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Custom Wood Signs Created To Weather The Outdoors

When The Weather Outside Is Frightful, Your Custom Wood Sign Can Still Be Delightful

Depending on where you live you may see a lot of ice in your community.  The wintery scenes we are seeing all over the internet made us pause for a moment to see just how wonderful a winter wonderland can look.  Being purveryors of custom wood signs we took a look at how our wood signs stood up to the icy elements over the last few days.

Here’s a close up look at our address sign.Custom Wood Signs - Outdoor - Ice - The Sign Depot

As you can see it the ice ads an extra layer of texture to our dimensional letters on the wood sign.  Once the ice is melted the sign will still be in great condition, as it was given an outdoor finish meant to stand up to changing weather conditions.  Knowing what your custom sign will look in all kinds of weather is another way for your sign to stand out from its surroundings.

Glisten And Shine

Another outdoor finish the sign making experts here at The Sign Depot like to use is gold leaf.  As you can see in the image below, the gold leaf finish on the sandblasted cedar sign still shines through despite the frost buildup and lack of sunshine.

Infact the layer of ice makes the gold leaf glisten.  This sign has been outdoors for several years but is still in great shape.  Custom cedar signs are made to withstand the elements and are a great choice if you are looking for a sign with longevity. Finding what works best for the conditions your sign will face is our specialty. Feel free to visit our Contact Us page for more information and be sure to leave a comment on how your outdoor space looks during these icy days!


Custom Vintage Look Wood Signs – Truth Beauty’s Business Sign Solutions

The Beauty Of A Distressed Wood Sign

custom 3 dimensional sign - The Sign Depot

When it comes to Business Sign Solutions we have lots of options to suit a company’s branding.  Finding that perfect fit may take more than one type of material to make the establishment recognizable in busy areas.  When the The Truth Beauty Company moved from their Olivier location, they took the opportunity to create custom business signs for this new business.

Their store front sign and reception sign was fabricated from repurposed wood to give the signs a vintage look.  To add dimension to the custom signs, High Density Urethane (sign foam) letters and designs were CNC cut on our Router table.  Those HDU pieces were given custom finishes and then attached to the distressed wood and framed.  This gave the Truth Beauty sign 3 dimensional sign elements while keeping with the antique look of the wood.

Add Some Artistic Signage

In addition to the exterior entranceway sign and interior sign and additional artistic fabric wall hanging was created to further showcase the business’s logo.  A stencil was cut to match the design and applied to the fabric.  Next the design was airbrushed on the material and after the stencil was removed the result was an artistic sign in the form of custom piece of drapery for their location.

To read more about The Truth Beauty Company make sure to check out their article in the Waterloo Chronicle aptly named The Truth About Beauty.

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest


To learn more about The Sign Depot’s custom signs and business sign solutions take a look at our portfolio page and be sure to contact us.

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Traditional Wood Signs Personalized To Suit You

Custom Wood Signs Are A Great Choice

With arrival of the chilly weather means that the gift giving season is close at hand.  Have you ever thought of giving a traditional wood sign as a Christmas gift?  Signs can be personalized to match any taste.  You will have lots of choice when it comes to how traditional your custom wood sign will look and what it will say.

How To Customize A Sign

It is always a good idea to know what the sign will symbolize.  A few good starting points could be choosing a

  • Family Name
  • Family Crest
  • Heritage Farm
  • Cottage
  • Address
  • Residence Name
  • Favorite Quote

Sandblasting any of the info from the list above would make for wonderful personalized wood sign.  After the text is chosen the sign shape, dimensions, fonts, graphics and colours can further customize the look of a sandblasted cedar sign.  Below are just a few examples of the personalized custom wood signs we have made here in The Sign Depot Workshop.

