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Artistic Singer, Artistic Design and What they Have in Common With Signs

Posted by Lisa on 10/5/2012


Signs, Designs and How Bob Dylan Brought it All Together

Bob Dylan is often referred to as artist of a generation.  His unique sound and thought provoking lyrics have been heard by many but what brought Dylan to the mainstream audience was the clip of his song Subterranean Homesick Blues  in the film Don’t Look Back.  During the clip Bob Dylan uses several of rudimentary signs to grab attention to the messages in his song.

Flash forward to present day.  Film and video are still ways to express a message and Bob Dylan is still influencing others.  Take a look at how his lyrics influenced one designer to re-create the signs and messages from the original film clip, using several styles of artistic typography.

 The video is a great representation of how fonts play into relaying a message.  Finding a lettering style that matches what you want to convey is something that designers do very well.  They choose the font that best tells your story and fits your brand.  Here’s a great example of the word scary displayed in two different fonts.

font design styles

The choice of font makes a bigger impact in the lower photo because it also displays the feeling that goes along with the word. Your artistic font choice gives your text a voice.  Make sure to consider what your text says when picking a font. It can put emphasis on the message you want others to read and understand.

Finding Fonts Fascinating?

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