day it was decided that we were now Finding Nemo at The Sign Depot

Watching A  Sign Foam Fish Can Be Fasinating

Sculptural Signs, 3 Dimensional Signs - The Sign Depot  

To give the sign dimension, sculptural scales were created by hand using a sculpting product and then applying it to the High Density Urethane (sign foam) surface.  Then ripply fins, exaggerated eyes, Mick Jagger like-lips and bright coloured paint gave the fish the cartoon-ish look that the client was looking for.

3 dimensional signs - The Sign Depot3 dimensional signs - The Sign Depot

Where will the Fuschia Fish find it’s final destination?


The sign is not for an aquarium, it’s an outdoor address sign.  Address and Residential signs can be made to match your own personality, sense of style and/or uniqueness.  You can decide on how subtle or stand-out you wish your residential sign to be. We can fully customize your outdoor address signs to your specification.  It is always a good idea to have a few things in place in order for you custom sign to meet your expectations.  Here are some great things to have prepared when contacting a professional sign designer

Residential Signs – Where To Start

  1. Begin with your favorite colours, pictures, pieces of art etc. all of these will help our professional sign designers create a look and feel that captures your style and taste. 
  2. Next decide on how large you wish the sign to be.  Measurements are key! 
  3. Choose the text (if any) you wish to display on your sign. 
  4. Show us where it will be displayed.  Take a picture of the area it will be installed.  That way the designer will know what other objects are around the area for your custom sign, and can incorporate elements to match. 

Whatever your desired scuptural address sign look is, these steps will help in the formation of what may be your guests first impression.  OUTSTANDING!

Scuptural 3 Dimensional Signs - The Sign Depot


Sculptural Signs Tea -riffic Attention Grabbers

Sculptural Signs Tea -riffic Attention Grabbers

Sculptural Sign For The Silver Spoon

If you read last month’s post I’m A (Not So) Little Teapot you saw the #reallyBIGteapot in it’s beginning stages.   Over the last month we had several visitors come and take a look at the replica Brown Betty Teapot  being built.  Word travelled fast and by the end of the month we we fortunate enough to be featured on the WaterlooMIN site.  Today the Teapot scuplture found it’s home across from Kitchener’s City Hall at The Silver Spoon . This 3 dimensional sign is quite an attention grabber already.  By choosing to have a projected feature on their building they are noticeable from all parts of the corner intersection.  Being across from City Of Kitchener’s City Hall building, The Silver Spoon wanted to capture the attention of those passing by in this high traffic area and a scupltural sign was the key to making it all work.

Custom Business – Appearances Are Everything

 Because of the revitalization project in Kitchener’s Downtown The Silver Spoon was able to take advantage of the Facade Upgrade Grant.  This grant is to help business owners in the downtown area to refresh their entranceways, and in turn make downtown Kitchener a more inviting place to visit. To learn more about applying for such a grant make sure to read our post on Business Sign Permits, Sign Regulations And Variances.  This will give you a good idea of what you will need to have prepared when it comes to sign regulations. Always make sure to consult with a professional sign company that understands sign permit regulations.  They are the ones that are most familiar with what is required for sign permit approval.  Once The Silver Spoon had the proper approval they went full force in upgrading their establishment’s entrance-way.  They chose stand out colours and dimensional sign letters for the front of the building, but it’s  The Silver Spoon’s Teapot that is sure to become a landmark for Downtown Kitchener. 


Sculptural Signs - The Sign Depot


3 Dimensional Signs – NHL at the ACC

Hockey Night

In honour of tonight’s Leafs vs Habs hockey game, we thought we would give a shout out to our pals heading to the Air Canada Centre tonight! While you at the arena, make sure to visit the newest stop, the MOLSON CANADIAN BREWHOUSE.  We would be thrilled to see your pics beside our latest structural sign.  Have a pic of yourself by the Brewhouse sign? Send them to .You might just appear on our latest blog post or end up on Sign Depot Fan Page!

