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Canadian Moose Replica – Custom Signs And Props

Crafting A Custom Sign To Create A Canadian Moose Head Replica

We often talk about our custom signs being shipped all over North America but today, as we enter the Canada Day Long Weekend celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday we thought we would show you a Canadian symbol that was recently shipped to a U.S. client.

In the image above you can see in the bottom row of images that the project was created in several steps. It began with creating a structure from High Density Urethane otherwise know as HDU.  The pieces of HDU were carved to match the shape of the moose head, then they were layered to create dimension.  Once the moose head took shape it was given a custom paint finish with a texture element to replicate the look of a moose’s coat.  Then its features were finished to give it a more comical look.  Once all of the elements were completed the finished project  was shipped to our customer. It will serve as a wall hanging for the client which we are sure will become quite a conversation piece.

Creating Dimensional Signs, Props And Replicas

If you follow our blog you know that we get lots of requests that include the Canadian Moose along with other animals that are symbols of Canada.

Canadian Custom Sign - The Sign Depot Canadian Custom Sign - The Sign Depot

If you find yourself looking for a custom sign, dimensional or otherwise, please visit our CONTACT US page.  From there you can email us with the project you are looking to have created. Just send your contact info along with what you are interested in, the size you are looking for and another specifics would like included.  Our sign designers will provide you with a quote for your approval and then the process can begin.

For more examples of our work visit our website and choose our portfolio tab.  There you will see all the types of custom signs we can create.

Happy Canada 150!


3 Dimensional Signs, Interactive Displays, Plinko Boards And More

Creating Engagement With 3 Dimensional Signs

Finding ways for companies to interact and stay engaged with their clients is very important.  Being memorable is one of our 3 Keys To A Successful Trade Show.  It keeps your business top of mind with your current and potential customers and helps to increase brand awareness about your company.  Using 3 dimensional signs to create engagement with the public may not something you have thought of, but you can see by the examples below, interactive displays can get your info shared to a larger audience.

Providing Plinko Games To Gain An Audience

While many of our clients already come to us for unique signs for their trade shows and customer appreciation events, some really want to ensure that the audience takes the time to visit their display.  This is when a PLINKO game can make an impact.  While Heffner Toyota uses their custom Plinko game for customer promotions, The Great Canadian Meat Company is taking theirs to upcoming trade shows and the Portland Trail Blazers use theirs to interact with fans.  Each of these circumstances create memorable experiences between the brand and their audience.

Plinko Game - The Great Canadian Meat Company - The Sign Depot

Interactive Sign Displays

When it comes to creating buzz about your brand, social media is one of the best ways to spread your message. Most people think of interactive displays as immersive virtual reality or augmented reality experiences, but any display that people interact with counts as well.  Souvenir City came to Sign Depot to create a 3 dimensional sign structure to use as a photo booth prop for their Niagara Falls location.  As you can see by tweet below, their visitors are putting it to good use by snapping photos and posting it on social media channels.

Engage Your Audience With 3 Dimensional Signs

Whether you are looking for leads at a trade show or search for new fans online, using your business signs to display your brand is a great way to gain exposure.  The sign-making experts here at The Sign Depot are here to assist you with your branded signage.  Just visit the CONTACT US page to request a free quote.



3 Dimensional Casino Signs – Grand Buffet

Our Niagara Falls Signs Now Include Fallsview Casino

Over the years we have created several sign structures for Niagara Falls Ontario Canada attractions.  The 3 dimensional signs that we create become landmarks for their tourist destinations.  There is now an addition to the Niagara Falls signage list with the interior sign created for Fallsview Casino.

On A Grand Scale

The interior sign for Fallsview Casino’s Grand Buffet was manufactured in several stages here in our workshop then assembled for testing.  The project was all about layering through a multi-level sign design process.

The Grand Buffet Sign – Step By Step

The workshop here at The Sign Depot began to look more like a tropical floral display during the fabrication of the Grand Buffet sign.  It began with Ritch, our CNC router table expert, cutting the shapes from acrylic and HDU to start the sign formation.

3 Dimensional Signs - Grand Buffet - Casino Sign - The Sign Depot

3 Dimensional Signs - Grand Buffet - Casino Sign - The Sign Depot

After all the 3 dimensional shapes had been cut, they were taken to the paint room for finishing.

3 Dimensional Signs - Grand Buffet - Casino Sign - The Sign Depot

3 Dimensional Signs - Grand Buffet - Casino Sign - The Sign Depot

Then the layering and assembly began.

3 Dimensional Signs - Grand Buffet - Casino Sign - The Sign Depot

Ben our vinyl master added detail to the floral pieces for the sign.

3 Dimensional Signs - Grand Buffet - Casino Sign - The Sign Depot

Then channel letters were affixed to the alupanel backer in order to begin lighting the sign.

3 Dimensional Signs - Grand Buffet - Casino Sign - The Sign Depot

The sign was lit with LEDs which are very effiecient to run.

3 Dimensional Signs - Grand Buffet - Casino Sign - The Sign Depot

Additional colour changing face lit and halo lit LEDs were added to the custom floral pieces.

3 Dimensional Signs - Grand Buffet - Casino Sign - The Sign Depot

Then both types of LEDs were tested together to ensure they would work in unison.

3 Dimensional Signs - Grand Buffet - Casino Sign - The Sign Depot

Then the full sign was assembled and lit, then taken apart and taken to Fallsview Casino and installed in the interior space.

3 Dimensional Signs - Grand Buffet - Casino Sign - The Sign Depot

Below is a video demostration of the colour changing LEDs in the flower display areas of the sign (with background shop sounds included for your enjoyment).

