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Artistic Signs Of Intelligent Life

Maryse Maynard Exhibit – Signs Of Intelligent Life

The City Of Kitchener Rotunda Gallery is featuring an exhibit called Signs Of Intelligent Life.  Of course with the words signs in the name it peaked some interest.  The exhibit was artistic mix medium show.  It displayed printing press racks as shadow boxes influenced by famous sayings and quotes.  It was an artistic sign showing a visual of the how the words influenced artist Maryse Maynard.  You can read more about the artist and the ideas behind Signs Of Intelligent Life on her artist statement post.

Artistic Signs - The Sign Depot


Artistic Signs - The Sign Depot


Artistic Ideas

The words in these art pieces were displayed using scrabble pieces, clay tiles and what looked like routered wood letters.  Below are two pieces that show how the phrases were created with Scrabble letter tiles.


Artistic Sign - Displays The Sign Depot

MARILYN - 'Well behaved women rarely make history'

The Sign Depot - Artistic Sign Displays

THE TREASURE BOX - 'Finders, keepers, losers, weepers'


Out Of The Box Thinking

The use of printing press tile boxes reminded me of the TYPEFACE film we presented last year at the Princess Cinema and how the skill of Wood Type printing could have been lost if it had not been for a Museum trying to keep it alive.  Through the movie you learned how new artists are choosing to use wood type printing in new pieces, and in the case of this exhibit the item that holds the wood type letters was re-purposed into an artistic piece.

This brought me back to The Sign Depot workspace where Peter has an antique typeface holder displayed in his office.  Every time I look there is an addition of items no longer available nowadays.  Separately they look like items from days gone by, but together they look like a collection. It is almost as if these items are being re-purposed to make a brand new art piece right here in our workspace. 

 The Sign Depot - Artistic Signs - Displays

Looking at it now I wonder what phrase Maryse Maynard would choose for this display?  Many come to mind for me, but I think the one that stands out is

Everything Old Is New Again 



Artistic Sign Displays

 Sign Displays For The Restaurant Industry

Restaurants are always looking for unique ways to add decor elements to their interiors.  Finding ways to enhance a restaurant’s interior with artistic sign designs that compliment the establishment’s atmosphere is one of the many signs solutions we offer to our clients.

Eyecatching Artistic Sign Displays

When The Charcoal Group brought us the concept behind Wildcraft Grill And Bar we knew they wanted sofisticated signs for interior that complimented their exterior business signs.   Choosing to create a display stand showcasing their extensive wine bar was a way to add a wayfinding sign that fit the surrounding decor. 

Artistic Sign Displays - The Sign Depot - Wildcraft

Restaurant Reveal

Wildcraft Grill And Bar was well received by Waterloo Region.  It continues to be a thriving restaurant where people enjoy the atmosphere just as much as the menu.  By adding a few artistic sign displays, this establishment keeps their customer well informed of what to expect and where they should be headed next, to fully experience all their restaurant has to offer.

Artistic Signs - The Sign Depot - Wildcraft


Choose Your Signs Wisely

Remember to keep your restaurant signs clear.  They serve a purpose, but if it doesn’t reflect the atmosphere it can end up looking cluttered and confusing.  When deciding on sign displays consider these factors

  • Does it serve a purpose?
  • Will it compliment the surroundings?
  • Where will it be located?

These are key elements to creating sign displays.  You want to highlight certain aspects of your businesses without taking away from the look and feel of your interior design. 

For more information on how The Sign Depot can help you with your restaurant sign solutions make sure to talk to one of our sign design experts.  They will be happy to answer all of your questions about Restaurant Signs and how they impact the Food Service Industry.  Knowing what will look great in your restaurant is just the beginning of the professional sign services we have to offer.