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Top Five Signs of Halloween

Top Five Signs of Halloween

As fall sets in you’ll notice many decorating their yards to celebrate Halloween.  Want some inspiration on signs to compliment your spooky decor?

Here’s our Top 5 Faves


No we didn’t make any of these, BUT WE COULD.

How To Customize The Look Of Your Halloween Display

 Finding a good mix of spooky and goofy will make sure that each trick or treater has a favorite item in your Halloween display.  It shows signs of artistic talent and a bit of Halloween spirit at the same time.  Finding ways to shock and delight on Halloween might just make you the toast of the neighbourhood, or the most feared on the street.

Other Halloween Display Considerations

Always make sure your display can be easily navigated and well lit.  Remember the little ones will be trying to get around in costumes and masks and obstacles can cause tripping hazards if there isn’t a well laid path.

Look for ways to differentiate your yard from your neighbours.  Give it a personalized touch you will be sure to be memorable.

Be generous.  No one looks forward to visiting the house that gives out one lollipop.  After all it’s supposed to be all in the spirit of fun.

Find out what people liked most in your display.  It is always a good idea to get an outside opinion

Start planning next year’s Halloween display.  A well thought out design can last for years, but it is always a good idea to tweak things along the way.

Whatever you decide make sure you enjoy the process.  Planning, creating and displaying a fantastic Halloween display should delight those who stop by as well as well as yourself.   If you need a little assistance with your custom Halloween signs, make sure to contact us in early fall to be sure your items are ready in time for Oct 31st.