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Custom Vehicle Graphics Are Not Just For Cars

Promotional Graphics For A Custom Food Festival Vehicle

Is your promotional vehicle giving your brand all the credit it deserves?  David from Bread Heads decided very quickly that his Wood Fired Pizza Trailer needed to be branded better.  He was already creating a lot of buzz at outdoor festivals with his unique trailer but quickly realized that highway travelers were taking a second look as he was towing it to or from the festival site.

Custom Vehicle Graphics - The Sign Depot

Big Branding Design Decisions

David came to The Sign Depot for assistance in branding his promotional vehicle as well as his company Bread Heads.  Without having a true logo for his business, Adam (Sign Depot Designer) was able to come up with a concept that would work as vehicle graphics and transfer well into custom business signage for David.

Custom Vehicle Graphics - The Sign Depot

A Fully Customized Festival Vehicle

When we say fully customized we mean it featured custom designed vinyl vehicle decals and a custom paint finish achieved by Ben otherwise know as our Vinyl Master.

With the large white decal text on the red vehicle the info stands out very well.

Custom Vehicle Graphics - The Sign Depot

For the upper part of the vehicle a vinyl stencil was layed down and painted over to use the negative space as a way to highlight the designed logo.

Custom Vehicle Graphics - The Sign Depot

Custom Vehicle Graphics - The Sign Depot


Are you following them on the road or following them on twitter? Either way the info relayed on this promotional vehicle will help you find out where Bread Heads is heading to next.

Custom Vehicle Graphics - The Sign Depot

Having a clear message that can be relayed through signs gives passers-by a way to contact or connect with your business.  If you wish to connect with us, leave a comment below, follow us on twitter or post on our facebook page.

 We would love to help you with your vehicle graphics whether it be for one car, or a fleet of busineess vehicles.  We think you’ll be happy with the results too!


Custom Car Creations for Cutegecko

Start With A Blank Canvas and See Where Artistic Vehicle Graphics Can Lead You

To start  vinyl vehicle graphics the best jump off point is a clean car, without any markings or dirt to hinder adherence.  When it looks fresh you will be able to picture what you want on your automobile and where you want it placed.  This is how the concept for the Cutegecko Design Agency began.

As you have may have noticed in earlier posts, Karl & Amy of Cutegecko Inc. are great #B2B partners here in our community.  We love working with designers to transform their designs into artistic signs.  This time we were applying their logo and lettering to their new car.  Once they provided us with their design concept, it didn’t take long for Ben, our vinyl master to get to work on colour matching and vinyl plotting.  Their Fiat was made into a mobile branding billboard in no time flat.

Make A Mobile Masterpiece

It is important to remember that your car travels where you travel.  It is really important to let it represent you and your business.  Driving a rusty clunker is not the best way to display your professionalism.  Finding a way to stand out from your surroundings is always the way to go.  Would you notice this driving by?

Find What Drives You

What would make you stand out?  What would your vehicle look like with vinyl graphics?  Would you want window decals?  These are just some of the questions that Karl & Amy asked themselves when they came up with their ideas.  You can read about what they learned over on their post for Promotional Vehicles.

We Have The Answers

If you still have questions on the best way to brand your company car, make sure to contact us.  We’re here to help from concept to completion.  Who knows you might get to Hi-Five our vinyl master too!

Car graphics Vinyl Vehicle branding



Does Your Branding Travel With You? Try Artistic Signs In The Form Of Vinyl Vehicle Graphics

On The Road Again

If you run a business there is a good chance you are also running to meetings, and by running I mean driving.  How much time does your vehicle spend on the road each day?  How many different streets to do you travel on?  How many people do you pass by?

Those are all questions to consider when thinking of extending your branding to your vehicle.  When you stop and think about it, your vehicle is more than your mode of transportation, it’s an extension of your business.  Choosing the graphics for your motor vehicle is just as important as selecting a the right size of car/truck/van to meet your needs.

What Do You Want To Be Remembered By?

Here are 5 things that you should think about when deciding on your vehicle graphics

  1. Will it stand out on a moving vehicle?
  2. Is it designed to look appealing when parked?
  3. Does it have quick contact info? (IE website, social networks, and/or phone number)
  4. Is the logo memorable?
  5. Are the graphics a good reflection of what you specialize in?

Other things to consider are colours, durability and placement.  There are also options of auto-body or car window graphics.  Small details such as using reflective lettering can make a difference in your vehicle’s visibility to the public.

Where would Lightning McQueen be without his Rust-eze logo?

How else would you know to hide out from the Stride Gum Advertising Team?

and what makes this car look so familiar?

Make sure to consider how your vinyl vehicle graphics will be displayed.  If you are using the vehicle for promotional purposes it is important that you choose eye-catching brand design.  Artistic signs in the form of vehicle graphics are a great way to grab attention and display what your business specialty is.

Whether you find yourself on the Lost Highway, Route 66 or The Freeway Of Love make sure that you are getting  the most out of your transportation investment by making your mobile branding memorable.