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Better Branding – Red Bull Wins

Red Bull Stratos Sponsors Felix Baumgartner’s Live Jump From The Edge Of Space

Where were you the day that Felix Baumgartner stepped out of the weather balloon’s shuttle will be a question that many may ask, but most likely it will be described as the Red Bull Stratos LiveJump. The Red Bull Stratos Mission was scientific mission backed by several companies but the only one you’ll remember is the one that claims it GIVES YOU WINGS.

What Red Bull Did Right

Over the years many public figures have been associated with wearing brands.  Think of Michael Jordan and Nike or which fresh faced celeb is now the spokesperson for Covergirl or the movie star sporting a milk moustache for the Got Milk? campaign. This has also been a trend with car races and now event venues IE The Air Canada Centre.  Finding a way to get a company name to be common place in everyday discussion is the right way to market.

 Think of it this way, how often do you ask for a Kleenex? What you should be asking for is a facial tissue.

Red Bull did it right, with just a few properly placed logos in the spots that the cameras would catch and adding their brand to the event’s name they will forever be associated with the historical jump.

Nik vs Felix

Just a few months ago Nik Wallenda crossed Niagara Falls on a high wire.  It is believed that millions tuned in to watch the event live and has since been watched by a billion.  Imagine if a company had their brand name attached to that event.  How many eyes would have witnessed it?  How many companies are realizing now that it was a missed opportunity for brand recognition?

Better Branding

A few things to consider when it comes to branding

  • Branding is about connecting with your current and future customers
  • Find ways to be top of mind in your marketplace
  • Be a leader amongst your competitors by staying orginal
  • Be known as a reputable company
  • Stand out from your surroundings

Whether you are building your brand, or rebranding to refresh your advertising, always consult a professional when it comes to the look of your company logo.  Colours, graphics, text and font choices are all part of corporate branding.  Make sure your logo is designed as a good representation of what you have to offer consumers, as they are the ones that decide which brand they are going to buy.

So the big question is, do you remember where you were doing during the Red Bull Stratos Live Jump?

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