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3 Dimensional Signs, Interactive Displays, Plinko Boards And More

Creating Engagement With 3 Dimensional Signs

Finding ways for companies to interact and stay engaged with their clients is very important.  Being memorable is one of our 3 Keys To A Successful Trade Show.  It keeps your business top of mind with your current and potential customers and helps to increase brand awareness about your company.  Using 3 dimensional signs to create engagement with the public may not something you have thought of, but you can see by the examples below, interactive displays can get your info shared to a larger audience.

Providing Plinko Games To Gain An Audience

While many of our clients already come to us for unique signs for their trade shows and customer appreciation events, some really want to ensure that the audience takes the time to visit their display.  This is when a PLINKO game can make an impact.  While Heffner Toyota uses their custom Plinko game for customer promotions, The Great Canadian Meat Company is taking theirs to upcoming trade shows and the Portland Trail Blazers use theirs to interact with fans.  Each of these circumstances create memorable experiences between the brand and their audience.

Plinko Game - The Great Canadian Meat Company - The Sign Depot

Interactive Sign Displays

When it comes to creating buzz about your brand, social media is one of the best ways to spread your message. Most people think of interactive displays as immersive virtual reality or augmented reality experiences, but any display that people interact with counts as well.  Souvenir City came to Sign Depot to create a 3 dimensional sign structure to use as a photo booth prop for their Niagara Falls location.  As you can see by tweet below, their visitors are putting it to good use by snapping photos and posting it on social media channels.

Engage Your Audience With 3 Dimensional Signs

Whether you are looking for leads at a trade show or search for new fans online, using your business signs to display your brand is a great way to gain exposure.  The sign-making experts here at The Sign Depot are here to assist you with your branded signage.  Just visit the CONTACT US page to request a free quote.



Five Types Of Custom Business Signs That Draw Attention To Your Company

Bring Your Business The Attention It Deserves With Custom Signs

With so many things attempting to grab the attention of the population, shouldn’t your business be one of those items? We have compiled a list of five types of custom business signs that draw attention to your company.

1. Grab Attention With A High End Exterior Business Sign

Your building’s exterior is often the first impression of your business.  Make it a memorable one with a high end exterior sign that conveys what your establishment is all about.

Choices for Custom Exterior Signs include

  • Monument Signs
  • Dimensional Entrance Signs That Serve As Landmarks
  • Projection Signs

2. Provide Wayfinding To Ensure Your Potential Clients Find You With Ease

Many people find your business through Google but you still have to be sure they can find your address without frustration.

Electrical signs

Some examples of Wayfinding Signs include

  • Entrance Markers
  • Parking Lot Signs
  • Accessibility Signage (also known as ADA signs)

3. Portable A Frame Signs To Advertise Specials

Portable A Frame signs work to grab the attention of both vehicle and foot traffic in your area.  They are often used to advertise time sensitive specials or to create brand buzz.

A-Frame Sign With A Wipe Off Board - The Sign Depot

A Frame signage options

  • Metal A Frames That Hold Coroplast Inserts For Temporary Advertising
  • Chalkboard A Frames For Message Boards That Are Changed Frequently
  • Wood A Frames With Business Logos And Company Information For Info Hubs

4. Custom Reception Signs For Brand Recognition

When a potential client makes the decision to enter your business be sure to capture their attention with a custom reception sign that reflects your business.

Desire to Learn - Reception Sign - The Sign Depot

Reasons for Reception Signs include

  • Having A Professional Looking Entrance
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Give Clients Another Wayfinding Landmark Within The Building

5. Promotional Signage To Promote Your Company

Promotional signs are used to drawn in new customers.  They often include some element of fun to attract new business.

PLINKO - Custom Promotional Products - The Sign Depot

Ways To Use Promotional Signs

    • Trade Shows To Guide People To Your Booth
    • In House Promotions To Reward Clients
    • Promotional Vehicle Graphics To Serve As A Moving Advertisement For Your Business

These five reasons are just some of the ways custom business signs work for you.  To learn more be sure to visit our blog often and find a sign system that will work with your company.  When you have something in mind, be sure to CONTACT US for your free quote.


