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Signs That The New Year Is Near – Emerald Green Pantone Colour Of The Year 2013

Posted by Lisa on 12/7/2012


Looks Like A Green Christmas

When Pantone announced the 2013 Colour Of The Year would be Emerald it was well received.  On their website, Pantone describes Emerald as a lively, radiant, lush green. It congers up visions of Emerald City from The Wizard Of Oz because of its jewel tone properties.  This vivid colour will making its way on to store shelves, product lines and clothing pieces very quickly as most will want a jump on the trend while it is still fresh.  Being that Red and Green are the main colours of Christmas, a green jewel tone will catch on very quickly this month.


2013 Colour Of The Year Emerald Green


What’s Is So Great About Green?

The great thing about green is that many shades of green compliment each other.  You often see designs with multiple shades of green.   Some are closer to blue while others are closer to yellow but even a seafoam green (closer to the blue end of the green spectrum) looks fine with a chartreuse (a yellow-green colour).

Green is a colour that means many things to many people.  For some it reminds them about eating their veggies, for others it is an environmental movement.  You have so much choice when it comes to shades of green.

Sign Colour Choices

Finding the green that would work best with your custom sign can be left up to personal choice, but we here at The Sign Depot highly recommend you consult a professional when it comes to the colours used in the sign design.  As explained in our earlier post all about artistic colour choices we know how  pantones are used and how to find complimentary pantone colours.

Pantone Colours Of The Year

 This knowledge is key when it comes to creating a great look on your custom sign.  If you see the need for sign refresh, talk to us and see how your signs could make your competition green with envy.



2 Responses to “Signs That The New Year Is Near – Emerald Green Pantone Colour Of The Year 2013”

  1. Posted by Lisa on 12/7/2012

    I love green. It’s been my favourite colour since I’ve been 6 years old. Emerald is one of my favourite shades of green, so I’m glad to see it will be the colour of choice in the upcoming year!

  2. Posted by Lisa on 12/7/2012

    And in stark contrast to Greg, I’m not a fan of most greens – especially emerald. I love the 2008 colour of tbe year. And I do like chartreuse. 🙂

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