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Custom Toboggans And Sled Promotional Business Signs

Custom Business Sign - Beaus - The Sign Depot 

Bring Back Tobogganing

Lately tobogganing has become quite a controversy in Southern Ontario.  While we don’t want to get into the politics of it, we want to let everyone know we are on the pro tobogganing side! Want to know why? We think toboggans are multi-purpose when they are used as custom business signs.

While other sign companies are busy making “No Tobogganing” signs we know that our promotional sleds and toboggans are great ways to promote a business. They can be customized to the company branding and make great giveaway items.  Beertown Public House and Beau’s All Natural Brewing chose to create a Beau’s Bomber promotional sign-sled for their recent contest.

Making The Beau’s Bomber Sign-Sled

The Beau’s All Natural Bomber Sign-Sled was created through a mix of signage techniques. From construction to paint finish to the vinyl decal branding this became much more than a custom business sign.  Take a look at the video below to see all the work that went into making this promotional giveaway item.

Branding Success With Signage

The Beau’s Bomber Sign-Sled was dual purpose. During the promotion it grabbed the attention of the restaurant patrons to increase awareness of the Beau’s brand and then it was given as a customer recognition prize. See the recent tweet about the prize winners.

Creating Custom Business Signs And Structures To Promote Companies

Want to create something unique to promote your business? We want to help! Be sure to visit our CONTACT US page to connect with one of our expert signmakers to see what would best fit with your brand. Finding the right match can help promote your company and help you stand out from your competitors. If you don’t reach us right away, we may be out catching some fresh powder on the local toboggan hill!


Award Winning Artistic Signs

Canadian Creativity Index

Last week it was announced that Kitchener Ontario is one of Canada’s Top Ten Creative Cites.  Finding ways to be artisticly creative are always at the top of the list here at Sign Depot. Knowing that we are established in city that is on the Canadian Creativity Index makes us proud members of our creative community.

Award Winning Signage

To double the  creativity celebration Sign Depot was awarded BEST IN SHOW for the 2012 Sign Media Canada Competition.

As seen in the July 2012 issue of Sign Media Canada, the top publication for signage in Canada.

The judges–members of Sign Media Canada editorial advisory board–had to consider each entry’s merits in terms of originality, creativity, appearance and design suitability.  Together, the selected winners in nine categories, with the entry earning the highest overall score also honoured as best in show.

Beertown Sign Wins Best In Show

The Beertown sign had all the elements that the judges were looking for, and as mentioned in an earlier post that sign had many elements to it.  Finding it out was first place in Canada is something Sign Depot takes a lot of pride in.

Award Winning Sign - The Sign Depot

But wait there’s more…..

We also received recognition as the runner-up sign company in two other categories.

The sign for Gusto 101 was the runner-up for top illuminated sign, and Sole Restaurant and Wine Bar received the nod as runner up for Stand-alone sign.

Now with this year’s competition over, we’re back to work creating projects to enter in next year’s Sign Media Canada competition.  Who knows what custom signs we’ll create for the remainder of 2012 but if you need a creative stand out sign for your business make sure to contact us!  You might be the owner of the next award winning sign.

Award Winning Sign - The Sign Depot

We want to celebrate this success so we’re having a BBQ for the Food Bank Of Waterloo Region! Bring some cans and get a burger! Sounds like a plan to me.

To find out more about what we are creating make sure to subscribe to our newsletter , which can be found at the top right of our blog posts.  To chat more about the artistic community send us a tweet, or leave a comment on facebook.  


There’s A New Kid In Town – Beertown Arrives In Waterloo Region

Exterior Signs For An Extraordinary Restaurant Concept

As mentioned on the Beertown website….

Beertown – our newest concept – is a fusion of a retro public house and a modern beer bar, built around a ‘chef driven’ kitchen.

….the newest Charcoal Group Restaurant was going to change the local eatery landscape in Waterloo Region.  With their unique approach to culinary masterpieces, we knew that this sign project needed “WOW” factor.

Since Beertown Cambridge is situated on the busy Highway 24, Hespler Rd there would be a lot of vehicle traffic passing by, and there would need to be a way to catch their attention.  It was important to have Beertown’s exterior business sign be noticed by passers-by.

The Beertown main logo was only part of the focus for this sign.  In addition the PUBLIC HOUSE part of the sign was to be a feature as well.

We used several techniques to create the outdoor signs. The “Beertown” portion was created from channel letters finished to match the brand logo.  The “PUBLIC HOUSE” was also created with channel letters, but with a few additions.  That element of the sign was to resemble a marquee sign with an aged look.  Most marquee signs are created with traditional light bulbs, but to keep the sign eco-friendly the light bulbs are actually powered by LED lights, which are low energy and have a much longer bulb life.  The paint finish on the letters gave the sign a distressed look that would catch attention to those driving by.

beertown - The Sign Depot

You can see some of our behind the scenes photo on the Beertown Facebook Page.  In addition to the main exterior sign a mural was created on the side of the building.  The mural resembled a bottle cap with a weathered look.  It was created with stencils, spray paint and our resident graffiti artist/sign creator David Hoover.  The finished mural   quickly changed a plain white wall into a work of art.

mural building beertown - The Sign Depot

When the project was completed Beertown included The Sign Depot in their announcement of opening video.  The video below catches the installation portion of their signage.