Adding Dimension To A Maple Leaf

Here is a look at how the 3 dimensional sign was constructed in our Sign Depot sign shop and installed at The Air Canada Centre, otherwise known as Home Of The Toronto Maple Leafs.

custom wood sign - Molson Canadian Brewhouse - The Sign Depot custom wood sign - Molson Canadian Brewhouse - The Sign Depot
custom wood sign - Molson Canadian Brewhouse - The Sign Depot

Refreshing A Recognized Establishment

From an impressive 5 foot tall sign inside our shop in Kitchener Ontario, to increasing its height sitting up the bartending station, the 3 dimensional sign will be a stand out wood sign at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. There was quite a mix of sign materials that went into manufacturing the latest “watering hole” structure inside the ACC.  CNC routered wood, coloured acrylic and professional sign grade hardware went into constructing this custom lit sign.  We hope that this sculptural sign quenches your thirst for refreshment, as this was just part of the refresh for the well known Lord Stanley’s Mug inside the arena. Visit the Molson Canadian Brewhouse on the 100 Level Concourse inside the Air Canada Centre and raise a pint for us!
If you’re a fan of the Good Old Hockey Game and a fan of Twitter make sure to tweet us with your favorite NHL team! Hockey is always a hot topic here at The Sign Depot and we want to know which National Hockey League team gets you cheering!
After all its the best game you can name


Sculptural Signs – An Update On The Mounties

Sculptural Signs Add Artistic Elements To Outdoor Displays

Remember at the end of July when we I posted about the Dimensional Mounties? These replica RCMP officers  have now been delivered to their permanent home in Niagara Falls. The Souvenir City Store in Niagara Falls Ontario displays many 3 dimensional signs that are manufactured here at The Sign Depot.  They have sign sculptures for Exterior Signs as well as Interior Signs. Just some of their exterior custom business signs include an Inukshuk, a Giant Vase and now these sculptural signs created to look like Mounties.  As for artistic signs for the interior of the store you will find an archway sculpted to look like chocolate , a fancy fudge store and many other display areas clearly advertising what they are selling through the use of  custom 3 dimensional signs made from Wood and High Density Urethane .These 3 dimensional signs create a lot of interest in all of the promotional products and souveniers that they sell at their retail store. 

 Four Ways To Create Interest At A Retail Store

  1. Keep it light! Make your store front signage friendly and potential new clients will be sure to stop by
  2. Create interest with 3 dimensional signs
  3. Ensure that customers can see all you have to offer with great looking sign displays
  4. Have some fun with your temporary retail signs

If you happen to be visiting Niagara Falls Ontario, make sure to stop by Souvenir City and take a photo with some of the larger than life sculptural signs we have made for them. Post it on facebook page listed on the right side of this post and let us know which items sparked your interest.  We always love hearing from our readership and look for opportunities for your input on the variety of signs that we make.  Need a little incentive? Here’s a coupon to get you started.

Perhaps your photo opp of choice will be our newly finished Mountie Structures!

Sculptural Signs - The Sign Depot

Sculptural Signs - The Sign Depot


Sculptural Signs – Outdoor Sign Displays From Pillaging Pirates to Respect RCMP’s

Sculptural Signs - The Sign Depot - Outdoor Sculptural Signs - The Sign Depot - Outdoor

Stand Out With Sculptural Signs

It’s a summer of sculptural signs here at The Sign Depot.  We’ve stared with 3 dimensional signs for an outdoor sign display featuring a Pirate Ship and Crew and now we are moving to more of a patriotic focal point with the freshly constructed Mounties.

These Royal Canadian Mounted Police replicas will prepped for custom paint finishes and will be heading to Souvenir City in Niagara Falls Ontario.  There they will be part of their exterior sign display meant to attract passers-by and encourage them to stop in to their retail store.

Attention Grabbing Custom Business Signs

Want to make a BOLD statement for your business?  Custom business signs are great place to start.  Our artistic signs are quite unique and by choosing sculptural signs you add an additional element of creativity to your business branding. Companies that incorporate 3 dimensional signs into their marketing plans always rave about the finished results. One of our favorite testimonials for 3 dimensional signs is from Judy Horn of The Silver Spoon Cafe in Downtown Kitchener Ontario

Just wanted to let you know we love the teapot. There isn’t a day that  goes by without someone commenting on it. It has really made a  difference to our visibility on the street. Thanks again to Amos and  Peter and everyone else who worked on the sign and tea pot. We are  really pleased with the way it turned out.

