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Five Types Of Custom Business Signs That Draw Attention To Your Company

Bring Your Business The Attention It Deserves With Custom Signs

With so many things attempting to grab the attention of the population, shouldn’t your business be one of those items? We have compiled a list of five types of custom business signs that draw attention to your company.

1. Grab Attention With A High End Exterior Business Sign

Your building’s exterior is often the first impression of your business.  Make it a memorable one with a high end exterior sign that conveys what your establishment is all about.

Choices for Custom Exterior Signs include

  • Monument Signs
  • Dimensional Entrance Signs That Serve As Landmarks
  • Projection Signs

2. Provide Wayfinding To Ensure Your Potential Clients Find You With Ease

Many people find your business through Google but you still have to be sure they can find your address without frustration.

Electrical signs

Some examples of Wayfinding Signs include

  • Entrance Markers
  • Parking Lot Signs
  • Accessibility Signage (also known as ADA signs)

3. Portable A Frame Signs To Advertise Specials

Portable A Frame signs work to grab the attention of both vehicle and foot traffic in your area.  They are often used to advertise time sensitive specials or to create brand buzz.

A-Frame Sign With A Wipe Off Board - The Sign Depot

A Frame signage options

  • Metal A Frames That Hold Coroplast Inserts For Temporary Advertising
  • Chalkboard A Frames For Message Boards That Are Changed Frequently
  • Wood A Frames With Business Logos And Company Information For Info Hubs

4. Custom Reception Signs For Brand Recognition

When a potential client makes the decision to enter your business be sure to capture their attention with a custom reception sign that reflects your business.

Desire to Learn - Reception Sign - The Sign Depot

Reasons for Reception Signs include

  • Having A Professional Looking Entrance
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Give Clients Another Wayfinding Landmark Within The Building

5. Promotional Signage To Promote Your Company

Promotional signs are used to drawn in new customers.  They often include some element of fun to attract new business.

PLINKO - Custom Promotional Products - The Sign Depot

Ways To Use Promotional Signs

    • Trade Shows To Guide People To Your Booth
    • In House Promotions To Reward Clients
    • Promotional Vehicle Graphics To Serve As A Moving Advertisement For Your Business

These five reasons are just some of the ways custom business signs work for you.  To learn more be sure to visit our blog often and find a sign system that will work with your company.  When you have something in mind, be sure to CONTACT US for your free quote.


Conference and Community Seminar Signs – How To Play A Starring Role From Behind The Scenes

The 140 Characters Conference Arrives in Canada

I might not be the biggest, but sometimes it pays to be small but mighty!

This was the case for me last week.  You see I never have attended a 140conf before & like most I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Infact I wasn’t even sure what I should wear!!!

I decided to cover myself in Magenta to match the conference’s branding.

At first I felt all alone but soon I had so many people find me in hopes that I could help them find what they were looking for.

I had some very prominent speakers and the rock stars of social media look to me for guidance.

Soon I had my own Paparattzi courtesy of Transitions Photograpy & Sean Yo.

They caught all my best angles & I was even brave enough for a close up.


Even my cousin enjoyed himself.  He’s the one in the top right corner.  He always wanted to be on the Big Screen!

The Sign Depot - Sponsorship

It just goes to show you that although you don’t play a starring role, you can still be use and an intricate part of something much bigger.  Choosing how to display your a custom sign is just as important as where you display it.

Logos and A-Frame signs make a big impact at conferences and seminars.  They are versatile are create a lot of visibility for your business.  They also can help with findabilty and wayfinding issues at the event.  Creating a clear message is also key when it comes to community conference signs.  Less is more, but remember to be bold and beautiful at the same time.  You want to stand out from everything else around your business logo, but never be an eyesore.

To learn more about the 140 Characters Conference happening in our community make sure to follow the #140confONThashtag on twitter or join their facebook page


Five Ways Custom Vinyl Signs And Graphics Can Help Grow Your Business

Man of Mystery

Over the last few posts you have been introduced to Dave, Peter & myself , but have you met our Vinyl Master?  He takes care of tons of departments here.  Vinyl Vehicle graphics, Banners and A-Frame  signs are his specialty but the list doesn’t end there.  He creates window graphics, simulates etchmarked glass, prepares trade show signs and so much more. 

