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How Custom Signs Solve Problems For Companies

Farm Market Signs - Custom Business Signs

Many companies are in need of solutions when it comes to their business. Whether it is marketing their business to the public, promoting a new product to existing and potential clients, or just making it easier for customers to navigate your establishment, custom signs can solve many of these issues. Choosing a sign solution can alleviate many hardships from a company and bring them to the forefront of the marketplace. Signs can assist businesses in expanding their customer base and in turn, help to increase sales. Turning potential customers into repeat customers is always a great way to do business. Below are a few examples of signs that solve problems.

Exterior Signs

If you have a brick and mortar business, then a dimensional exterior signs can help attract new customers to your store, restaurant, salon, spa, factory, industrial space etc. Exterior signs serve as a 24 hour advertisement for your business and put your company on display in the best way.

Custom  Exterior Business Sign - The Sign Depot

They come in both lit and non-lit formats and heighten your company’s recognition, which can elevate your business to high performing brand. When contacting a sign company about an exterior sign it is best to understand what message you want to convey to the public. Remember less is more. Many exterior signs are only noticed for a moment by passers-by so you want your sign to represent the quality your company can offer them. An outdoor sign with too much info can look busy or become confusing to the passing traffic.

Show Signs

Even if you don’t have a brick and mortar business, custom signs are still important. Many business choose trade shows, consumer shows, public exhibitions and conferences to market their company. Many of these shows have similar vendors and as a company you will want to stand out from the sea of competitors. This is where custom displays and signs can help people seek you out. Several businesses will prop up banners and do promotional giveaways, but the trick is to get them to your area to see all you have to offer. Our sign solution for that is a customized Plinko game. It displays your brand and makes enough noise to capture the attention of those in attendance.

Plinko Game - The Great Canadian Meat Company - The Sign Depot

Plus, by gamifying the process, those who chose to participate will take away a memorable experience with your company.

Directional and Way-finding Signs

Directional and Way-finding signs are often overlooked by companies. These signs assist with the user experience. If you ever been to a building and have to ask where to find the elevator, or the route to the washroom then you know how uncomfortable that can be. To save your customers from having to ask such awkward questions, then you need to have easy to understand way-finding signs. These signs range from clear floor directories, welcoming reception areas, parking lot signs, room numbers and hallway directional arrows.

Directory Signs - The Sign Depot

These are just some of the sign solutions we can provide. For signs that are as unique as your business, and provide a great customer experience, please visit our CONTACT US page and connect with one of our sign professionals.


Our Artistic Signs Featured In Client Campaigns – Sign Solutions

Make It Memorable

We always strive to give our clients that affective first impression that they are looking for.  Making them stand out from everything else is what we want to accomplish.  At the same time we want it to be aesthetically pleasing, never an eye sore.  We want their artistic signage to be remembered for its style, not for being an obtrusive object. We want our artistic sign solutions to show off  what the client’s company has to offer their customers and help  bring new customers to them.  Here at The Sign Depot we create signs to fit each individual business, that way each custom sign is unique and memorable.

Found In The Photos

Below are  examples of  three of our clients that created three different webshots/photos using sign solutions by The Sign Depot.   It represented their business but did not take away from the purpose of the shot.

Family Photo

When Deb from IronKids Gummy Vitamins came to us for a banner to be used at running events they sponsor, we had no idea it end up being their Ultimate Family Photo

Promotional Banners - The Sign Depot

Facebook Promo

Local business owner Rebecca from Gloss came to us for storefront signage that would be visible to both traffic and walk-bys, we were thrilled to see it was also part of their latest Facebook Campaign

Exterior Signs - The Sign Depot

Website Focal Point

Brand new restaurant Gusto 101 wanted a sign that would blend in with it surroundings.  Creating a look they wanted used several techniques to achieve a weathered look.  They were very pleased with the end result.  So much so that they featured it on their website.

Restaurant Signs - Gusto101 - The Sign Depot

Producing an artistic sign that impresses the client is what we set out to do each and every time.  Knowing that our clients are creating campaigns around the business signs we made for them means that they had a lasting impression.