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LED Lights Save Lit Sign Costs For Our Customers and Create Great Christmas Shows

Posted by Lisa on 11/25/2012


LED Lights Make Signs Functional And Fun

LEDs otherwise known as Light Emitting Diodes are brightening up everything, including the sign industry.  Wondering why?  There are so many advantages to LEDs. One of those advantages is longevity.  As quoted from Wikipedia’s LED lights post

Many of the LEDs made in the 1970s and 1980s are still in service today. Typical lifetimes quoted are 25,000 to 100,000 hours That is just one of the many reasons why we here at The Sign Depot choose LEDs to light signs.  They are also economical, very visable from long distances and environmentally friendly   Even some of our “retro-look” signs are powered by LEDs.  The Light Emitting Diodes help us achieve the look we want and the low cost sign maintenance that our clients are looking for with their lit signs. LED signs also give you lot of of choice.  They come in several different colours and well as ones that can be programmed to rotate colours constantly.  Giving our clients unique options for their business signs is something we choose to do.  No one wants to look like all the rest.  Finding ways to get noticed is what can give you an edge over your competition, while making sure it is affordable for your company. Take a look at one company did to attract customers with an LED Christmas Display.  It’s Gangnam Style all the way!   On their YouTube Channel they wrote
STATS: 41,000 bulbs, 2,000 light channels, 2kms of cable & 200 hours to set up. My past displays have raised more than $90k for community projects. And what does it cost in power? An extra $10/week

Reading further on their channel you will see that this display for 3 hours every night.  Chances are your LED needs won’t even come close to the amount of bulbs they used so doesn’t that make you think about savings for your energy costs?   Want more info about LED lit signs? Make sure to Contact Us


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