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What Story Is Your Brand Telling? Is It A Sign Of Community Involvement?

Signs That Your Brand’s Community Is Looking For The Story

It has been almost two years since Budweiser created an impact through community involvement. By speaking to their community’s love of hockey through the 2012 Super Bowl commercial, they let their audience know they understand community spirit and comradery.  Since then many brands have began to realize that it’s their stories that resonate with their audience.  New messaging has become about emotional intelligence and brand images instead of the “buy now” ads of the past. Consumers are purchasing from brands they trust and are looking to see how companies understand their needs.

Duracell’s latest ad is great example of this. Duracell makes hearing aid batteries, but at no point is it mentioned in the ad

Duracell chose to let Derrick’s story take the forefront, ending the ad with their brand image.  To many, a logo is just a way to represent a company, but brands know that images provide a respresentation for reputation of their business. They are what make businesses easy to recognize.  Being memorable is the best way to stand out in your industry.

So What’s Your Story?

What does your company do to get involved in the community? Those are the stories that your audience is looking for.  Perhaps you sponsor an event or are involved in community awareness campaign. By making the world a better place you are letting your community know you are eager to be involved in what is important to them.  That is what makes you stand out.

Refresh Your Brand And Make An Impact

If you’re not sure how to involve storytelling into your brand messaging start with your company image.  Does it make an impact? Does it stand out from others in the industry? Is it good representation of what your company stands for? If not, it may be time to refresh your brand. Rebranding your company’s image to align with your new messaging can change the way consumers see your business.   For ideas on designing a new brand image be sure to check out our post on artistic sign design and start the new year off right.


Brands And Business Sign Solutions For Companies in Kitchener Waterloo


Do You See The Signs Of  A Good Business?

Of course you do.  Signs are meant to be noticed.   Choosing the best way to show off your branding is where we come in.  Creating business signs that make an impact is The Sign Depot’s specialty.   Being a full service sign shop with options for store front signs, reception signs, wayfinding signs, vehicle signs, and temporary promotional signs, we can cover your business branding across the board.

Where To Start With Your Business Signs

Here are some questions to ask yourself when it comes to selecting business signs for your company

  • Is my business recognizable?
  • What is unique about my location?
  • Is my business dependant on walk in traffic?
  • Would potential clients notice my business when driving by?
  • How does my brand stand out from my competitors? 

These are just a few things to consider when choosing signs that will represent your business.  There are some great examples of Kitchener Waterloo businesses that used signs to stand out in the video below

As you can see there is a lot of choice when it comes to selecting your company’s business signs.  To see more examples please visit the PORTFOLIO on our website.  There you can see how others are using signs to rise to the top of their business sector.  The sign experts at The Sign Depot can help choose the right style, size, materials, colours, text and graphics that will increase the find-ability of your business and help you grow your client base with better brand recognition

What We Do

When it comes to Outdoor Store Front signs we take into account where your business is located, how it will look amongst the surroundings, and how far the visibily reach can be. 

Reception signs are designed to focus on your logo, be a greeting for clients and show off what your company does best. 

Wayfinding signs become a guide for your business.  We cover eveything from Parking Lots to Building Entrances and Exits

Vehicle signs are mobile promotion for your business we make sure cars/trucks/vans look great driving by and parked.

Temporary Promotional signs can cover everything from SALE window graphics to A-Frame side walk signs with today’s specials

These are just some of the business sign solutions we offer.  We want to ensure you business looks great in all aspects of you branding.  As we say here at The Sign Depot

A Good Sign is a Sign of GOOD BUSINESS



Signs, Sticks and Superbowl. Why Brands Need To Build Community Spirit


Setting The Stage With Your Signage

By now you have saw the majority of ads that will be played during Superbowl XLVI, but this one is the real Standout.

Notice The Signs

At no point in this commercial are there any beer bottles being opened or draught beer being poured.  The only representation of the brand during this commercial is through the signage.  It starts with the little signs on the announcers’ microphones, but then the 1:11 mark of the vid is when the impact of the banners hit.  After that the brand image is shown on the arena boards. The brand message shows up at the end, displayed on the screen.  

Creating Impact Through Community Involvment

Finding a way to impact a community is a great way to bring your brand to the masses .  They become your audience and you just might convert some of those community members into clients for your business.  Whether the community you hope to reach is online, watching on a television or in a hockey arena you need find creative ways to grab their attention and get them to recognize your brand and what it can do for them.  Choosing new marketing ideas like social media, can be challenging, but creating a community of ambassadors for your brand keeps your business top of mind for many.  Many don’t realize marketing is different than sales.  Marketing is about bringing your business to market.  Where do you fit in with your competition? The best marketers know that a community makes your brand.  It’s how they feel about your business.  That is what can give you the edge over your competitors and in turn can bring you more clients.  Find a community to market to and do it in a way that makes them feel appreciated.   Choose your method of communication.  This brand chose signage.  We commend them for that.

Not once through the commercial is the brand name spoken of.  They let the signs speak for themselves.