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Five Things To Avoid When Designing A Custom Sign

Posted by Lisa on 7/2/2014


Stop Making These Mistakes

Just drive into any busy downtown area and you will see a variety of custom signs.  Some signs look great and others would fall in the “needs improvement” category. Below are five things mistakes to avoid when creating a custom sign design.

Custom Sign Mistakes - The Sign Depot

    1. Too Much Information If your sign has too much information it will look too busy
    2. Several Fonts Choosing to use several different fonts can make your sign look like a jumbled mess
    3. Ignoring Zoning Requirements If you ignore the local bylaw zoning it could result in your sign being removed at your expense
    4. Not Thinking About Letter Height If you don’t think about letter height your message may not stand out
    5. Forgetting To Consider Traffic If you forget to conside the type of traffic in the area, you risk a lack of visibility.

Things To Remember When Desiging A Custom Sign

Now that you what to avoid, we have a list of what to consider when designing a custom sign

Are you still not sure where to start with all of this? That’s where a professional sign maker comes in.  They have the ability to make the most of your budget and while designing a signage package that best suits your brand. Once they have everything in place all that is left is your approval of the sign quote!


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