Custom Signs And Booths For Trade Show Season

Stand Out At Trade Shows With Custom Signs For Your Booth

It’s a sign of Spring. The spring season seems to be the official launch of trade show season. Whether it be an industry only show like The Canadian Restaurant Show, a consumer show like The National Home Show or a vendor spot at an event like The Elmira Maple Syrup Festival we want your booth to stand out from the others.

The 3 Keys To A Succesful Trade Show

 The keys to a successful trade show booth are

  1. Providing A Much Needed Service
  2. Looking Professional
  3. Being Memorable

If you can provide item number one on the list, the expert signmakers here at The Sign Depot can assist you with the other two steps.  Creating custom signs, crafting unique promotional items and manufacturing trade show booths are just a few of the things that we are very familiar with here. Below is an example of the booth The Sign Depot displays at trade and industry shows.

Custom Sign - Trade Show Booth - Display - The Sign Depot

As you can see it is quite different than most.  The materials used represent the type of speciality signage we are known for and the examples show how unique each project is that we take on.  Even though it looks elaborate, it was fabricated for easy setup and tear down, which also makes for less wear and tear on the booth itself.

Designed To Fit Your Needs

If your business is participating at an upcoming event be sure to contact us first when it comes to your custom signs, booth requirements and display needs.  All it takes is a little edge to ensure that the show patrons leave with your company in mind.  We create designs with that fit with the needs of your brand and fabricate what you require with the utmost attention to detail. We look forward to seeing what the spring shows have in store for you and your business.


Custom Restaurant Business Signs and Food Service Signage – CRFA Show

For Our Clients – Discount Code For CRFA SHOW

Last year The Sign Depot attended the CRFA Show for the first time.  The CRFA Show is targeted to those in the Canadian Restaurant and Food Service Association.  It is a trade show that stops in several large Canadian cities and The Sign Depot was there to showcase our custom Restaurant Signs and Food Service signage solutions at the Toronto trade show.

It was a very well attended show and we were able to make several connections with professionals in the Restaurant and Food Service industry.  Our custom signs sparked a lot of interest and many of the attendees from last year’s CRFA event could see how our artistic dimensional signs would be a good fit for their establishments.

Next month we will be returning vendors for the CRFA Show and we want to have you visit us at Booth 341 located across from the cooking stage.  It was a hub of activity last year with all the Chefs demonstrating professional restaurant techniques and delicious dishes. This year the Restaurant Industry Chefs that will be taking the stage include Mark McEwan from Top Chef Canada and Anna Olson from The Food Network’s Bake and Culinary Consultant John Placko just to name a few.

 To ensure our clients are able to visit our custom sign booth at the CRFA Show this year we are able to offer you a discount code for your online registration. If you are in the Restaurant and Food Service Industry head over to the CRFA Show Registration Page and enter the Source Code 106527 to receive your tickets for the price of $17.50 (advanced online purchases only).

Restaurant Signage - The Sign Depot CRFA Show 2013

Click The Photo Above To Register - Use Source Code 106527 To Discount Your Order

To see examples of our Restaurant and Food Service sign solutions stop by our booth or visit our Restaurant Portfolio page. To learn more about what type of signs we can make for your establishment, take a moment and read our post about The Kinds Of Signs We Make Here At The Sign Depot


Artistic Signs, Sign Supplies, Street Art and Sign Depot at SGIA

Let the Networking Begin – SGIA Expo 2012

Las Vegas was a whirlwind of excitement and the SGIA Expo had a lot to do with it.  Sign Depot was invited to attend the SGIA Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, and I knew I needed to make the most of it.  It is not very often that you are surrounded by thousands of people in your industry, including suppliers, attendees and leaders in the Sign and Print Industry.  Navigating my way through the crowd was the easy part.  Finding ways to leave an impression on those I spoke with was what I set out to do.


The video above was only half of the crowd.  I was on a landing and there was a second level of the show behind me.  The SGIA Expo was an enormous trade show with over 22,000 people registered and I was determined to get Sign Depot’s custom artistic signs on the radar of those in attendance.

