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Collaborative Sign Design – Cambridge Pallet

Collaborative Sign Design - Cambridge Pallet - The Sign Depot

From Networking To Collaboration

Networking has always been a focus for The Sign Depot.  Through networking we build great business relationships within our community.  This is how the Cambridge Pallet reception sign came about.  Through connecting with Jorge Meneses we were able to refer business back and forth between our companies and learn more about our interests outside of our companies as well.  In fact we are now committee members for Movember KW, swap vacation stories and assist each other with community involvement fundraising events.  Because we have gotten to know each other well throughout the years, when it came to creating a sign for Cambridge Pallet, it became a collaborative effort.

Sharing Sign Design Ideas

Jorge had let us know that Cambridge Pallet was looking for an interior sign for their office area.  He envisioned steel letters in the reception area.  We suggested to take it one step further and have a replica wood pallet added to the sign design.  These sign ideas were put together to create a sign that reflects their company and their brand.  While this might not be the exact definition of collaborative design, we feel that this was a great way to work together to create a unique 3 dimensional sign.

Building A Pallet Sign

To create the pallet sign we began with MDF board, which is a great material for interior signage. It was cut and assembled to replicate a wood pallet.

Collaborative Sign Design - Cambridge Pallet - The Sign Depot

It was then finished to match the colour they use for their pallets.  After the paint finish was complete, the text portion was added to the sign project. The brushed metal letters were pin mounted to the sign to create dimension.

Collaborative Sign Design - Cambridge Pallet - The Sign Depot

Once the sign was fully assembled, our installers placed in the reception area of Cambridge Pallet.  Since its arrival both staff and clients have remarked with how much they like the new sign and that it is a great representation of the company.

Build A Sign Around Your Brand

Whether you connect with in person at networking events or online through our social channels, we want to collaborate with you to create a sign that reflects your company and brand. Visit our CONTACT US page to get the process started.



Canadian Moose Replica – Custom Signs And Props

Crafting A Custom Sign To Create A Canadian Moose Head Replica

We often talk about our custom signs being shipped all over North America but today, as we enter the Canada Day Long Weekend celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday we thought we would show you a Canadian symbol that was recently shipped to a U.S. client.

In the image above you can see in the bottom row of images that the project was created in several steps. It began with creating a structure from High Density Urethane otherwise know as HDU.  The pieces of HDU were carved to match the shape of the moose head, then they were layered to create dimension.  Once the moose head took shape it was given a custom paint finish with a texture element to replicate the look of a moose’s coat.  Then its features were finished to give it a more comical look.  Once all of the elements were completed the finished project  was shipped to our customer. It will serve as a wall hanging for the client which we are sure will become quite a conversation piece.

Creating Dimensional Signs, Props And Replicas

If you follow our blog you know that we get lots of requests that include the Canadian Moose along with other animals that are symbols of Canada.

Canadian Custom Sign - The Sign Depot Canadian Custom Sign - The Sign Depot

If you find yourself looking for a custom sign, dimensional or otherwise, please visit our CONTACT US page.  From there you can email us with the project you are looking to have created. Just send your contact info along with what you are interested in, the size you are looking for and another specifics would like included.  Our sign designers will provide you with a quote for your approval and then the process can begin.

For more examples of our work visit our website and choose our portfolio tab.  There you will see all the types of custom signs we can create.

Happy Canada 150!


Creating A 3 Dimensional Sign For Kitestring Creative Branding Studio

Creating With The Creatives

Over the years we have created several 3 dimensional signs.  Some signs have been designed here in house while others have come with the sign design in place and required us to fabricate their signage to their specifications.  In this case Kitestring Creative Branding Studio had all the pieces “almost” in place.  By pieces, I mean they wanted a layered 3 dimensional sign for their Hamilton Ontario office space.  They came to us with the design specifications in hand and it was up to the expert signmakers here at The Sign Depot to piece the project together.

Dimension By Design

The design for the interior sign included a brushed aluminum backer topped with a black panel with individual letter cutouts, and the addition of acrylic pieces finished to match the Kitesting logo.

3 Dimensional Sign - Kitestring Creative Branding Studio - The Sign Depot

3 Dimensional Sign - Kitestring Creative Branding Studio - The Sign Depot

3 Dimensional Sign - Kitestring Creative Branding Studio - The Sign Depot

 Once assembled the 3 dimensional sign was ready for it’s new home at the Kitestring office.

