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Monument, Church, Donor and Architectural Signage – Custom Signs

Posted by Lisa on 2/15/2019


Custom Signs for All

Many sign companies have standard sign templates that do not fit all industries or organizations.  That is when a custom sign company can make all the difference.  A custom sign company can create signage to suit the needs of the client.  This ensures that buyer gets the perfect look to match their vision.

Church Signs

Churches are unique in that they require several different signs.  Often they have a monument sign out front to serve as a landmark.  Additionally they will have a building sign with the name of the church and some churches have donor recognition signs as well.  Below you can see the signs we created for The Church of St. John the Evangelist to add to their memorial garden display on an exterior wall of the building.  They wanted new signs to be made from a material that could handle the elements, but still match the existing signs that were already on the building.

Church Signs - Custom - The Sign Depot

Photo Credit – Kerry Long

As you can see the new High Density Urethane signs (HDU) fit seamlessly into the outdoor display.

Monument Signs

While monument signs are often found outside of churches, they are a popular choice for other establishments as well.  Monument signs are ground signs that are separate from the building. They have a solid base structure often made from concrete or brick.  You can see examples in the images below.

Monument Sign - The Sign Depot Custom Monument Sign - The Sign Depot

Custom monument signs are often used as a roadside landmark to inform visitors that they have arrived at the entrance-way.

Architectural Signs

While the signs mentioned above can be looped into the category of architectural signage, they are several types of architectural signs.  Our definition of an architectural sign is a custom sign that displays info, branding, identification and/or wayfinding.  Our custom architectural signs are created to stand out from the surroundings but not become an eye sore.  They are easily identifiable and display important information to visitors and potential customers.

Architectural Signs - Digital - The Sign Depot Architectural Signs - The Sign Depot

As you can see there an both digital display options and traditional options available.

Choosing the right signs for your business or organization is always important.  To learn more about out the types of signs we can create for you, visit our CONTACT US page to connect with our sign experts.



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