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Essential Steps For Branding And Rebranding With Signs – Kindred Credit Union

Branding And Rebranding With Signs - Kindred Credit Union - The Sign Depot

Begin Branding Your Business With Signs

When it comes to creating a business brand the best place to start is within your local community and once your brand is recognizable expand it from there. Make sure you find a way to make your mark and stay top of mind with potential customers with your business signs.  They are often the first impression for your business so it is important to connect with a full service sign shop that can cover all of your signage needs.

When To Rebrand

When your business decides to rebrand it could be for various reasons.  One being to refocus a company. In the case of Kindred Credit Union they decided to focus on growth when they changed their branding from Mennonite Savings and Credit Union to Kindred Credit Union. It is important when rebranding that you take the necessary steps to ensure your new branding is known to all.  According to the article 7 Steps to a Successful Rebrand

“once you have established who and what you want to be, do not change it except for tweaks and slight adjustments. It takes 10 to 12 ‘touches’ for a customer to even notice you. Keep going long after you think everyone must have seen the new brand. Trust me—they haven’t”

This is where rebranding with signs plays an important role.

4 Steps For Rebranding With Signs

Just as Kindred Credit Union did we suggest you follow these steps when rebranding a business.

Begin with banners.  Do not keep referring to your old messaging once you have decided to rebrand.  Let your current clients know that changes are coming by removing existing signs and logos and replacing them with temporary banners during the switch over.

 Make sure your new branding stands out.  In the case of Kindred Credit Union this is a literal statement.  With their choice of vibrant colours and 3 dimensional signs, their new branding made a bright and bold impact in relation to their surroundings. Branding And Rebranding With Signs - Kindred Credit Union - The Sign Depot

 Branding And Rebranding With Signs - Kindred Credit Union - The Sign Depot

Bring The Outdoors In.  Kindred Credit Union ensured that their rebrand was consistent from the time you walked up to their location, and continued it throughout your experience inside their building. Their exterior signs were created to be highly visible from a distance and once entering their establishment, the installation of focal point reception signs made to match the exterior signage, continued the visual flow for the clients arriving for their banking needs.

Get The Word Out. Once they finished rebranding an establishment they invited the community to come and see the locations new look.  This assists in educating the public on all they have to offer.

Is your business looking to become a well known brand or ready for a rebranding refresh? The expert sign-makers at The Sign Depot are here to help.  Just visit the CONTACT US page to get the process started.


Creating A 3 Dimensional Sign For Kitestring Creative Branding Studio

Creating With The Creatives

Over the years we have created several 3 dimensional signs.  Some signs have been designed here in house while others have come with the sign design in place and required us to fabricate their signage to their specifications.  In this case Kitestring Creative Branding Studio had all the pieces “almost” in place.  By pieces, I mean they wanted a layered 3 dimensional sign for their Hamilton Ontario office space.  They came to us with the design specifications in hand and it was up to the expert signmakers here at The Sign Depot to piece the project together.

Dimension By Design

The design for the interior sign included a brushed aluminum backer topped with a black panel with individual letter cutouts, and the addition of acrylic pieces finished to match the Kitesting logo.

3 Dimensional Sign - Kitestring Creative Branding Studio - The Sign Depot

3 Dimensional Sign - Kitestring Creative Branding Studio - The Sign Depot

3 Dimensional Sign - Kitestring Creative Branding Studio - The Sign Depot

 Once assembled the 3 dimensional sign was ready for it’s new home at the Kitestring office.

Stand Out From The Surroundings

The use of colour and dimension worked well and gave the sleek sign an extra level of style and sofistication that fit well in the workspace.  As you can see from the installed image below, the sign stands out from its surrounding area.

3 Dimensional Office Sign - Kitestring - The Sign Depot

 It stands out two ways.  First, the 3 dimensional sign literally stands out from the wall and second, the sign becomes a focal point for the room.

Bring Your Brand To The Forefront

Do you have a office space that could use some attention? Does your reception area need to be more receptive to clients?  Perhaps a 3 dimensional sign could be the professional edge that you need for your workspace. It may even assist in bringing the branding of your business to the forefront of your industry. Be sure to visit our CONTACT US page to get our expert signmakers working with your company!


Business Branding With Signs – Why 2014 Will Be All About Brand Trust

Focus On Branding

In earlier posts we have discussed business branding and why focusing on branding better is so important to your business. Finding ways to make a visual impact with a custom sign to match your branding, adds to your company brand recognition, as well as brand trust.

You’ve Built Your Brand – Now What?

Remember your branding needs to be a representation of what your company stands for and how your clients feel about your business.  Use the quick checklist below to see which terminolgy best represents your brand.

high end business sign solutions - The Sign Depot

 You can read more about this on our blog post about showing your best attributes.

