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3 Dimensional Signs and Sculptural Structures

We Had A Barrel Of Fun Creating This 3 Dimensional Sign Structure

Here at The Sign Depot we are always looking for ways to add creativity to signs.  3 dimesional signs are a great way to customize and transform a sign into a creative sign structure.  When we were approached by Souvenir City to create a custom photo booth we went all out to make sure that the sign not only served the purpose as a photo opp spot, but also to build an eye-catching scuplture.   As you can see in the pics below we had a barrel of fun with this custom sign.

From Design To 3 Dimensional Sign

This sign project began with an in-house designed metal structure with attached High Density Urethane (sign foam) pieces carved to create a Niagara Falls scene for the photo booth.

3 Dimensional Sign Structure - The Sign Depot

The sign foam was pieced together to look like a barrel headed over Niagara Falls. After assembly, the sign structure was coated with epoxy to harden it and make it durable.

3 Dimensional Sign Structure - The Sign Depot

 Next it was time to give the 3 dimensional sign structure a custom paint finish.  It started with dark base colours to give the the custom structure depth.

3 Dimensional Sign Structure - The Sign Depot

 After the base colours were dry, lighter colours were applied to add highlights and add to the dimensional look.

3 Dimensional Sign Structure - The Sign Depot

 A final coat was added to the barrel to instantly age the sculpture. The rust finish technique was exactly what the barrel needed to make it feel vintage.

3 Dimensional Sign Structure - The Sign Depot

When CTV News Channel contributor Neil Hedley and his wife Tatiana stopped by, we decided to give the photo booth a test run.  The look on their faces is priceless!

3 Dimensional Sign Structure - The Sign Depot

The next steps included fabricating the top portion of the photo booth and manufacturing a Niagara Falls sign that would be affixed to the top of the sign structure.

3 Dimensional Sign Structure - The Sign Depot

Custom Sign - The Sign Depot

The sign structure travelled to Niagara Falls where our expert sign makers installed the photo booth and added the Niagara Falls Canada sign.

3 Dimensional Sign Sculpture - The Sign Depot

If you happen to stop at Souvenir City Headquarters make sure to tweet us a pic of you in their new photo booth!

To see the project evolve in more detail take a look at the gallery below.  As you can see this sign project really “stands out”. If you are interested in having your business stand out, make sure to visit our CONTACT US page let us know about your future signage plans.  We’ll be sure to get your project quoted asap and perhaps our next post will be about YOU!



Sculptural Signs – An Update On The Mounties

Sculptural Signs Add Artistic Elements To Outdoor Displays

Remember at the end of July when we I posted about the Dimensional Mounties? These replica RCMP officers  have now been delivered to their permanent home in Niagara Falls. The Souvenir City Store in Niagara Falls Ontario displays many 3 dimensional signs that are manufactured here at The Sign Depot.  They have sign sculptures for Exterior Signs as well as Interior Signs. Just some of their exterior custom business signs include an Inukshuk, a Giant Vase and now these sculptural signs created to look like Mounties.  As for artistic signs for the interior of the store you will find an archway sculpted to look like chocolate , a fancy fudge store and many other display areas clearly advertising what they are selling through the use of  custom 3 dimensional signs made from Wood and High Density Urethane .These 3 dimensional signs create a lot of interest in all of the promotional products and souveniers that they sell at their retail store. 

 Four Ways To Create Interest At A Retail Store

  1. Keep it light! Make your store front signage friendly and potential new clients will be sure to stop by
  2. Create interest with 3 dimensional signs
  3. Ensure that customers can see all you have to offer with great looking sign displays
  4. Have some fun with your temporary retail signs

If you happen to be visiting Niagara Falls Ontario, make sure to stop by Souvenir City and take a photo with some of the larger than life sculptural signs we have made for them. Post it on facebook page listed on the right side of this post and let us know which items sparked your interest.  We always love hearing from our readership and look for opportunities for your input on the variety of signs that we make.  Need a little incentive? Here’s a coupon to get you started.

Perhaps your photo opp of choice will be our newly finished Mountie Structures!

Sculptural Signs - The Sign Depot

Sculptural Signs - The Sign Depot


Sculptural Signs – Outdoor Sign Displays From Pillaging Pirates to Respect RCMP’s

Sculptural Signs - The Sign Depot - Outdoor Sculptural Signs - The Sign Depot - Outdoor

Stand Out With Sculptural Signs

It’s a summer of sculptural signs here at The Sign Depot.  We’ve stared with 3 dimensional signs for an outdoor sign display featuring a Pirate Ship and Crew and now we are moving to more of a patriotic focal point with the freshly constructed Mounties.

These Royal Canadian Mounted Police replicas will prepped for custom paint finishes and will be heading to Souvenir City in Niagara Falls Ontario.  There they will be part of their exterior sign display meant to attract passers-by and encourage them to stop in to their retail store.

Attention Grabbing Custom Business Signs

Want to make a BOLD statement for your business?  Custom business signs are great place to start.  Our artistic signs are quite unique and by choosing sculptural signs you add an additional element of creativity to your business branding. Companies that incorporate 3 dimensional signs into their marketing plans always rave about the finished results. One of our favorite testimonials for 3 dimensional signs is from Judy Horn of The Silver Spoon Cafe in Downtown Kitchener Ontario

Just wanted to let you know we love the teapot. There isn’t a day that  goes by without someone commenting on it. It has really made a  difference to our visibility on the street. Thanks again to Amos and  Peter and everyone else who worked on the sign and tea pot. We are  really pleased with the way it turned out.

Want to get started on attention grabbing sculptural sign? Make sure to visit the The Sign Depot Contact Us page and get the 3 dimensional sign conversation started, or stop by our showroom at 51 Borden Ave S. Kitchener & let the brainstorming BEGIN!


To see the finished custom Mountie signs make sure to visit our post Sculptural Signs – An Update On The Mounties.  As you can see they really stand out and serving as great landmark signs.