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Client Spotlight – Cambridge Pallet Ltd. #StepUpYourSignage with Business Signs

Signs of Good Things To Come

Last year Cambridge Pallet Ltd. collaborated with Sign Depot on a new reception sign.  You can read about the process at This also signified the commitment of a new ownership team that had recently been implemented and lots of changes to way the company operates including automation processes to make their workshop floor more efficient.

In preparation of Earth Day we visited the Cambridge Pallet Ltd. industrial workspace to learn about their Repair, Reuse, Recycle process.

Business Signs - Cambridge Pallet Ltd - The Sign Depot

During the tour we could see how the blue wooden pallets became the inspiration for their reception sign, which greets you as enter the building.  Each of the pallets pictured above make their way through a system so that they can be sorted, repaired and painted in preparation to be shipped to the next user. This thriving business is located close to the highway to make it accessible for transportation and logistics purposes. Part of their mission is to be

Always acting with integrity and respect for the community and the environment

which is why we were so interested in seeing their facility and learning more about what they do. Because they make it a priority to minimize waste, conserve resources and protect the environment we think they will continue to have a very busy production line and become a leader in their industry.

Signs That Tell A Story

Does your business sign match your brand? Perhaps,just like Cambridge Pallet, your sign tells the story of your business. If your signs do not match your company and your brand, then we are here to help.  We can assist with integrating your company story into your business signs which will elevate brand awareness for your business.  Visit our CONTACT US page to connect with our expert sign designers.



The Meat And Potatoes Of Signage

Signage Basics – What You Need To Know

When it comes to choosing signage for your brand, there are some basics you should always keep in mind.  The items below will give you a good idea about the meat and potatoes of signage.  It is a great place to start and grow from there.

Listen To Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel’s advice when dressing with accessories was “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”  That is also a great mantra for signage.  Less is more.  Make sure you know the message you want to convey and edit it down to as few words as possible.

 Keep It Classy

Most marketing strategies have some amount of shock value.  While we believe it is great to catch someone off guard, in order to be memorable, you must keep in mind your signage is often the first impression of your establishment.  You want to ensure your business is remembered in positive light.

Stand Out, But Don’t Stick Out

Be sure that your signage stands out from the surroundings.  Use lighting, projection and dimensional signs to achieve this.  They are great ways to make your signs visible.

Crafted Beertown Sign - The Sign Depot

Notice how the above Beertown sign incorporates all of those signage elements? It goes to show that you need to always think about your brand, establishment and surroundings first in order to make a great impression.

However you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb, so be sure the sign design you have in mind fits with the area it will be placed.

 Be A Leader Of The Pack

Whether you are moving to new area, or rebranding an existing business, showing other companies that you upping your signage game sends a signal that your are prepared to be a leader in your industry.  This will also convey that you are a professional business and strive to be known as the leading expert in your field.

Now that you have learned about the meat and potatoes of signage, be sure to contact one of our sign experts to see how you can elevate the signage for your business.


Bringing Business Signs And Branding To The Forefront

Business Sign Strategy

Here at The Sign Depot we can carry out numerous tasks to help you get your business branding working for you. Your business sign and company wide signage stragey can show you as an industry leader and can propel you to the top!

See Four Of Our Sign Depot Videos All In One Spot

At times the options you have for business signs can be overwhelming so to give you some good starting spots, hover over the image below and click on the coloured arrows. Let our videos give you a basis of where you want to direct your attention when it comes to your business signs.

Whether you signs are for a small company or a large corporation, we have lots of options to fit your needs and budget. We specialize in the following
  • Retail And Point Of Sale Signs
  • Reception Signs
  • Exterior Building And Storefront Signs
  • Restaurant Signs
  • Parking Lot Signs
  • Architechtural Signs
  • Wayfinding And Directional Signs
  • Accessibility Signs
  • Farm Signs
  • Heritage Signs
  • Window Decals
  • Car Graphics
  • LED lit signs
  • Roadside Attraction Sign Structures
  • Meeting Room Signs
  • Cubicle Indicator Signs
and really any other type of sign you can think of.  We are always looking to create custom business signs from your ideas.  Just visit our CONTACT US page and request a quote.  Our expert signmakers bring your branding to the forefront of your industry and suggest the best ways to show off all your company has to offer.  Just let them know
    1. The type of signs you need
    2. The size required for the sign
    3. The budget you want to work with
    4. The logo, colours, text and graphics you want on it, or if you require it to be designed by The Sign Depot
    5. Whether you need The Sign Depot to install the sign, or if your company will be taking care of the installation
Once your information has been received you will receive an emailed quote waiting for your approval.


