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Creating Custom 3 Dimensional Signs For The Next Big Thing – Thalmic Labs

Getting Geared Up

If you are following the #CES2014 twitter feed you’ll see that wearable tech gear is all the rage at this year’s event. While this may be big news out of town, here in Kitchener Ontario, Thalmic Labs makers of the MYO armband have made another big move in the marketplace by moving from the VeloCity Garage into a retrofitted building.  This is making the tech gear company big news both North and South of the boarder.

Diving Into 3 Dimensional Signs

When you think of digital companies, you imagine the next piece of software that is coming to a screen near you.  Thalmic Labs is taking your digital experience and adding dimension.  Their MYO gesture control armband stands out from the typical tech gear by incorporating their users’ movements into the mix.  They are standing out as the next big thing in modern gear and they wanted their custom exterior sign to stand out too.  Below is a step by step look of how their custom 3 dimensional sign was created using High Density Urethane, LEDs and a Custom Paint finish.

To begin the process High Density Urethane (HDU) was CNC Router Cut into the shape of the Thalmic symbol.

Custom 3 Dimensional Sign - Thalmic Labs - The Sign Depot

The logo pieces were primed and given a custom finish durable enough to endure our ever changing weather conditions.

Custom 3 Dimensional Sign - Thalmic Labs - The Sign Depot

The HDU pieces were wired with LEDs and then enclosed with an acrylic piece

Custom 3 Dimensional Sign - Thalmic Labs - The Sign Depot

Custom 3 Dimensional Sign - Thalmic Labs - The Sign Depot

Make A Statement

3 dimensional signs give companies a way to add impact to their branding. The make a statement without becoming an eye-sore. As you can see in the image from Thalmic Lab’s blog their exterior sign is standing up to our Canadian winter. This gives them ability to stand out from the surroundings and brand their new location.

Custom 3 Dimensional Signs - Thalmic Labs - The Sign Depot

For additional photos see our gallery below. We’re gearing up for 2014 in a big way! Let us know how your business is getting in gear for 2014. Leave a comment, send us a tweet, or post on our facebook page. We appreciate the gesture.


LED Signs – Earth Day Signage And Custom Business Signs

Alternative Sources for Lit Signs

With Neon Signs quickly becoming a thing of the past, businesses are looking for ways to make their signs stand out.  In recent years LED lit signs are becoming increasingly popular.  According to LED (short for Light-emitting diode) lights present many advantages over incandescent light sources including lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, improved robustness, smaller size, faster switching, and greater durability and reliability.  Most recently we used LEDs for THE PURPLE ROOM and THE CULINARY STUDIO. By choosing LEDs to light their custom business signs, they are adding vibrance while saving costs on electricity and reducing their environmental impact.

LED Signs - The Sign Depot

Tropicana took this one step further by using oranges to light a sign.  The description on YouTube says Tropicana France creates billboard powered entirely by oranges. Afterwards, all the oranges were collected and reused in a compost or to produce biogas

Sign Innovations

We love the idea behind this lit sign. The sign has aspects of creativity as well as innovation.  It could really serve a purpose with Green Economy movement that is being talked about a lot nowadays.  When it comes to custom lit business signs we are always looking for ways to save our clients money on electrical costs as well as ways to ensure longevity of their company sign. We want our clients to be satisfied with the look of their sign, but we are always looking for opportunities to implement green initiatives when it comes to signs. We always strive to be on top of current trends in the signs industry and incorporate new materials whenever possible. Here at The Sign Depot we are known for our creative and innovative ways to make great signs.  By being imaginative and artistic we can always build custom business signs to convey just how unique your company is, just like Tropicana did.