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What To Wear – Wood Fashion

Posted by Lisa on 8/14/2012


Trends in wood fashion and sign design

For many years wood has been a staple in the construction, furniture and landscaping industries.  It’s multi-purpose and durable.  It displays well in a natural finish, stained or painted, and blends well in a variety of surroundings.

Wood Signs, Lawn Signs, Business Signs

Lately the design industry has taken a look at how to incorporate wood, and that has transcended (or should I say TRENDscended) to the fashion industry.  Now wood is becoming trendy in the high fashion circles.  Wood fashion  finds  are now making their way into today’s hottest looks.  Wood fashion items tend to be fun and functional.  The question is would you wear wood?


Where would you wear wood?

The thought of wood accessories is not new to jewelery industry.  Bangles, earrings and wood beaded necklaces are very popular and match nicely with the latest styles.  Finding new ways to accessorize with wood is the latest craze!

Suddenly wood is cool to carry.  Take your wooden purse, sunglasses and iPhone case with you wherever you roam to give yourself an edgy look.

Wood Purse

Wood Sunglasses

Dear Photograph, Wood iPhone Case

Wood will continue to show up in the latest style trends and the design world is watching.

What’s Next For Wood?

Fashion designers are not the only ones looking for ways to incorporate wood.  Interior designers are adding wood in ways that go well beyond furniture.  The images below are just a few of the ways wood has added style and dimension to create interest and unique qualities to design projects.

wood wall feature

Wood Display

Wood Sign

Looking for ways to stay on trend? Contact us here at Sign Depot and we can create a wonderful wooden sign project that will make a style statement.  Find your favorite finish.  Create with contour cuts.  Choose to chisel.  Stand out with stains. These are ways that wood would make you unique to those around you.

What do you think of wood as an element of style?


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  1. Posted by Lisa on 8/14/2012

    I love the look of wood inside a home. It makes it feel so cozy and outdoorsy. I dream of living in a log cabin or barn house – but I would settle for a nice tool shed too haha.

    I really like those wooden glasses and iPhone case. I’d use/wear both.

    Great post!

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