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Custom Sign Letters For Velocity

Creating A New Custom Sign For Velocity

While many of you are familiar with the custom sign we created for Velocity Garage in 2012, they decided to rebrand their technology incubator to encompass all of their facilities.  Their original sign was created with individual cutout high density urethane letters (otherwise know as HDU or sign foam),

VeloCity Garage - High Density Urethane - The Sign Depot

so it HDU was the logical choice when it came to choosing material for this new batch of custom signs.

The custom sign letters were cut on our CNC router table but this time they were finished in black to give them a sleek and sophisticated look.  The letters were prepped for pin mounting and different wording was used for each location.

Custom Sign Letters - The Sign Depot

Velocity Four Ways

Even though University of Waterloo’s Velocity had a different focus for each area, it was important to show that Velocity Garage, Velocity Residence, Velocity Science and Velocity Foundry are all connected and they used signage to establish this connection. You can see the similarities in the posts below.  Each image shows the signs as focal points but lets the text speak for the space.

 Custom Signs Are Great Ways To Grab Attention

Velocity understands the importance of standing out in the startup community.  Grabbing the attention of entrepreneurial leaders is always an important factor when it comes to creating a new business.  Finding what makes you unique from others in your industry can get you well on your way to success.  We specialize in attention grabbing custom signs.  We want ensure your business stands out. Our custom signs create impact without looking intrusive or out of place. When you are opening a new establishment or rebranding an existing business always look for ways to grab attention in a pleasing manor.

Velocity managed to grab our attention by including The Sign Depot installers at the end of this video.  They have certainly made an impact!


I Saw The Sign HDU Letters Contest – High Density Urethane


Did You See The Sign?

Heading into The Sign Depot workshop today I noticed a lot of of High Density Urethane  (HDU) sign letters had been routered on the CNC table.  It looked like quite a letter jumble to me, so I figured this would make a great contest for our online community. Get your thinking caps on! What do you think it says? Give a guess of what this HDU sign letters will end up spelling. 

HDU High Density Urethane - The Sign Depot

HDU Letter Jumble 

Now we don’t have anything spectacular like a new car or a dream cruise, BUT who wouldn’t want a SIGN DEPOT SANDBLASTED WOOD BLOCK????

Try and win one by figuring out our HDU Letter Jumble with white  sign letters in the pic above.  Send your answers to with CONTEST in the subject line (hints will be posted on our facebook page and twitter).

Let us know that you saw the sign and what your HDU letter jumble answer is! You could be the proud owner of of a custom cedar block. Be the envy of all of your friends! Boast about your letter jumble skills and be the master of the HDU letter contest!

Look at how happy our cedar block makes Dave! 

HDU High Density Urethane - The Sign Depot

 The winner will be notified Friday February 25, 2011 

Note the winner must be able to pick up their SIGN DEPOT BLOCK at 51 Borden Ave S. Kitchener Ontario.

We look forward to all the answers, but only one winner will be picked for this contest. 


Darren White of Makebright is the winner of our HDU letter jumble contest. He was able to decipher the answer as  THE PURPLE ROOM. To find more info on our High Density Urethane signs be sure to stop by our sign shop or contact us here at The Sign Dept to see how dimensional HDU sign letters will help you stand out from the competition.


3 Dimensional Sign Letters – Williams Fresh Cafe Rebrand

When A Well Recognized Business Brand Decides To Refresh 

Many Williams establishments in the area are currently going through a rebrand and more fittingly a refresh.  They are changing from William’s Coffee Pub to Williams Fresh Cafe.  The reason for Williams new branding is explained  by Corey Dalton CEO of Williams Fresh Cafe  on the Williams Fresh Cafe website

“People’s palates are becoming increasingly more refined with restaurant expansions and the food education they receive via pop culture. Also, consumers have far more access to global foods through the supermarkets offerings as globalization continues,” Dalton said.

This switch to fresh fare required a change for all their company signs and required a new green influenced colour scheme to match the refreshed brand.  The Williams restaurants we worked on required a couple of sign elements.  The 3 dimensional sign letters  that hang from a bulk head over the menu boards were the noticable difference between the new branding and the orginal Coffee Pub signs. Frosted vinyl window graphics were also a part of the business sign solutions we provided. These window decals add to the warm and friendly entrance-way.

Top Five Reasons To Rebrand – According To The Sign Depot

Why would you want to rebrand? Here are the 5 reason we find most businesses rebrand
  1. You want your business to appeal to a new demographic
  2. Your company is expanding and you want want it represent your growth
  3. The type of services you provide are changing
  4. To reflect new trends in your industry IE green economy, organic lifestyle
  5. A merger or a switch to a collaberative workspace

Hot Beverage Anyone?

On a dreary day like this, sometimes all you need is a Hot Beverage to Perk You UP! If you stop by a Williams Fresh Cafe let us know what you think of their new business branding.  Did you enjoy the new look? Did the updated signs add to the refreshed atmosphere?  

3 Dimensional Letters - Williams - The Sign Depot