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Crafting Custom Cedar Wood Signs For Christmas

2017 Colour Of The Year - Pantone Color Of The Year - Greenery - The Sign Depot

Cottage Signs For Christmas

When the weather starts to get chilly and everyone heads indoors to Hygge, we start preparing our cedar signs for the Christmas season.  Every year we receive requests for Cottage Signs for Christmas Gifts.  They make a unique gift and each cedar cottage sign can be personalized to an individual’s taste.  This means they become a timeless gift that can be displayed with pride all year long.

Wood Signs That Weather Well

While there are several types of wood signs, we prefer to use Canadian Western Red Cedar for our cottage signs because of the longevity of the wood.  Cedar holds up against the elements and with our 4 seasons ranging from heat and humidity in the summer to the freezing temperatures and moisture in the winter it is the best choice for custom signage.


We Make What Works For You

Our custom sign designers keep your budget in mind when it comes to creating a cottage sign that meets your specifications.  You are able to select the size, shape, text and image for your sign.  You can also decide if the sign is to be a single sided or a double sided sandblasted wood sign.  You even has the option of having a custom post created to match your sign. With all of this choice, you are sure to find a mix that works for you.

What You Need To Provide When Ordering A Sign For Christmas


Because you want to ensure you receive your quote in a timely fashion, follow these steps

  1. Know your budget
  2. Decide on a size
  3. Figure out the shape you want the sign to be
  4. Provide the text to be on the sign
  5. Think of an image that would suit the sign

Once you have prepared these five items, send an email to to receive your quote.  Please note that taxes, shipping and/or installation are extra.  Be aware the earlier you get your order in the better, as there will be time required to prepare and custom finish your sign.



Signs Of Change In St. Jacobs Ontario

St. Jacobs

St. Jacobs Ontario is a well known tourist attraction in Southern Ontario Canada.  Best known for its two shopping areas, The St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market and the St. Jacobs Village Shops.  Each area is a vibrant destination situated in a rural setting.  To reflect both the heritage of the locale and the modern day shopping experiences available, The Sign Depot has made several signs for this area over the years.  Many are featured in the video below.

Signs Of Change

After the fire at the St Jacobs Farmers’ Market years ago, a new building was erected and it showed that the market was able to withstand the obstacles that it had to overcome. The signage for the market was bright and cheerful just like the market vendors you can find there.

The Village of St. Jacobs is making changes as well.  Recently we produced WELCOME signs for the area.  These dimensional signs give travelers a warm welcome as they enter the village and serve as a landmark for this destination.

As years go by the retailers in St. Jacobs Village Shops change as well.  Last month Nights of Napery moved into the shopping area and our expert sign-makers created a custom cedar sandblasted sign for the exterior of their shop. This eye catching sign serves as a wayfinding item but also give the sentiment of relaxation with the night scene that was carved into the sign.

Sandblasted Cedar Signs - Nights Of Napery - The Sign Depot

Styles of Signs

When it to comes to styles of signs, we have quite a variety.  We want to assist you in creating signs that reflect your business.  For more information about getting a custom sign crafted for your company, be sure to visit our CONTACT US page.  Then send us an email with your ideas and sizes. We are happy to provide you with a free signage quote.


Celebrating #Canada150 With The Signs Of Canada

Purveyor Of Canadian Signs

Being a Canadian Sign Company, we take pride in the all things Canadian, signage and otherwise.  That is why we want to mark #Canada150 with our Canadian signs.  Many of our custom wood signs are made from Canadian Western Red Cedar which means they are able to withstand the outdoor elements and their longevity makes them a great investment.

Cottage Signs - The Sign Depot

Not all of our signs are created with cedar.  We also have award winning signs crafted from Barn Board, Metal, Aluminum, Acrylic and HDU (High Density Urethane).

Award Winning Business Sign - The Sign Depot

Below are examples of the varieties of signs we make and their Canadian Connection.

Signs Of Canada

Our most popular cottage sign design is the Canadian Maple

Custom Cottage Sign Airbrush Painting - The Sign Depot

Speaking of maple, nothing is more Canadian, food wise, than Maple Syrup

Canadian Custom Sign - The Sign Depot

Beverage wise, we have been known to make a variety of Beer signs

and lots of other traditional Canadian symbols as well including wildlife symbols such as


Canadian Custom Sign - The Sign Depot


Canadian Custom Signs - The Sign Depot


Canadian Custom Sign - The Sign Depot


Canadian Custom Sign - The Sign Depot

and Polar Bears

Canadian Custom Sign - The Sign Depot

Other symbols include


Niagara Falls

3 Dimensional Sign Sculpture - The Sign Depot

RCMP Mounties

Canadian Custom Signs - The Sign Depot

Heritage Sites

and of course Hockey

Canadian Custom Sign - The Sign Depot

When it comes to business there is the traditional ones Tim Hortons

Canadian Custom Sign - The Sign Depot


Canadian Custom Sign - The Sign Depot

and the new start up businesses that are putting Canada on the tech map.

These are just some of the Canadian signs we have created.  Being a custom sign shop we can provide you with the sign that best suits your style.  Whether it’s signage for your company or a single custom sign for your cottage we can craft a sign that meets your needs.  To get your sign quoted visit our CONTACT US page.  Email us with the style, size, text and graphics you require and one of sign experts will send you a free quote.

We hope you enjoy #Canada150! Have a happy Canada Day!


Did You Notice The Signs Of Spring?

Spring Has Sprung At The Sign Depot

Have you noticed the signs of spring? While many look for robins and tulip blooms we have a whole different set of spring occurrences here at The Sign Depot.  It begins with a plethora of phone calls and emails related to these topics

After the spring basics listed above are in place our next steps usually involve preparing for the summer season.  What that means is we assist many golf courses and seasonal venues with their preparations for their busy season.

Golf Signs - The Sign Depot

The last sign of spring we see is when we begin receiving requests for quotes on custom cedar cottage signs.  Whether your cottage is a summer vacation home in Muskoka, or a cabin on the Grand River we can customize our wood signs to match your style and taste.

Custom Wood Cottage Sign - The Sign Depot

Cottage Signs And Address Markers - The Sign Depot

We are very happy to say we are ready for spring here at The Sign Depot no matter what Mother Nature sends our way over the next few weeks.  Are you ready for spring? Take a look at your signs.  Could they use a spring refresh? If so, be sure to visit our CONTACT US page to see how we can help.