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Build Your Business With Roshan Grossman

This month The Sign Depot is featuring a few of our Sign Depot Demo Day attendees that are in the Business Marketing Industry.  Roshan Grossman is a Communications Specialist.  She believes businesses are built by finding a target audience and engaging with experiences. We chatted with Roshan Grossman of Hot Quill Communications to find out how important clear communication is to a company.

Meet Roshan

Roshan can you tell us the nature of your business, Hot Quill Communications and how you got started?

Hot Quill Communications offers marketing and employee communications services to help businesses communicate more clearly with the people who matter most to them – employees and clients. We do this by creating experiences that get people talking about your business…in a good way.  I launched Hot Quill in January 2013 following my maternity leave with my son. I spent the first part of my career working in a number of different financial services companies, and 8.5 years working for Sun Life Financial…and I decided I wanted to branch out on my own to see if I could bring my experience, creativity and ideas in communications to other businesses. I decided to focus on working with mid- to large-size companies in the tech sector because this was an industry that I hadn’t worked in before, but in which I was keenly interested.

 Why should companies have a community manager/communications specialist?

Whether a company is large or small, bringing in a communications specialist is never a bad idea. The work arrangement will vary depending on your resourcing requirements and budget, but at the bare minimum it is useful to have someone either consult for a short period of time or come in for a longer-term to focus on audience/community engagement and strategic messaging. And, most seasoned business communicators will be able to add value beyond a communications perspective. As a communicator, you need to understand how businesses work, how people think and respond to ideas, and how to motivate people to take action – all of this requires strategic and critical thinking, and high social skills which are worth their weight in gold if you’re just starting a new company or if you’re looking to make an impact in a larger organization.

How do communications services differ for small business vs. large companies?

With larger companies, you’re usually dealing with integrated communications strategies and programs that span a number of months or years, depending on the business strategy. As well, you may have more time to build a relationship and rapport with your audience. With smaller companies, there is usually a tendency towards running shorter campaigns and addressing immediate needs of an audience, in addition to looking out over the next few months to see what’s coming over the horizon that needs to be anticipated and planned for from a tactical perspective.


What are some great ideas you have noticed companies launch with the help of a communications specialist?

There are too many to count or mention, but I will say that some of my favourite campaigns involve high audience engagement using a number of in-person and virtual events, as well as really clear and energetic messaging.


How do you stand out from others in your field?

There are some really excellent communicators in the Waterloo Region. While it would be tempting to look at this as a field of competition, I’m more inclined to see these people as part of my community of practice. My goal is to connect with and learn from the really excellent communicators as much as possible. If I’m learning and growing, my work will benefit from this expansion of ideas and thinking, and it will speak for itself. I also like to spend time with people and get to know them so that we can deepen our relationships rather than just skimming the surface. My hope is that by striving for excellence in generating and taking action on ideas worth pursuing, and in building solid relationships, people will naturally recommend me and my work to others.

Want to learn more about Roshan Grossman and Hot Quill Communications? Make sure to RSVP for our Sign Depot Demo Day on June 20th to network with Roshan and many other fantastic business industry professionals. There you will see how important your business messaging is to your brand.

Business Branding Communications - The Sign Depot


Do You Run A High End Business? Do Your Signs Reflect That?

We Have The Solution

Do You Run A High End Business? Do Your Signs Reflect That? Do You Have a Lowest Price Promise? Is That Part of Your Slogan? We Have Several Business Sign Solutions To Show Your Best Attributes!

The best way to show off your best attributes is to figure out what they are.  Not sure where to start? Use the comparison chart below to figure out how you want to represent your business.

high end business sign solutions - The Sign Depot

There is nothing wrong with any of these terms.  They are all great descriptive words but if your business falls more to one side than the other, then know that the terms on that side highlight what your business does best. Find ways to use some of these words in your text slogans or choose graphics that represent these terms in your logo.  If you think your business represents terms from both sides then a great mix of text and graphics from both sections can work as well.  These are the beginnings of a custom business sign solution for your business.

Other things to consider when it comes to creating business signage for your company are

  1. Colour scheme to be used
  2. Choice of font
  3. Visibility from traffic areas
  4. Competition awareness
  5. Budget for the sign package

Perhaps you need some assistance with the items listed above.  That’s where The Sign Depot comes in. Our expert sign designers and sign manufactures have the knowledge to guide you through the custom sign creation process.  They can help with everything from Sign Permits to Sign Completion. They find ways to incorporate your estblishment’s message into a custom artistic sign that best represents your business and all that your company stands for.  Whether you are marketing to an upscale clientelle or the best bargain hunters make sure your potential clients take note of everything you have to offer. Make sure they “Notice The Signs



Restaurant Industry And The Sign Depot – Custom Business Signs

The Sign Depot Returns To The CRFA Show

Right away we knew our Custom Signs For The Restaurant Industry would be a good fit for the Canadian Restaurant and Food Service Association (CRFA) Show.  We are always looking for ways to show our unique signs. We find that they fit well with a variety of establishments.  Getting in front of Restaurant Professionals is always top of mind for us, and what we want is for Sign Depot to be top of mind for them.

Restaurant signs that are stand out are great ways for companies to get noticed and our expert sign makers always find ways to add artistic styles that incorporate company branding.  These signs become find-ability solutions that work for businesses.

Beertown Sign - The Sign Depot

Award Winning Beertown Public House Sign

We wanted to ensure that we were able to stand out at the CRFA Show as well, so were able to secure a spot directly across from the Chef’s Cooking Stage.  Here’s a look at our surroundings.

This was a highly visible area with lots of traffic travelling by our booth.  We even had some familiar faces stop by.  We had the fine folks from Baden Coffee and Herrles Market pop by our CRFA booth.