Five Ways Vinyl Signs Can Help Grow Your Business

  1. Vehicle graphics work well as mobile advertising for your fleet and as promotional vehicles
  2. Banners work well as temporary signage especially for “Opening Soon” messages
  3. A-Frames capture walk by traffic and can be customized to add chalkboard, white boards and quick sale messages
  4. Vinyl window graphics are great way to stand out and be noticed in busy urban areas where there is a lot of vehicle as well as pedestrian traffic.
  5. Trade show signs can be a combination of the sign types listed above but there are a lot of other options as well.  The key is to stand out from everything else around you, but still look tasteful.

Time Is On Your Side

Any of the above signs can easily be created within a week’s time, so if you have a slower period in sales and want to run a quick promotion vinyl signs are a great way to go.  We have lots of colour choices when it comes to vinyl graphics and decal which makes it easy to match the pantones in your logo.  If you have any additional questions about how custom vinyl signs can help your business make sure to contact Ben and he can go over what would work best for your company’s signage needs.

Vinyl Graphic Signs - The Sign Depot 

The hardest part is getting him to pose for a picture. 

So have you met this Mystery Man?  What did he make for you?


How Artistic A-Frame Signs Build Brand Buzz For Businesses

Eye-catching Signs

Here at The Sign Depot we often talk about a uniform look across the board.  We think consistent branding makes your company recognizable and your business memorable. Custom business signs that stand out get your company noticed and help you reach potential new customers. A great mix for a store front is a custom business sign, bold window graphics and an A-Frame sign advertising what your specialty service is. 



What You Need To Know About A-Frame Signs

A-frames, sometimes known as sandwich board signs,  date back to the 19th century as a form of advertising and have stood the test of time.  Their unique ability to attract customers into shops is well work the investment. A-Frame signs are available in many different styles.  They range from a metal frame with coroplast inserts to artistic A-Frames made from wood.  The come in several sizes.  Smaller sized A-Frame signs are often used by Real Estate Agents to advertise an Open House, mid-sized A-Frames work well outside storefronts and large A-Frame signs are great at capturing the attention in heavy traffice areas. Here are a few things to consider when thinking about A-Frame signs.

Five Things To Consider When Ordering A-Frame Signs

  1. Where will the A-Frame sign be placed?
  2. What will it be advertising?
  3. How big does the A-Frame sign need to be?
  4. What branding elements will be displayed?
  5. Does it require coroplast inserts, a chalkboard surface or a whiteboard?

 Custom A-Frame - The Sign Depot

Adding artistic elements to your A-Frame makes your sign noticeable.  This is great way to reach potential clients that are in your area. A-Frame signs create buzz about upcoming events, in-store specials, menu items and so much more.  Make sure to speak to one of our professional signs makers here at The Sign Depot and they can help you find what works best for your business. Designing custom business signs and knowing what works best in which area is just the beginning of their expertise.




Artistic Sign Solutions For Business – Gloss Captures Attention With Custom Business Signs

Exterior Signs - The Sign Depot

This street view photo by James Howe shows exactly what you would see as you pass by.

Eye catching don’t you think?

Adding Artistic Sign Elements To Storefront Signs

Finding ways to capture the attention of passers-by in this fast-paced world we live in is a difficult task for many store owners.  Adding artistic sign elements can help create a brand buzz when a new business moves in the area.  Gloss chose this route when they opened their Kitchener Ontario location and The Sign Depot was happy to provide the sign solutions to make that happen.

As you can see from the photo above, Gloss made the most of their Downtown location by using the Exterior signage as a focal point for drive by traffic and window graphics to catch the attention of those walking by as well.

Grab Their Attention

Want to be memorable? You need to get noticed.  Our  artistic sign solutions for businesses help to grab attention and make your company memorable. Below are three different ways Gloss used custom business signs to get noticed.

  1. Choosing an flat backer sign with dimensional letters helped Gloss stand out from the surrounding businesses.
  2. By incorporating the logo into the vinyl windows graphics it gives memorable look without taking away from the current window displays.
  3. A custom A-Frame sign was constructed to include a wipe off board so store specials and events can be updated on a regular basis

A-Frame Sign - The Sign Depot

Signs Of Consistency

All these custom business signs incorporated the company logo and the clean look stayed true to the Gloss business brand. Consistency is the key for being recognizable.  Is your business anticipating a move in the near future, or could your entrance-way use a refresh? Make sure to speak with one of our professional sign designers to see how our artistic sign solutions can increase your traffic and help you to grab some new customers.