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Settlement Co. Makes It Official With A Their Custom Business Sign


A Sign Of Things To Come

As stated on the Instagram and Facebook pages for Settlement Co. it is now “Officially Official” that they are opening a second location.

Choosing the newly installed custom business sign to make the announcement, keeps their branding top of mind for their current and potential customers.

No Need To Search For Settlement Co.

The new locale is in a high traffic area near Downtown Kitchener. By choosing to brand the exterior of the building with signs that are visible to vehicle traffic and pedestrians passing by, ensures that the community can find them easily.

Custom Business Sign - Settlement Co - The Sign Depot

Custom Business Sign - Settlement Co - The Sign Depot

Both signs were created to stand out from the surroundings.  Their herringbone design was used as a backer for each sign and then individual cutout letters were mounted to it to add dimension to the signage.  Both of these custom business signs were finished off with a sign frame to give the signs a sleek, stylish look.

Get Set For Settlement Co.

To get set for opening of the second Settlement Co. location, they are offering a 4 WEEK COFFEE CRASH COURSE to the public.  With a variety of topics ranging from tastings to Latte Art design, these classes will provide a great intro of their offerings to the community.

Including Custom Business Signs Into Your Expansion Plan

Custom Business Sign - Settlement Co - The Sign Depot

Are you planning to add new locations to business? The best way to get the word out about a company expansion is through custom business signs that enhance your brand.  The expert sign-makers here at The Sign Depot can work with your current design or assist you in developing new designs for your business.  Just visit the CONTACT US page to get a quote. For more examples of our custom signs visit our website gallery, find us on facebook or send us a tweet with what we can assist you with.


Custom Toboggans And Sled Promotional Business Signs

Custom Business Sign - Beaus - The Sign Depot 

Bring Back Tobogganing

Lately tobogganing has become quite a controversy in Southern Ontario.  While we don’t want to get into the politics of it, we want to let everyone know we are on the pro tobogganing side! Want to know why? We think toboggans are multi-purpose when they are used as custom business signs.

While other sign companies are busy making “No Tobogganing” signs we know that our promotional sleds and toboggans are great ways to promote a business. They can be customized to the company branding and make great giveaway items.  Beertown Public House and Beau’s All Natural Brewing chose to create a Beau’s Bomber promotional sign-sled for their recent contest.

Making The Beau’s Bomber Sign-Sled

The Beau’s All Natural Bomber Sign-Sled was created through a mix of signage techniques. From construction to paint finish to the vinyl decal branding this became much more than a custom business sign.  Take a look at the video below to see all the work that went into making this promotional giveaway item.

Branding Success With Signage

The Beau’s Bomber Sign-Sled was dual purpose. During the promotion it grabbed the attention of the restaurant patrons to increase awareness of the Beau’s brand and then it was given as a customer recognition prize. See the recent tweet about the prize winners.

Creating Custom Business Signs And Structures To Promote Companies

Want to create something unique to promote your business? We want to help! Be sure to visit our CONTACT US page to connect with one of our expert signmakers to see what would best fit with your brand. Finding the right match can help promote your company and help you stand out from your competitors. If you don’t reach us right away, we may be out catching some fresh powder on the local toboggan hill!


Custom Business Sign On Brand For In Vintage We Trust

Finding The Right Fit

In Vintage We Trust began as an online store curating vintage clothing styles for their clients.  When the decided to open a retail flagship store in Toronto they wanted their signage to fit with the brand they had built.  They wanted a vintage look custom business sign similar to the Gusto101 Restaurant sign that had caught their eye.  As any internet savvy business would do, they took to the web and googled Gusto101 sign and The Sign Depot was suddenly on their radar. Much like an online website, a sign is a 24 hour advertisment for your business and you should always ensure it fits with your brand. The owners of In Vintage We Trust knew this to be true and contacted us regarding their exterior signage.

Getting That Vintage Look

When the In Vintage We Trust owners collaberated with the expert sign designers here at Sign Depot, the custom sign concept they conceived was to create a very visable sign but have it look like it was right out of the past.  The sign material used was an aluminum composite, to give the look of an old tin sign, but be durable enough to withstand various weather conditions.  Their logo and business text was hand painted with 1 shot paint (know to those in the signage industry as the go to paint for sign makers). The paint was distressed to give the look of a weathered exterior sign and then a faux rust finish was applied to the sign further the pantia look. All of these steps were crucial in order for the In Vintage We Trust custom business sign to fit their brand while catching the interest of passers-by.

Custom Business Sign - In Vintage We Trust - The Sign Depot

If you are looking to brand your business with custom business signs, be sure to visit our CONTACT US page. Let us know what size, text, graphics and style of sign you are looking for.  Not sure what you want on your company sign? The expert sign designers here at The Sign Depot can help with that too!



Custom Business Signs – Representation With Rebranding

Robins Goldsmithing Waterloo Ontario

When Robins Goldsmithing decided to open a Waterloo location they choose to rebrand with a new custom business sign.  The new modern sign was created to be bright and stylish to fit well with Uptown Waterloo.