Stand Out From The Surroundings

The use of colour and dimension worked well and gave the sleek sign an extra level of style and sofistication that fit well in the workspace.  As you can see from the installed image below, the sign stands out from its surrounding area.

3 Dimensional Office Sign - Kitestring - The Sign Depot

 It stands out two ways.  First, the 3 dimensional sign literally stands out from the wall and second, the sign becomes a focal point for the room.

Bring Your Brand To The Forefront

Do you have a office space that could use some attention? Does your reception area need to be more receptive to clients?  Perhaps a 3 dimensional sign could be the professional edge that you need for your workspace. It may even assist in bringing the branding of your business to the forefront of your industry. Be sure to visit our CONTACT US page to get our expert signmakers working with your company!


3 Dimensional Streetcar Sign Structure Created For The Toronto 2015 PanAm Games

Toronto 2015 PanAm Games

The big news for the summer of 2015 is that the Pan Am Games were held in Toronto Ontario.  Athletes from several different countries arrived in Toronto Ontario Canada to compete in several sporting events.

Several months before the big event was held, the Pan Am torch headed across Canada and even make a stop in front of the 3 dimensional Beertown Waterloo sign we manufactured. You can see the image on our FACEBOOK PAGE.

Once the Pan Am Games torch arrived in Toronto it was time for the games to begin!

Pan Am Games Athletes’ Village

Because thousands of athletes participate in the Pan Am Games an Athletes’ Village was created to house them during their stay in Canada.  Part of the residential area included a Food Court/Dining Area for the athletes.  Within that building a 3 dimensional sign structure of a replica streetcar was designed for the food court by Cricket Design and fabricated by the expert signmakers here at The Sign Depot.

See our installers in action on our FACEBOOK PAGE.

Here is how the 3 dimensional sign structure looked after the installation was completed.


3 Dimensional Signs - Streetcar Toronto 2015 PanAm Games

You can even see a partial glimpse of it at the 59 second mark in this Kids CBC video below. The video presentation was created for the Pan Am Games Opening Ceremonies, which was broadcasted coast to coast on the CBC Televison Network.

3 Dimensional Signs

3 dimensional signs are signage projects that our signmakers specialize in.  If you want your business to stand out we suggest you visit the CONTACT US page to get a quote on a 3 dimensional sign for your company.

Be sure to let us know what you think of this 3 dimensional sign by leaving a comment below!


3 Dimensional Signs Now Shipping To Las Vegas

Sending Signs To Las Vegas For The First Time

It often seen as a pinnacle in a signmaker’s career to have one of their signs installed in Las Vegas.  After 20 years in business The Sign Depot is thrilled to announce we now have reached that goal.  Last month we created a vintage-look 3 dimensional sign for Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar Restaurant located at the Red Rock Casino Resort.

Our Work Is A Reflection Of Your Business And Of Our Craftsmanship

Peter Moir, owner here at Sign Depot always states that the signs we make are a reflection of the business we develop it for, and shows just how talented our expert signmakers are.  This often results in calls from companies saying they saw a sign they liked and asked the owner where they got it made and are contacting us to see if we could make a similar one for them.  That is the way this signage project for Hearthstone came about.  The design team from Munge Leung contacted us about a client of theirs that wanted a sign like the one we created for Gusto 101.  That phone call led to the 3 dimensional sign for Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar.

Finding The Right Fit With Custom Fabrication And Finishes

Creating this vintage looking sign had multiple steps.

1. Custom cut script was created and finished

3 Dimensional Sign - Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar - The Sign Depot

2. Cut out individual letters were also part of the business name on the sign

3 Dimensional Sign - Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar - The Sign Depot

3. The letters were affixed to a custom crafted backer

3 Dimensional Sign - Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar - The Sign Depot

4. Faux rust finish was applied

3 Dimensional Sign - Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar - The Sign Depot

5. The sign was fitted with LEDs

This is how it looks now that it has been installed in Las Vegas.

This project became quite a grand showpiece for the restaurant, which opened just recently, and we anticipate it will be successful addition to this travel destination.

For more information on how we can work with your on a custom 3 dimensional sign, sure to visit our CONTACT US page, and if you happen to find yourself in Las Vegas be sure to tweet us a pic of you with the Hearthtone Kitchen & Cellar sign!