If you see something that is of interest to you, we are able to craft as similar wood sign for you, or  if you want something different we are happy to accommodate you. Keep in mind that we have many different options to suit your personal taste as well as your budget.  The key is to ensuring your sign is ready is early ordering.  Don’t find yourself in the Christmas rush, order early to make sure your sign is ready in time.  Remember that the sign design is just the beginning of the production process.  The sign will still need to be sandblasted, and finished.  Finishing time includes drying time between each coat of paint.  Other things to consider would be where the sign will be hung.  Will it need a sign bracket or perhaps cedar posts finished to match the sign?  Will it be attached directly to brick wall or will it stand off from siding?  All of these factors will considered during the finishing process of the sign.

No matter what you choose, the recipient will be thrilled by how personalized their new sign is. Perhaps you’ll love the sandblasted cedar sign you’re gifting so much that you’ll create a custom wood sign for yourself!



Mother’s Day Custom Engraved Signs – Personalized Gifts

Custom Signs Made for Mom

Custom Wood Cottage Sign - The Sign Depot

We wouldn’t want you to stress over the gift for the THE BEST MOM EVER, so here’s an early reminder that Mother’s Day is May 13, 2012 and we have a few gift suggestions for the Moms in your life.

Signs for the garden

Do you know a Mom who spends her spring days in the Garden? Custom Granite signs area a great choice for her.  They can be customized with sandblasted text, graphics and even colour to add some flair.  These signs are durable and look fantastic in flower beds, near slate or interlocking brick.

Sandblasted Sign Granite Stone - The Sign Depot

An artistic sign is a welcome addition

A cheery warm engraved wood welcome sign will compliment any entrance-way.  These wood signs have a simple elegance that will show just how thoughtful you are.  The neutral tones were chosen to match several different decor schemes and the sign’s size is perfect for a front door of a home or cottage.

Wood Sign - The Sign Depot

Customized creative cedar signs

 A little creativity can go a long way!  Choosing a custom designed sandblasted cedar wood sign for her gift will make it a Mother’s Day to remember!  Why not get Mom something that best represents her?  Choose the size, shape, colours, text and graphics to customize the look of a residential sign.  These custom engraved wood signs are great as gifts for homes, cottages and vacation properties.

  Personalized Cottage Signs - The Sign Depot

Need something altogether different? We have lots of unique ways to customize a sign for you. Need some inspiration? Take a look at our Sign Depot Pinterest Boards.  They have been known to ignite the creative spark in all of us.

With Mother’s Day less than a month away, make sure to contact us today.  The Sign Depot has lots of options to suit you budget, and we’ll make sure you’re still Mom’s Favorite!


The Sign Depot Makes It A Movember To Remember

If you stop by The Sign Depot this month you’ll see that things have gotten a little HAIRY!

Yes we’re busy working away as always, but the Hairy I’m referring to is the facial hair kind. You know the fuzzy stuff on the upper lip.

What Does Movember Have To Do With Custom Wood Signs?

Peter Moir the Owner/President of Sign Depot has signed on to participate in Movember Canada this year.  Being that the main logo for The Sign Depot Inc. features a Moustached fellow it makes for a perfect fit! What else do moustaches and signs have in common?  A custom carved sign makes an impression the way a well groomed  Movember moustache does.  They both get people talking and raise awaremess.  Whether it is for a business or for an non-for profit, getting noticed is an important part of making a great impression.

The Sign Depot Logo

More About Movember

For those who have not heard about Movember, it is a charitible organization formed to raise awareness about Men’s Health issues.  Being part of a community of those willing to help others is something we here at The Sign Depot can get on board with!  Being supportive to those is need is a great way to connect with the community  you are based in.  Find ways to get involved and you will know what it feels like to be part of something bigger.  All it takes is a little initiative and some creative thinking.

Rick Mercer is known for his rants, but see what he has to say about Prostate Health and his involvement with the Movember community.