Coming Soon Signs

They took advantage of the construction time by covering up the renovations with coming soon signs in the windows (see below).  The signs were teasers of what passers-by could expect to find in the new store once they finished the interior.  Coming soon signs help to build buzz about a brand and get people talking about what is to come.

Creating A Custom Exterior Sign

A custom exterior business sign must create a focal point for an establishment.  It is the first impression of a business and Robins Goldsmithing wanted to create a statement with their outdoor sign.  Individual letters were created and given a custom finish highlighting the letter o in both Robins and Goldsmithing.  This was achieved by painting the o’s in a bright yellow to stand out from the remaining letters that were finished in black.  These letters were pin mounted to white backer which would be attached to the building

Custom Business Sign - Robins Goldsmithing - The Sign Depot

Custom Business Sign - Robins Goldsmithing - The Sign Depot

24 Hour Advertising

Robins Goldsmithing knows that their new custom business sign will provide a 24 hour advertisment for their company and wanted to ensure it was visable at any time of the day.  The sign was halo lit with outdoor LEDs that provide a warm white glow around the business name.  LEDs are long lasting and energy efficient which makes them a great choice for business signage. Lit signs also increase the findabilty of your business which is something very important to consider when you want customers to find your new location.

LED Lit Sign - Robins Goldsmithing - The Sign Depot

As you can see the store was all set for opening in time for the busy Valentine’s season.  If you’re in Waterloo Ontario, be sure to stop in and see all they have to offer.  Want any more information about the sign techniques used in the Robins Goldsmithing sign package? Send us tweet and we’ll do our best to answer you inquiry.

Custom Business Sign - Robins Goldsmithing - The Sign Depot


Custom Wood Signs Created From Reclaimed Barn Board – Cheeses Murphy

A New Business Signs With A Vintage Look

Our latest installation has brought us to a new area of Downtown Kitchener Ontario.  Just blocks away from the new court house is where you can find the newest location for Cheeses Murphy.  Just like the concept of this grilled cheese restaurant, the custom business sign for it needed to be unique and tasteful.

Reclaimed barn board with individual cutout letters were used in this framed sign.  The fabrication took several steps.

Custom Wood Signs - The Sign Depot

The wood was given a custom finish to give it a distressed look and enhanced the wood grain of the boards.  The barn board would serve as a sign backer for the business name. Individual letters were created by CNC cutting half inch PVC on our router table and they were then prepped for pin mounting.  A handcrafted wood frame was constructed to surround the sign backer and painted to match the cut out letters.  Together these pieces would create a modern sign with a vintage look.

Custom Wood Signs - The Sign Depot

Assembly And Installation

After all the various components of the Cheeses Murphy sign had been manufactured and finished it was time to assemble the sign and install it above the establishment.

The pin mount letters were flush mounted to the barn board backer to add dimension to the sign and the finished wood frame completed the look.

Reclaimed Wood Signs - The Sign Depot

Custom Vintage Signs - The Sign Depot

Custom Wood Signs - Vintage Signs The Sign Depot

The custom wood sign was installed above the entrance-way and an additional vinyl decal was added to front door to attract the attention of both vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Custom Barn Board Sign - Cheese Murphy - The Sign Depot

Photo Courtesy of Cheeses Murphy. Click the image to visit the Cheeses Murphy Facebook page

Photo courtesy of Andrew Coppolino of Waterloo Region Eats. Click the image to follow him on twitter

What Will Be Next?

What will be next? Be sure to watch our Sign Depot Blog for updates on what else is to come from this developing area in Kitchener otherwise known as the Duke St. Food Block.  For more examples of 3 dimensional restaurant signs be sure to visit our portfolio page. There you will find a variety of sculptural signs that are sure to grab your attention!



Build Your Business With JR Waddell

This month The Sign Depot is featuring a few of our Sign Depot Demo Day attendees that are in the Business Marketing Industry.  When we and issue with our industrial dust collector we called on the assistance of JR Waddell.  He and the team at Hogg Mechanical made recommendations that were best for workshop. We chatted with JR Waddell of Hogg Mechancial about the changes in advertising and marketing over the years.

Get To Know JR Waddell

JR can you tell us the nature of your business/job description at Hogg Mechanical and how you got started?

Hogg Mechanical is a 138 year old full service HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) company spanning the era’s of wood/coal/oil/gas/geothermal/solar. We help residential and commercial properties with all of their heating and cooling needs by providing the perfect comfort level!

My title at Hogg Mechanical is Business Development and Communications which is a somewhat fancy name for sales and marketing. Business to Business sales for commercial buildings and marketing for residential houses. I met Ryan vanDyk (Sales and Operations Manager at Hogg Mechanical) in my previous position at the Greater KW Chamber of Commerce. Hogg was aggressively looking to grow their business and knew that online/social media was becoming a huge presence in the area. They wanted to capitalize on this fast paced emerging trend and we came to a mutually rewarding agreement. With this Hogg Mechanical’s online presence was born.

