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Restaurant Industry And The Sign Depot – Custom Business Signs

The Sign Depot Returns To The CRFA Show

Right away we knew our Custom Signs For The Restaurant Industry would be a good fit for the Canadian Restaurant and Food Service Association (CRFA) Show.  We are always looking for ways to show our unique signs. We find that they fit well with a variety of establishments.  Getting in front of Restaurant Professionals is always top of mind for us, and what we want is for Sign Depot to be top of mind for them.

Restaurant signs that are stand out are great ways for companies to get noticed and our expert sign makers always find ways to add artistic styles that incorporate company branding.  These signs become find-ability solutions that work for businesses.

Beertown Sign - The Sign Depot

Award Winning Beertown Public House Sign

We wanted to ensure that we were able to stand out at the CRFA Show as well, so were able to secure a spot directly across from the Chef’s Cooking Stage.  Here’s a look at our surroundings.

This was a highly visible area with lots of traffic travelling by our booth.  We even had some familiar faces stop by.  We had the fine folks from Baden Coffee and Herrles Market pop by our CRFA booth.

Custom Restaurant Signs - The Sign Depot

Custom Restaurant Signs - The Sign Depot

Then we had our own Artistic Flair Bartending demonstration happen at our Sign Depot booth.

How Much Would It Cost To Create A Sign For My Business?

That was only one of the many questions we answered at our booth.  We had our slide show running through the trade show to exhibit the variety of custom 3 dimensional signs we have created. Many of these sign projects would have been too big for our display booth, but we knew it was important to cover all the types of signs we can create.  The reactions we varied from “I recognize that sign” to “How much would it cost to create a sign like that for my business?” We always have time to answer those questions.  Requesting a quote is easy to do.  Just head over to our Contact Us page and let us know the following

  1. How big should your sign be?  Including measurements streamlines the process
  2. What is your budget for the sign project?
  3. Do you have any logo, text or graphics that should be incorporated into the sign?

These three questions are great ways to get your sign quote started.  After approval, your signs will be handcrafted here in our workshop to your specifications. As your sign supplier, our goal is to exceed your expectations. Professional looking signs are expected from high end industries. We are always looking for different ways to connect with Industry Professionals.

Restaurant Industry Signs - The Sign Depot

The CRFA Show was a great way show our custom business sign solutions to Restaurant Owners, Chefs and Marketing Executives.


Business Sign Permits, Sign Regulations, And Variances – What You Need To Know

sign permit - The Sign Depot

Where To Start With Business Signs?

If you are looking to put up outdoor business signs you chances are you will need a sign permit.  A professional sign  shop will be able take care of the paper work to make sure that you are following sign regulations and can make the sign permit process go smoothly.

Why You Need A Sign Permit For Your Outdoor Sign?

That’s any easy one, so you don’t get a fine!  If the sign inspector realizes that you do not have a permit for your sign they can fine you and have it taken down at your cost.  This is why you need to have a professional sign company prepare your sign permit.  They know which drawings and documents are required for your corporate business signs.

It is also a good idea to make sure your company is in a properly zoned area.  Most sign permits will go through quite easily if they are in a retail, corporate and/or industrial zoned area.  If the sign permit does not fit the parameters of the sign permit, a sign variance may be required.

What Is A Sign Variance?

A sign variance is an approval for a sign that does not fit the set sign permit requirements.  In other words it varies from the sign permit regulations.  This process often requires approval from a sign variance committee.  This is why it is very important to have your sign documents prepared by a professional sign maker that is making the business sign for your company.

Remember you are better safe than sorry when it comes to the outdoor business signs for your location(s).  Always make sure that you abide the areas bylaws and get the required permits prepared by professional sign company that is familiar with sign permit regulations.  Also factor in that there will time required to prepare the sign permit documents and there will be a wait for approval.  Here at The Sign Depot we know the saying  dotting the “I”s and crossing the “T”s applies to more than fonts.  Being thorough and precise in all aspects of the sign making process is something we take pride in and how we became an Award Winning Sign Company.



Solutions for Business Signs and Signage Systems

Solving the Signage Dilemma

Often we have business owners walk in knowing they want a sign, but don’t what would be best to represent their business. We’re hear to help solve the problem. Being a FULL SERVICE sign shop means we can incorporate your brand message across the board.

Become a Show Off

Just because you have a logo on your business card, doesn’t mean that’s the only place it belongs.
Great places to put your logo are

  • All sides of your building that have walk & driveby traffic
  • On your front entrance
  • On all business vehicles
  • Inside of office buildings on directories and for wayfinding

Make sure you know what information you hope the passer-by will remember.  A memorable logo is a great way to start, but you should decide what take aways should go along with it.  Business name is the obvious answer, but what else?  Do you want them to see what you have to offer from your website?  Does your messaging direct them there?

Less is more

You want your sign to serve a purpose, but not be over the top.  Too much information cluttering up up the face of the sign will make it difficult to convey the message in the short time that people will see it.

Freshen Up

Make sure your signage is a representation of the type of service clients will expect from you.  If your sign is broken, chipped, weathered or burnt out, you will want to have it repaired right away.  Otherwise your disregard for upkeep could be mistaken for lack of professionalism.  A  food critic once told me that clean restaurant windows are something they take note of first.  If an food establishment has trouble keeping what customers can see clean, then imagine what the behind the scenes kitchen looks like. Show your customers that you care about the details.

Stand Out but Don’t Stick Out

Make sure you take a look at your surroundings.  Think of ways your sign can be unique enough to stand out, without looking intrusive or out of place.  Style over shock value is how you want to be remembered.  You should want your signs to please the eye, not be known as an eye sore.

When you take all these factors into consideration, you can start to see your signage take shape.  Now you just have to decide the shape of your sign!