Now that you have a grasp of how to best represent your brand, you need to ensure your company reflects that image.  You want your business to stand out among your competition by ensuring you are the best of the best. When you always strive to be at the top of your industry, you are building trust with your clients.  Brand trust helps increase the word of mouth advertising about your company.  Here are four focus points that can get others talking about your brand.

  1. Quality – Everyone wants a well made product
  2. Service – Taking the extra step to exceed expectations
  3. Sourcing – They may come to you for additional projects that were not part of their orginal inquiry
  4. B2B Relationships – Happy clients are sure to refer your company to others

While these may not be the top points for all companies and services, they are ones the expert sign makers at The Sign Depot focus on.  Well made custom signs that exceed our clients expectations. Full branding from exterior signs, interior wayfinding, vehicle decals and window graphics make it easy for our clients to refer us to their colleagues.

How Will You Improve Your Branding In 2014?  We want to hear about the steps you plan to take in the new year.  Leave us comment, send us tweet or update us on facebook with your branding ideas for 2014


Signs That Discovery Channel Took A Page Out Of The Red Bull Branding Playbook

nik wallenda - branding

Signs Of Branding Better

Several months ago in our post Better Branding – Red Bull Wins we discussed how the Red Bull Stratos sponsored Felix Baumgartner’s Live Jump.  In that post we talked about how Red Bull took the opportunity to get the logo in front of the cameras that were broadcasting both online and on television.  Further down in that post we spoke about the differences between the Live Jump and Nik Wallenda’s High Wire Walk across Niagara Falls.

Nik vs Felix

Just a few months ago Nik Wallenda crossed Niagara Falls on a high wire.  It is believed that millions tuned in to watch the event live and has since been watched by a billion.  Imagine if a company had their brand name attached to that event.  How many eyes would have witnessed it?  How many companies are realizing now that it was a missed opportunity for brand recognition?

Bring On The Branding

With Nik Wallenda’s Skywire Grand Canyon Walk, The Discovery Channel “harnessed” the power of branding by sponsoring the man who walked across the Grand Canyon without a “harness”.

nik wallenda - branding

For this event Nik Wallenda’s shirt clearly displayed The Discovery Channel logo and a few other company logos. Another clear logo was Mitsubishi Motors and their 2013 Outlander was also featured in the pre-recorded Discovery Channel spots of Nik Wallenda’s days of trainging leading up to the walk.

Signs Of Great Business Branding

Finding ways to bring your company’s branding to the forefront is of upmost importance when it comes to running a successful business.  Although you may not be able to dole out the dollars to sponsor a world wide event, you can always contact local events and charities to see how your company can partner with them. Having your company logo on signs and banners can help establish you in your community and surrounding area.  Brand recognition will help you make a mark in the marketplace.

If you require any additional info when it comes to custom business signs and logos be sure to contact a professional to see how you can take your branding across the board with Store Front Signs, Vehicle Graphics and Walkway A-Frames.


Better Branding – Red Bull Wins

Red Bull Stratos Sponsors Felix Baumgartner’s Live Jump From The Edge Of Space

Where were you the day that Felix Baumgartner stepped out of the weather balloon’s shuttle will be a question that many may ask, but most likely it will be described as the Red Bull Stratos LiveJump. The Red Bull Stratos Mission was scientific mission backed by several companies but the only one you’ll remember is the one that claims it GIVES YOU WINGS.

What Red Bull Did Right

Over the years many public figures have been associated with wearing brands.  Think of Michael Jordan and Nike or which fresh faced celeb is now the spokesperson for Covergirl or the movie star sporting a milk moustache for the Got Milk? campaign. This has also been a trend with car races and now event venues IE The Air Canada Centre.  Finding a way to get a company name to be common place in everyday discussion is the right way to market.

 Think of it this way, how often do you ask for a Kleenex? What you should be asking for is a facial tissue.

Red Bull did it right, with just a few properly placed logos in the spots that the cameras would catch and adding their brand to the event’s name they will forever be associated with the historical jump.

Nik vs Felix

Just a few months ago Nik Wallenda crossed Niagara Falls on a high wire.  It is believed that millions tuned in to watch the event live and has since been watched by a billion.  Imagine if a company had their brand name attached to that event.  How many eyes would have witnessed it?  How many companies are realizing now that it was a missed opportunity for brand recognition?

Better Branding

A few things to consider when it comes to branding

  • Branding is about connecting with your current and future customers
  • Find ways to be top of mind in your marketplace
  • Be a leader amongst your competitors by staying orginal
  • Be known as a reputable company
  • Stand out from your surroundings

Whether you are building your brand, or rebranding to refresh your advertising, always consult a professional when it comes to the look of your company logo.  Colours, graphics, text and font choices are all part of corporate branding.  Make sure your logo is designed as a good representation of what you have to offer consumers, as they are the ones that decide which brand they are going to buy.

So the big question is, do you remember where you were doing during the Red Bull Stratos Live Jump?

Red Bull Live Jump - Where Were You - The Sign Depot