Custom Restaurant Signs - The Sign Depot

Custom Restaurant Signs - The Sign Depot

Then we had our own Artistic Flair Bartending demonstration happen at our Sign Depot booth.

How Much Would It Cost To Create A Sign For My Business?

That was only one of the many questions we answered at our booth.  We had our slide show running through the trade show to exhibit the variety of custom 3 dimensional signs we have created. Many of these sign projects would have been too big for our display booth, but we knew it was important to cover all the types of signs we can create.  The reactions we varied from “I recognize that sign” to “How much would it cost to create a sign like that for my business?” We always have time to answer those questions.  Requesting a quote is easy to do.  Just head over to our Contact Us page and let us know the following

  1. How big should your sign be?  Including measurements streamlines the process
  2. What is your budget for the sign project?
  3. Do you have any logo, text or graphics that should be incorporated into the sign?

These three questions are great ways to get your sign quote started.  After approval, your signs will be handcrafted here in our workshop to your specifications. As your sign supplier, our goal is to exceed your expectations. Professional looking signs are expected from high end industries. We are always looking for different ways to connect with Industry Professionals.

Restaurant Industry Signs - The Sign Depot

The CRFA Show was a great way show our custom business sign solutions to Restaurant Owners, Chefs and Marketing Executives.


Signs of Professionalism From Sign Making Professionals Creating the Handshake 2.0

Where did your last friendly handshake come from?

Was it at a meeting? A business lunch? A formal gala? If your handshakes are only reserved for these occasions then you may want to extend your reach a little farther. A warm friendly greeting is basis of a great first impression.  That first impression often leaves a lasting impression on those you meet.  Now with the world becoming more connected that “1st handshake” may take on a different form than what you expect.  It may be a referral from existing client, welcoming entrance-way signage, or through a Like/Follow on a social site .  Creating that memorable greeting is what is most important. Its a sign of what can be expected of you.  Professionalism and courtesy count!  Try finding new ways to tell everyone how much you would like to meet them. 

Four Ways Your Business Can Make An Impactful First Impression

  1. Ensure your entrance-way is clear and inviting.
  2. Find out if your business is visible during daytime, twilight and late night hours.
  3. Look at neighbouring businesses and take note of what the busy ones are doing differently.  See if their strategy would work for you.
  4. Ask your current customers how they first found out about your business and focus your efforts on what is working.

Just for fun I thought I would throw in this funny video from the always entertaining kitestring studio .  This skit was originally created for the 140 Characters Conference  but because of its popularity it was recorded and screened at Tweetstock.  The video has a funny take on how the handshake could become an unknown greeting to those immersed in the world of social media, but at the same time it gives you a great first impression of the Kitestring team and what a wonderful, creative group they are.

What is your greeting saying about you?  Do you live the way you want to be perceived? Is your impression impressing? These are some questions to think about when you arrive at your entrance-way. Is your custom business sign giving that impactful first impression?  While you’re here we would love to hear your impression of us! Feel free to leave a comment in the reply box below. Thanks again for stopping by!


How The Sign Depot Artistic Sign Makers Get Inspired At An Art Gallery

Paradigms of Perception




 It’s amazing what you can find in your own back yard just by looking a little bit harder.

Here at The Sign Depot we believe in investing in our Company Culture and work hard to have a harmonious environment for our artistic staff.  We always look for ways to inspire their craft while supporting the community we are situated in.  We find that the mix of inspiration and giving back sparks creativity. Friday we took a look at the newest art gallery exhibit at Jennifer Gough‘s Mindseye Studio in Kitchener. PARADIGMS OF PERCEPTION It definately made us look deeper. It may be difficult to see here but many of the pieces were created through the use of texture, light & shadows & even QR codes! Only in Kitchener Waterloo can art & tech blend together seamlessly. Did I mention that Jennifer is also raising funds for the CNIB with this show?  We were supporting Arts and Culture, Company Culture and Community Charity all in this one trip to a gallery. That’s why we are so glad she invited us to come on board as sponsors.  Creating & collaborating are things we know very well.  We provided the sign banner shown above and created vinyl graphics to post the artists’ names by their artistic pieces in the show, and made sure to make a donation to the CNIB as well.  Make sure to support your local arts community and visit a local art gallery. Keep culture alive where you live.  Find ways to be creative and use your talents to help others in your community, especially when it comes to charitable efforts.  We had a great time and it made for great conversations back at The Sign Depot workspace.  It was great to experience the art studio show with my co-workers and see everyone’s take on the pieces displayed. If nothing else, I hope you know Seeing Is Believing


Involved In Creating Community In This Creative Community

Involved In Our Community

Sign Depot has always been part of the local community, by providing donations to silent auctions, golf tournaments etc.    This has always been well received, but never quite matched how creative we can be.  Over the last year we chose some different community involvement projects which we hope provided a positive impact on the people living in this area. It’s amazing the impact one sign, or in this case one sign company can have.

It started last May with the Grand Opening of our new location.  We partnered with The Food Bank of Waterloo Region‘s newest endevour THE DIG IN CAMPAIGN.  We brought the community out to enjoy our new surroundings along with a BBQ lunch in return for their Food Bank Donations.

Some of our other new community involvement projects include

We do our best to support the community and encourage them to be creative as well.  Finding ways to be involved in our arts community, small business networks, chartiable organizations and not for profits are just some of the ways we give back. Always thinking of creative ways to be involved is something we hope many companies will implement. We are excited about some upcoming projects The Sign Depot will be supporting in the upcoming months, but we are just as excited to be a fun place to come and visit!  Just ask Darin White the winner of the Sign Depot WORD JUMBLE.