The next time you find yourself in Niagara Falls Ontario Canada, be sure let us know if you visited Fallsview Casino and what you thought of the 3 dimensional Grand Buffet sign!


Custom Wood Sign Trends – Why Barn Board Is Hot In Artistic Sign Design

How Do Trends Start?

Award Winning Custom Business Sign - The Sign Depot

By definition a TREND is a general direction in which something is developing or changing.  If that is the case then we are trendsetters here at The Sign Depot.  We strive to always be unique and innovative when it comes to creating our custom signs.  We approach each project individually and look for ways to help our clients get noticed.  We have been recognized for the uniqueness of our custom barn board signs by winning Runner Up for Best Business Sign for the Spirithouse sign we created, but the real trend began when barn board started popping up in Kitchener Waterloo. When clients come in with sign concept in mind we work hard to create the vision they have in mind.  This was the case with the Death Valley’s Little Brother sign.

Custom Wood - Reclaimed Barn Board - The Sign Depot

Bringing Back Barn Board

When Death Valley’s Little Brother needed a rustic looking wood sign that would catch the eye of passers-by we knew this would be an out of the ordinary custom business sign.

Barn board was used as a backer for the rusted finish individual cut out letters.  In order to give a lot of contrast between the wood and the letters the reclaimed barn board with given an distressed finish and the letters were pin mounted to add dimension to the sign.

And They Tell Two Friends

Once the Death Valley’s Little Brother sign was installed in Waterloo, we started receiving inquiries about rustic look wood signs.  The Truth Beauty Compay. contacted us regarding their upcoming move and wanted to have a vintage-look wood sign created for their new location.  You can read more about their sign creation over on our post Custom Vintage Look Wood Signs.

Custom Wood Sign - The Sign Depot

Another inquiry came from Cheeses Murphy.  Cheeses Murphy is a late night grilled cheese eatery that was about to open a second location in Downtown Kitchener.  They had noticed the custom wood signs that their Uptown Waterloo neighbours had and came to us to create a barn board sign for their new establishment.  Take a look at our Reclaimed Barn Board post to learn about the process to make their sign.

Custom Barn Board Sign - Cheese Murphy - The Sign Depot

Photo Courtesy of Cheeses Murphy

We’re Trending

Because of the many retro-look signs we have created over the past few years we are getting a lot of calls about signs made from reclaimed materials and even for new signs that have a distressed look.

It is a design trend that we love.  Using a variety of materials and fabrication methods is something we specialize in. Finding ways to create dimension through artistic signage is what makes us unique in the sign industry. What makes you a trendsetter in the marketplace? Leave a comment with your answer! We want to know what makes you stand out!


CNC Router Table Cutting For Dimension

Designing Dimesion

Have you ever looked at the logo on your business card and wondered what it would look like if it wasn’t flat?

By using a CNC router process we can give your logo/lettering the dimension it deserves.  Take a peek at our CNC router table in action

This  demo is just the base of the object.  After the HDU (High Density Urethane) otherwise know as outdoor use foam, has been cut and stacked it will then it will primed and painted to give it that extra punch to make it stand out!  Using a router table to CNC cut the HDU creates a custom carved sign that makes a impact. Dimensional signs that are created by CNC routering spark curiosity and often an grab the attention of prospective customers.  These 3D signs are a great way to get your business noticed and they often serve as a memorable landmark that literally stands out from your competitors.  You want your business to be easily recognized and CNC routered signs give you the opportunity create logo into a unique advertising opportunity.  The next time you are in a busy downtown area, take note of what grabbing your attention.  Is it because it is different from everything else around it? Is it dimensional? Would you like something like that for your business?  If the answer is yes to any or all of these questions, then perhaps you are ready to make the leap to a custom carved sign. If you foresee a CNC sign in your future, make sure to contact The Sign Depot and we can walk you through our dimensional sign making process and find what fits for your business.  You will be sure to carve out a niche with a High Density Urethane carved sign from our CNC router table.


3 Dimensional Sign Manufacturing In Kitchener Waterloo – WaterlooMIN Takes It All In

Where Will We Be Found Next?

 Building a buzz around Waterloo Region is something that we enjoy creating, but we’re not the only ones. WaterlooMIN re-branded and is creating a lot of sparks in the local manufacturing industry.  We were excited to be included in their re-launch event and took the opportunity to make several connections with those involved in the WaterlooMIN site.


Julia Rosien of WaterlooMIN came by The Sign Depot to get a behind the scenes glimpse of the sign manufacturing industry. She took the time to create a post and video about her experience. She mentioned that our OPEN DOOR policy is very rare in the manufacturing community and appreciated by their organization.  It is great to know that Waterloo Region supports what we are doing and helping other local manufactures to excel in their industry through the use of the WaterlooMIN site.

  Julia’s full post can be found on the WaterlooMIN site, as well as this video describing what we do and showing some behind the scenes of the 3 dimensional sign for The Silver Spoon located in downtown Kitchener Ontario.

Our online pressence through the use of Social Networks was discussed at length.  That discussion evolved into how blogging and how our twitter and facebook pages are used to amplify the posts.  Julia gave us a lot of great feedback on these topics and reinforced the idea that the blog is a great tool to create a community following. 


This month we’re proud to announce that The Sign Depot has been added to WaterlooMIN ‘s EXPERT BLOGGER list under the heading of Marketing Matters. There, we will be exploring blogging in the manufacturing industry and steps you can take to reach a bigger audience.  We’ll be explaining the difference between static websites and blogs.  We want to show manufactures how to build a following and create a community, and tips to get your message out through the use of Social Networks. We think connecting with our online audience is a Sign Of Things To Come!

What tools do you use to create a online pressence?