Want to be more involved in Movember? Join a team and follow all the fun on the facebook page 

See what you can do to raise awarness about Movember and Prostate Cancer Canada. Help make this a Movember To Remember

Custom Wood Cottage Signs – Long Weekend Means Cottage Season

Custom Wood Cottage Signs – Long Weekend Means Cottage Season

Victoria Day

The Long Weekend is upon us and that means many will be heading to cottage. Whether the cottage is 4 hours or 40 minutes away, you still want it to be your home away from home. Not only is a cottage your getaway from the everyday, you want it to be welcoming to friends and family too. The easiest way to get that warm friendly cottage first impression is by adding a custom cottage sign to your laneway. Its more than just an address marker. It is a  personalized representation of what your cottage means to you. With fully customized Sign Depot cottage sign, you can choose the size, shape, colours, text and graphics to individualize the look of your sandblasted cedar sign.

 Custom Wood Cottage Sign -The Sign Depot

For more examples of how unique your custom cedar sandblasted sign can be make sure to visit our Residential Gallery in our Portfolio.

As you can see our custom wood cottage signs show off your individual creativity and good taste to your cottage guests. 


They make great gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, House Warming gifts or any special occasion. Cedar cottage signs are built to last so its the gift that keeps on giving.  Not sure on what to put on a cottage sign that you are giving as a gift? Gift certificates are available too! This give the receipient lots of choice for their custom cedar sandblasted sign.

Cottage season will be in full swing soon! Make sure to contact us soon in order to get your custom carved cedar cottage sign into production. We want to make sure you have it in time for your first trek to the cottage this year. Email us, send us a tweet or message us on facebook.

We also want to remind all of our readers to stay safe this Victoria Day long weekend and remember not to let your guests drink and drive.


How To Keep Custom Wood Signs In Tip Top Shape

Time for Some Spring Cleaning!

As mentioned in our newsletter

 Once you have invested in a great looking custom wood sign you should take a few steps to keep your cedar sign looking great

  • Twice a year wash and wax your sign. Use a mild dish soap and soft brissle brush ( paint brush ) to gently loosen surface dirt – follow with a though rinse with clean water. A light coat and buff with typical spray on car wax will help repell water and keep your sign looking good.
  • Remove any weeds or vines that are crawling up your cedar sign posts.  They may look interesting, but they can do a bit of damage to the finish
  • After about 7 years (depending on sun exposure) bring it into The Sign Depot workshop for refurbishing. It will leave looking brand new.

Now that we’ve had some warmer temperatures make sure to get outside and take a look to see if you’re Curb Appeal is still APPEALING. If not try the tips above.  Your custom sandblasted sign is made from rot resistant western red cedar which means with a little TLC your wood sign will last for generations. Traditional personalized signs are great heirlooms for family members and they can display signs of your rich family heritage.  They have a historic quality that is unquie to all other types of residential signs.  For more examples of our custom signs make sure to visit the Portforlio on The Sign Depot website.

Stay In The Loop

Want to receive monthly tips? Make sure to sign up for our newsletter The Sign Depot Signage Signal in the right side bar. You’ll learn tricks for better business branding, see the custom sign projects here evolve and stay in the loop about upcoming community events just like this one Late Nights And Blue Collar Mornings


Custom Wood Signs Become The 3 Dimensional Pieces To the Puzzle

Custom Wood Signs At The Sign Depot

Our upcoming project for the Air Canada Centre involves several different pieces coming together for the Lord Stanley’s Mug bar located in the building. As different as each of these materials are, putting the look together could get a bit puzzling. In order to head off such difficulties we pieced together our own puzzle.

Take a look at the tips of the custom wood sign pieces in the pic below to see what I mean.  A custom wood sign routered to make a 3 dimensional maple leaf is just the beginning of the steps required for this sculptural sign.  There will need to be logos and lights created to make this sign feature the beginning of a rebrand for the Lord Stanley’s Mug bar.  Below are a few pics of the custom sign making process for this project. You can keep up to date with the progress of this custom 3 dimensional sign by following this blog as well as our social media links that can be found on The Sign Depot Contact Us page

custom wood signs - The Sign Depot After being assembled and painted our puzzle pieces came together to form this familiar shape custom wood signs - The Sign Depot Well if we have leaves, why not add some trees? We also pieced together an outdoor looking wood display outdoor signs - The Sign Depot outdoor signs - The Sign Depot How do all of these items become part of a  large pub sign display? How about adding a lit sign like this?

