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Have Your Custom Business Sign Made From Wood Or High Density Urethane

Posted by Lisa on 10/9/2012


Using 3 Dimensional Signs To Stand Out From Other Businesses

Have you ever thought of your business sign as a landmark?  When people give directions is your business often mentioned as part of the mix?  These are signs that your business sign stands out from the rest.  Your business is noticeable and recognizable to passers-by which means you are memorable to many.  Dimensional signs are great eye-catchers and  with the choice of Sandblasted Wood Signs or High Density Urethane (HDU), dimensional signs and structures can create a distinctive look for your brand.

Dimensional Cedar Signs

Custom western red cedar signs are a great choice when looking to create dimensional look.  There are a couple of ways which wood can achieve the desired look.

  •  V-Cut Grove signs are carved by a router to sink the letters/graphics into the wood
  • Sandblasted signs create dimension by blasting away the cedar to raise the  wooden text and logos to make them the prominent part of the sign

 Both the techniques are great ways to use wood for your business signs.

V-Cut sign Router Dimension - The Sign Depot

Sandblasted Sign 3 Dimensional - The Sign Depot

Dimensional High Density Urethane Signs (HDU)

High Density Urethane otherwise known as Sign Foam or HDU signs are becoming more and more popular in the business industry.  Finding a Sign Company that can easily manipulate that material is the key to having the sign look amazing.  By using a CNC machine and well designed sign file, High Density Urethane can be transformed into almost anything.

High Density Urethane Business Sign - The Sign Depot

HDU Dimension Business Sign - The Sign Depot

Either sign substrate choice will make your business sign stand out, and make your business look outstanding!  Need more info on how dimensional signs and structural signage can fit into your business?  Then contact The Sign Depot and one of our Award Winning Sign Experts will be pleased to help.  Looking for more examples of dimensional business signs? Visit our photo gallery on our website and our facebook page.


4 Responses to “Have Your Custom Business Sign Made From Wood Or High Density Urethane”

  1. Posted by Lisa on 10/9/2012


    I am looking to make a company logo into a sign. Material would be foam – or anything else suggested. Dimensions are 60×60. If you could email me back , I can send you a picture of what the logo looks like. Perhaps schedule a meeting to go over the details.

    Thank you in advance,

    • Posted by Lisa on 10/9/2012

      Thanks we will get a quote to you by email.

  2. Posted by Lisa on 10/9/2012


    I am own a Restaurantan I am looking to make the logo in sign with wood and I would love that include some lights on it too.
    Perhaps we can schedule a meeting to go over of the details.

    Thank you
    Maria Avila

  3. Posted by Lisa on 10/9/2012

    Please email with the size of the sign, whether it will be single or double sided, and the text/logo that will be on it and we can quote it for you.

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