3 Dimensional Signs Are A Smashing Pixels Success

Adding Dimension To Your Custom Business Signs

With winter just around the corner, now is a good time to look at your interior signs.  They are one of the first things that your clients see upon entering your establishment, so be sure to leave them with a memorable image of what your company represents.  The best way to stand out is to have a 3 dimensional sign custom crafted for your office interior.

Making A Branding Move

One of the best times to work on your business branding is when your company is moving locations.  This was the case for Smashing Pixels.  Smashing Pixels, a digital marketing and website design agency located in Brantford Ontario, was in the midst of moving their office when we first heard from Kevin Magee. Kevin was looking for custom dimensional sign with the Smashing Pixels logo that fit with the brand both he and Trevor Cherewka created in the Brantford business community.  Trevor is no stranger to The Sign Depot either, take a look below when he first visited our workshop for our inaugural designers’ demo day (you can see Trevor’s comments at the 40 second mark in the video below)

With both Kevin and Trevor looking to give their office a professional look, the Smashing Pixels 3 dimensional office sign took shape.

Below are a few images of Smashing Pixels sign being crafted here in our Sign Depot workshop.

The Smashing Pixels sign was a mix of sign substrates.  It began with a sandblasted cedar backer

3 dimensionals signs - Smashing Pixels - The Sign Depot

Followed by custom cut acrylic letters mounted to the cedar backer.  The combination of wood and acrylic adds dimension and interest to the sign.

3 dimensionals signs - Smashing Pixels - The Sign Depot

3 dimensionals signs - Smashing Pixels - The Sign Depot

The sign was then installed at their new location at Dunsdon St. in Brantford.

Business Signs And Branding

Just like the Smashing Pixels team can help with your online digital branding, we want to assist you in all aspects of your offline branding through our custom signs. If you require any additional info about 3 dimensional signs be sure to send us a tweet, message us on facebook or send an email through our Contact Us page.



3 Dimensional Signs and Sculptural Structures

We Had A Barrel Of Fun Creating This 3 Dimensional Sign Structure

Here at The Sign Depot we are always looking for ways to add creativity to signs.  3 dimesional signs are a great way to customize and transform a sign into a creative sign structure.  When we were approached by Souvenir City to create a custom photo booth we went all out to make sure that the sign not only served the purpose as a photo opp spot, but also to build an eye-catching scuplture.   As you can see in the pics below we had a barrel of fun with this custom sign.

From Design To 3 Dimensional Sign

This sign project began with an in-house designed metal structure with attached High Density Urethane (sign foam) pieces carved to create a Niagara Falls scene for the photo booth.

3 Dimensional Sign Structure - The Sign Depot

The sign foam was pieced together to look like a barrel headed over Niagara Falls. After assembly, the sign structure was coated with epoxy to harden it and make it durable.

3 Dimensional Sign Structure - The Sign Depot

 Next it was time to give the 3 dimensional sign structure a custom paint finish.  It started with dark base colours to give the the custom structure depth.

3 Dimensional Sign Structure - The Sign Depot

 After the base colours were dry, lighter colours were applied to add highlights and add to the dimensional look.

3 Dimensional Sign Structure - The Sign Depot

 A final coat was added to the barrel to instantly age the sculpture. The rust finish technique was exactly what the barrel needed to make it feel vintage.

3 Dimensional Sign Structure - The Sign Depot

When CTV News Channel contributor Neil Hedley and his wife Tatiana stopped by, we decided to give the photo booth a test run.  The look on their faces is priceless!

3 Dimensional Sign Structure - The Sign Depot

The next steps included fabricating the top portion of the photo booth and manufacturing a Niagara Falls sign that would be affixed to the top of the sign structure.

3 Dimensional Sign Structure - The Sign Depot

Custom Sign - The Sign Depot

The sign structure travelled to Niagara Falls where our expert sign makers installed the photo booth and added the Niagara Falls Canada sign.

3 Dimensional Sign Sculpture - The Sign Depot

If you happen to stop at Souvenir City Headquarters make sure to tweet us a pic of you in their new photo booth!

To see the project evolve in more detail take a look at the gallery below.  As you can see this sign project really “stands out”. If you are interested in having your business stand out, make sure to visit our CONTACT US page let us know about your future signage plans.  We’ll be sure to get your project quoted asap and perhaps our next post will be about YOU!