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ABC’s of The Sign Depot With A Heritage Backdrop

Posted by Lisa on 7/9/2011


Wandering in the Workspace

While walking in the workshop I happened to notice the “A“starring right at me.


With a variety of sign materials, wood shop machinery, tools and signs being constructed, I decided I could find the entire alphabet within the walls of The Sign Depot workshop. The challenge was on! With a bit of investigation the work space became a cross between a word jumble and a giant bowl of alphabet soup.  Every nook and corner was combed over to spy one more letter to add to the mix.

26 pictures later The Alphabet According To THE SIGN DEPOT was conceived.  In order to share the fun I created a slideshow so you can follow my travels and see how I creatively captured each letter through my camera lens.  The majority of the pics show off the restored heritage building we are in but the letters are signs of the time we have spend in this historic building.

Yes, some were sign letters, but this is behind the scenes look at THE SIGN DEPOT  after all. Turn up your speakers and boogie to the ABC’s of THE SIGN DEPOT

We would love to hear what you think and look forward to providing additional Sign Depot Videos about the type of signs that are created here in our sign shop.  If there is something we do that you wish to learn more about, make sure to list it in the comments and we will do our best to accommodate all of your requests.  We enjoy sharing our work with our audience and would love to hear more of what you enjoy reading about when it comes to custom sign making. In the meantime we hope this video brought a smile to your face and put a spring in your step!


5 Responses to “ABC’s of The Sign Depot With A Heritage Backdrop”

  1. Posted by Lisa on 7/9/2011

    Great idea, Lisa. Fun 🙂

  2. Posted by Lisa on 7/9/2011

    Oh this was fun…the toddlers loved it too..dancing and saying their alphabet…

    Well Done

  3. Posted by Lisa on 7/9/2011

    I love behind the scenes stuff like this. Thanks for the neat video.

  4. Posted by Lisa on 7/9/2011

    Ver cool video, love to learn about the backstage stuff that happens when producing such signs. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Posted by Lisa on 7/9/2011

    It’s so cool to see the inner workings! You have a very interesting career!

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