Want to get started on attention grabbing sculptural sign? Make sure to visit the The Sign Depot Contact Us page and get the 3 dimensional sign conversation started, or stop by our showroom at 51 Borden Ave S. Kitchener & let the brainstorming BEGIN!


To see the finished custom Mountie signs make sure to visit our post Sculptural Signs – An Update On The Mounties.  As you can see they really stand out and serving as great landmark signs.


3 Dimensional Signs, Movie Pirates, Props And Creating A Pirate Crew

3 Dimensional Sign Props Can Create Quite A Stir

If you attended ComicCon this year you know that Pirates Of The Carribean franchaise is creating quite a stir.  This fascination for pirates has become a newest attraction at Dave and Buster’s Niagara Falls.  Captain Jack’s Mini Putt will be debuting on Clifton Hill and through the use of 3 dimensional signs it will make quite an impact on this high traffic area.


We heard Captain Jack Sparrow is in need of a new crew. I wonder if our Captain Jack and his pirate crew would be willing to partake in this new voyage?


Demonstrating The Art Of 3 Dimensional Signs

In the pictures featured below you can see that 3 dimensional signs are really artistic signs created through sculptural sign making techniques.  From prototype to custom paint finishes these sign structures will become a landmark sign for the Clifton Hill area of Niagara Falls Ontario Canada.

3 dimensional signs - Props - The Sign Depot


3 Dimensional Sign Prototype - The Sign Depot

3 Dimensional Sign - Props - The Sign Depot 3 Dimensional Sign - Props - The Sign Depot Sculptural Signs - Props - The Sign DepotSculptural Signs - Props - The Sign Depot

3 Dimensional Signs - The Sign Depot


3 Dimensionl Signs - The Sign Depot

3 Dimensional Signs - High Density Urethane - The Sign Depot

Ask The Sign Experts At The Sign Depot

Wondering how 3 dimensional signs could work for you? Contact our professional sign makers here at The Sign Depot for a free estimate. They are experts in the field of sign design and are well know in the sign industry.  They can supply you with several sign solutions for your custom business signs. They will consider what is best for your company while keeping within your budget.  To see more example of our sculptural signs make sure to visit Gallery Page portion of our Sign Depot Website Portfolio and let us know what caught your eye.


To see the fully assembled and installed exterior sign display, make sure to take a look at the 3 Dimensional Signs – Proportion Is Everything post. There you will see how all these scuptural signs came together to create an artistic outdoors sign solution for Dave And Busters restaurant.


3 Dimensional Signs And Sculptures

3 dimensional sign - The Sign Depot

Scuplture As Signs

What makes The Sign Depot unique from many other signs shops is our ability to create 3 dimensional signs.  Many think of these pieces as artistic sculptures, but our clients know that these signs serve a purpose.  Below are you can see examples of  3 dimensional signs for businesses.  The chainsaw sculpture was created as a landmark sign for Souvenir City in Niagara Falls Ontario.  This kind of sign is known to grab the attention of passers-by making your business memorable to potential customers.  Finding original ways to advertise your business through custom signs is something The Sign Depot is well known for.  We have won several sign industry awards for our 3 dimensional signs and structures.  Being at the top of your industry is an honour for any company and it is why we continue to create artistic signs that we can be proud of. 

3 dimensional sign - The Sign Depot
3 dimensional sign - The Sign Depot

How 3 Dimensional Signs Can Elevate You To The Top Of Your Industry

You should always strive to be the best, and standing out from your competition is the great way to be at the top of your industry.  3 dimensional signs do just that.  They stand out and get your business noticed.  Whether you chooose a chainsaw sculpture or  High Density Urethane Sign Props your company will recognized right away.  These signs make an impact and you want the first impression of your business to be a memorable one.  A custom business sign is a 24 hour advertisement for your business so be sure it reflects your company and what you want it to be known for.  This how you elevate your game and rise to the top of your industry.  To learn more about dimensional signs be sure to visit our dimensional  sign gallery, then be sure to contact our dimesional sign fabricators to see how sign sculptures can work for your business.