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Artistic Sign Makers And Their Late Night Art

Posted by Lisa on 2/23/2011


Artistic Sign Inspirations

Last week we hosted our first Art Event. Late Nights And Blue Collar Mornings was a huge success. I wish we could thank each and everyone of you individually, but this post would be awfully long! So hopefully this simplistic THANK-YOU TO ALL covers each person that took part. This local community event  could not have gone any better. The atmosphere was outstanding, several pieces are now with their new owners and everyone left happy. Just when you thought that the amount of community support we rallied up for the event couldn’t get any greater…. it did.

The days following the event were just as exciting. Some of the area’s most popular bloggers were writing about the event. Each had different takes on what they saw and what took place within the walls of our artistic workspace. _______________________________________________________________________________________

Darin White of Makebright, Michael Stark of 365-KW ,Hilary Abel of RQ Magazine & Amy Vandenburg of CurlyBlue gave the show rave reviews and were kind enough to mention us in the mix. Here’s how our BIG space contributed to Dave’s show.

We are on our way to another BIG project but in a different form all together. Make sure to watch for the twitter hashtag #GIANTbeerCap to see what is being constructed next.

Have you been to The Sign Depot workshop? Did you notice something gave you some artistic inspiration? We would love to hear about it.  We are often in awe of the artistic community we are situated in, and want to do our best to support the amazing local artists in our community. For more information on how we are involved The Region Of Waterloo please read our post about The Sign Depot’s Community Involvement. We would love to hear about how your get your workplace involved in your community!


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