Restaurant Industry And The Sign Depot – Custom Business Signs

The Sign Depot Returns To The CRFA Show

Right away we knew our Custom Signs For The Restaurant Industry would be a good fit for the Canadian Restaurant and Food Service Association (CRFA) Show.  We are always looking for ways to show our unique signs. We find that they fit well with a variety of establishments.  Getting in front of Restaurant Professionals is always top of mind for us, and what we want is for Sign Depot to be top of mind for them.

Restaurant signs that are stand out are great ways for companies to get noticed and our expert sign makers always find ways to add artistic styles that incorporate company branding.  These signs become find-ability solutions that work for businesses.

Beertown Sign - The Sign Depot

Award Winning Beertown Public House Sign

We wanted to ensure that we were able to stand out at the CRFA Show as well, so were able to secure a spot directly across from the Chef’s Cooking Stage.  Here’s a look at our surroundings.

This was a highly visible area with lots of traffic travelling by our booth.  We even had some familiar faces stop by.  We had the fine folks from Baden Coffee and Herrles Market pop by our CRFA booth.

Custom Restaurant Signs - The Sign Depot

Custom Restaurant Signs - The Sign Depot

Then we had our own Artistic Flair Bartending demonstration happen at our Sign Depot booth.

How Much Would It Cost To Create A Sign For My Business?

That was only one of the many questions we answered at our booth.  We had our slide show running through the trade show to exhibit the variety of custom 3 dimensional signs we have created. Many of these sign projects would have been too big for our display booth, but we knew it was important to cover all the types of signs we can create.  The reactions we varied from “I recognize that sign” to “How much would it cost to create a sign like that for my business?” We always have time to answer those questions.  Requesting a quote is easy to do.  Just head over to our Contact Us page and let us know the following

  1. How big should your sign be?  Including measurements streamlines the process
  2. What is your budget for the sign project?
  3. Do you have any logo, text or graphics that should be incorporated into the sign?

These three questions are great ways to get your sign quote started.  After approval, your signs will be handcrafted here in our workshop to your specifications. As your sign supplier, our goal is to exceed your expectations. Professional looking signs are expected from high end industries. We are always looking for different ways to connect with Industry Professionals.

Restaurant Industry Signs - The Sign Depot

The CRFA Show was a great way show our custom business sign solutions to Restaurant Owners, Chefs and Marketing Executives.


Custom Restaurant Business Signs and Food Service Signage – CRFA Show

For Our Clients – Discount Code For CRFA SHOW

Last year The Sign Depot attended the CRFA Show for the first time.  The CRFA Show is targeted to those in the Canadian Restaurant and Food Service Association.  It is a trade show that stops in several large Canadian cities and The Sign Depot was there to showcase our custom Restaurant Signs and Food Service signage solutions at the Toronto trade show.

It was a very well attended show and we were able to make several connections with professionals in the Restaurant and Food Service industry.  Our custom signs sparked a lot of interest and many of the attendees from last year’s CRFA event could see how our artistic dimensional signs would be a good fit for their establishments.

Next month we will be returning vendors for the CRFA Show and we want to have you visit us at Booth 341 located across from the cooking stage.  It was a hub of activity last year with all the Chefs demonstrating professional restaurant techniques and delicious dishes. This year the Restaurant Industry Chefs that will be taking the stage include Mark McEwan from Top Chef Canada and Anna Olson from The Food Network’s Bake and Culinary Consultant John Placko just to name a few.

 To ensure our clients are able to visit our custom sign booth at the CRFA Show this year we are able to offer you a discount code for your online registration. If you are in the Restaurant and Food Service Industry head over to the CRFA Show Registration Page and enter the Source Code 106527 to receive your tickets for the price of $17.50 (advanced online purchases only).

Restaurant Signage - The Sign Depot CRFA Show 2013

Click The Photo Above To Register - Use Source Code 106527 To Discount Your Order

To see examples of our Restaurant and Food Service sign solutions stop by our booth or visit our Restaurant Portfolio page. To learn more about what type of signs we can make for your establishment, take a moment and read our post about The Kinds Of Signs We Make Here At The Sign Depot