Custom Business Signs - Molson Canadian - The Sign Depot


You can now see the finished project on our post 3 Dimensional Signs – NHL At The ACC. There you will see how the custom wood maple leaf sign looked before it left our Sign Depot workshop and after it was fully installed in The Air Canada Centre in Toronto Ontario.  We would love to hear your thoughts on the final project. Leave a comment or post on one of our social networks.


3 Dimensional Signs – What Will They Be?

3 Dimensional Signs - The Sign Depot
3 Dimensional Signs - The Sign Depot - High Density Urethane
3 Dimensional Signs - The Sign Depot
3 Dimensiona Signs - Gold Leaf - The Sign Depot Maybe it’s a Question Mark ?

Finding Signs Of Mystery

Normally we here at The Sign Depot keep the guess work out signage for you, but for this post we thought we would give you a sneak peak of some of the 3 dimensional signs we are creating for a rather large project. Most of the custom signs shown above look like dimensional props for film, but they all will fit together to make on massive sign display. Can you guess what The Sign Depot is constructing next?

Four Sign Making Technique Features

Here is a quick overview of how these sign components will incorporated into 3 dimensional sign display

  1. The first photo is wood sign structure that will serve as a base and High Density Urethane panels will be attached to replicate distressed wood.
  2. The second example show how we can instantly rust an object with a modern masters sign finishing technique
  3. The third photo demonstrates how professional sign maker create dimension with artistic sculptures
  4. The fourth picture is a custom carved sign finished in 23 Karat Gold Leaf through a processes known in the sign industry as guilding

Together these custom sign elements will be brought together to make a enormous sign structure solution for a business wanting to catch the attention of those passing by.  The use of 3 dimensional signs will make sure this custom business sign stands out from its surroundings and will create a lot of buzz for the company.


Still curious about how this all came together to make one giant custom business sign? We won’t keep you waiting any longer. We have posted pictures of our custom sign display. Take a look at our post 3 Dimensional Signs – Proportion Is Everything to see the final results.  Did you guess right? We hope you are impressed by this impressive sign!



Custom Wood Signs – Fitting Different Logos Under One Business Brand

Three Very Different Logos Get One Uniformed Look

Recently here at The Sign Depot we had the opportunity to test our branding matching skills. The UPI Energy office requested new reception area signage. It involved taking three very different logos and making them fit together as one business brand.


custom wood signs - The Sign Depot custom wood signs - The Sign Depot custom wood signs - The Sign Depot

Custom Wood Signs

In order for these logos to “work” together in the same space the sign solution was simple.  Creating custom wood signs for each of the business logos would give them a clean uniform look.

These custom crafted reception signs were resized and by using the same wood stain finish they were able to change their differences into similarities. Taking a client’s marketing dilema and finding the right sign solution is something that the sign experts here at The Sign Depot are quite acquainted with.  With their professional sign making techniques and custom sign finishes they are able to acheive and exceed the expectations of our customers. 

Finished Sign Project

 As you can see  in the pictures below, UPI Energy will have a warm welcoming reception area thanks to the use of custom wood signs. The use of artistic signs brought the three company logos together to fit under one brand. If you wood like more information on how custom wood signs and reception signs work together to  make exceptional interior signs, make sure to visit The Sign Depot Contact Us page and get in touch with our sign experts.  One of our professional sign designers will gladly offer you suggestions on how to upgrade your reception sign while ensuring to design a custom business sign in your budget range. Providing creative sign projects for companies is what we are known for, and we would love to have the opportunity to quote a custom artistic sign for your company that showcases everything your business has to offer.

   custom wood signs - The Sign Depot custom wood signs - The Sign Depot custom wood signs - The Sign Depot

custom wood signs - The Sign Depot