How much time and effort do you think companies should put towards their marketing/advertising?

We think all industries and companies are different. In our industry our leadership team dedicates approximately 45% of our time to marketing/advertising. The HVAC industry is extremely competitive in Southwestern Ontario and we feel that we are doing an amazing job staying ahead of the game. We allocate approximately 6 to 7% of our budget per year towards marketing and advertising.

How often do you see your efforts turn from leads to sales?

We have about a 60% conversion rate of our leads to sales. We constantly strive to generate the best leads and feel that Quality over Quantity is our competitive advantage.

Working for a company that has been in business for many years, what challenges do you face when it comes to implementing changes?

Our first step is to ensure that everyone on our team is brilliant at the basics. Setting realistic change patterns and taking baby steps towards an end goal. We have had success in accepting that co-workers change at different paces and styles. We approach this in a way that allows everyone to adapt and grow at their own reasonably oriented pace and style.

How do you stand out from others in your field?

We truly let our customers dictate what we offer and how we offer it. We found the old approach of HVAC companies selling what was best for themselves as opposed to what was best for their customers inhibited growth in today’s market. Ex. Our generously priced $45 tune up fulfilled a need in the market for homeowners to have a reasonable way to keep their heating and cooling equipment running safe, efficiently and with having an educated piece of mind about their Air Conditioners, Furnaces, Fireplaces, Pool Heaters etc.

Want to learn more about JR Waddell and Hogg Mechanical? Make sure to RSVP for our Sign Depot Demo Day on June 20th to network with JR and many other fantastic business industry professionals. We will have lots of onsite demos and our expert signmakers will be on hand to let you know how we can enhance your marketing through the use of custom business signs.

Exterior The Sign Depot



Custom Business Signs – You Want To Go Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Or At Least Your Business Name

So many businesses don’t realize they are missing out on the advertising opportunities that are right outside their door.  You need to really assess the area surrounding your location to figure out the best way to draw attention to your store front.  This is where you custom business sign can make a big impact.

Down On The Corner, Out In The Streets

If you call in for directions to The Sign Depot, we’ll tell you we’re at the corner of Borden Ave. & Charles St., but really we’re not.  That is the closest intersection to our locale & as you can see it’s a very busy place to be.

Borden Ave & Charles St Kitchener Ontario - The Sign Depot

We take into account that many will see that corner because they are either waiting at the stop light or in line at the drive thru.  Which is why we are featured here

Business Tenant Signs - The Sign Depot

& chose this wayfinding text and image to describe where we truly are located on the street

Wayfinding Signs For Business - The Sign Depot

From there it only takes a quick glance to notice our custom sandblasted wood sign from that corner as it’s protruding off the wall.

Company Entrance Sign - The Sign Depot

As you can see we also have a flush-mount sign to attract walk by traffic as well as window graphics for a welcoming entrance.

Sometimes you only have seconds to make an impression.  Make sure to use that opportunity to it’s full extent by choosing your signage accordingly. Visibility is the key to getting your company noticed, and custom business signs are what makes the biggest impact on passers-by.  Grab their attention and you may see some new customers walk through your door!

Need suggestions on how you can improve your business visibility? Make sure to contact us via twitter, facebook or email & We’ll make sure EVERYONE KNOWS YOUR NAME


Reinhardt – Carved Cedar Sign


Carved Western Red Cedar

This double sided carved cedar sign is a classy way-finding business marker.

Each tenant has their own carved panel allowing the landlord flexibility to update in the event of tenant turnover.

This carved cedar sign features rich coffee brown latex along with both gold and silver leaf guilding. Being that this custom business sign was fabricated from western red cedar, this sign will give longlasting landmark for their business.  Sandblasted Cedar is one of the best choices for an outdoor sign because it is rot-resistant and very durable no matter the weather conditions.  Adding a durable sign finish adds a protective coating for the wood and adds some additional flare to the sign.  Because the sign was custom made it features a carved panel that can allow the landlord flexibility when it comes to updating the tenant listings.  Finding unique sign solutions for business owners is something we specialize in here at The Sign Depot.  Offering options that meet a client’s needs and budget are just some of the ways we have become an award winning sign company. We understand how important a great looking sign can impact a business.  We take the time to listen to our clients and give them ideas of what would best compliment their company. Here at The Sign Depot we work to exceed our clients’ expectation and have an extensive list of repeat customers who gracious enough to refer us to their contacts. That type of word of mouth advertising is something we are very proud of here at Sign Depot and we look forward to hearing how we can help your business shine.


Cedar Signs - The Sign Depot

Each tenant has their own carved panel allowing the landlord flexibility to update in the event of tenant turnover.


Custom Wood Signs - The Sign Depot Custom Cedar Signs - The Sign Depot