Finding Your Niche

To get a good feel for the show I started by visiting some of our equipment suppliers.  I found out what they had planned for new year and to see what new products would be available to Canadian Sign Shops.  Knowing all the new materials that would soon be available gave me a good idea on how Sign Depot could incorporate their new items into our artistic signs.  We always strive to be sign innovators because we want your custom sign to stand out and be noticed.

I also asked the suppliers what most attending the show were looking for info wise so I could be ready to converse about the hot topics happening at SGIA.  With a good idea of what those at the SGIA Expo were looking for, I was off and running.  Well, not running but ready to network my way across the sign industry.

Interestingly enough many had heard of Sign Depot and the work that was happening at our Kitchener Ontario workshop.  It was the article in Sign Media about the Award Winning Beertown Sign that made us recognizable in USA. Not only was it a great jumping off point, I was able to elaborate further about the custom signs Sign Depot manufactures and how working with our wholesale sign department could bring them a whole new revenue stream.  This was of interest to many and I found my ID badge being scanned for further contact info over and over.  Knowing the niche market I was targeting made all the difference.

Finding The Fun  

All work and no play would take all the fun out of artistic sign making.  Choosing to stay on top of trends and looking for new sign innovations is fantastic but a little outside inspiration can go a long way.  So I decided to take it to the streets!

SGIA Expo Las Vegas - The Sign Depot

SGIA artistic signs - The Sign Depot

SGIA Expo - The Sign Depot

SGIA Demo - The Sign Depot

Watching some of the live demonstrations reminded me of the Sign Depot workshop.  It is always great to see those in the sign industry show their skills, but after the SGIA Expo I decided I needed some real outside inspiration too.


Where else but Las Vegas can you find artists creating right in front of you? 


They say What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas but I think these signs are meant to be displayed for all to see.  I think you may recognize a few.


Treasure Island Sign - The Sign Depot

Hoover Dam Sign - The Sign Depot

Cirque Du Soliel Beatles Love Sign - The Sign Depot

 But it seems where ever I go, I always manage to find a pirate ship.

Sign Structures - Treasure Island - The Sign Depot

Do you attend conferences and events in your industry?  Let us know your experiences.  Leave a comment below, send us a tweet, or post your comment on our facebook page.  We want to know if it made an impact on your business.




CRFA We Are Heading Your Way – Business Signs for the Restaurant Industry

Canadian Restaurant And Food Services Association Show

March 4-6, 2012

We’re ready to get in the SPRING OF THINGS by Springing Forward to the CRFA Show happening at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto Ontario.

This will be a top notch event for those in the Restaurant And Food Services industry.   This exhibitor show is open to trade professionals only and the registration cost is $35 but FREE ADMISSION is granted to CRFA members.

You can find some of the Highlights of this year’s show through the online guide

Here’s a look at what you can expect from the CRFA Show

Additional Highlights Include

  • Hockey great Bob Pulford to appear at 2012 CRFA Show
  • Sportscaster Ron MacLean to join restaurant industry leaders at CRFA Show’s Breakfast with Champions
  • Wine and glassware with Georg Riedel at the 2012 CRFA Show
  • As well as several seminars and demonstrations throughout the show
  • UPDATE  The Stanley Cup will be at the CRFA Show on MONDAY

We hope that if you plan on attending the show you’ll come and find us at booth 130 , beside the Cooking Stage on the left end of the floor plan

Stop in to say hello and see what innovative ways we can help bring attention to your business.  Custom designed restaurant signs can can display just how unique your establishment is and can help brand your business.   We would be happy to chat more with you about our past restaurant sign projects and give examples of how they have increased traffic for our clients.  The Sign Depot is able to design signs for entire restaurant.  Exterior signs, wayfinding signs and menu signs are just a few things to think about when it comes to the restaurant industry.  Need signs for your food service business? We have great example of exterior building signage on the Pinty’s Delicious Foods post.

For more information on visiting the CRFA Show at the Direct Energy Centre please visit the location page
Remember to look for us at Booth 130
  CRFA Show - Restaurant - The Sign Depot