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Custom Pub Signs – Traditional VS Modern

Posted by Lisa on 3/14/2013


Creating Custom Pub Signs

Pub signs are very unique sign projects.  Traditionally they were one of a kind projects to mark a local establishment.  Today some pubs are part of restaurant chains which means the signs will be duplicated.  The professional sign makers here at Sign Depot take a different approach to each sign project.  This gives the restauranteurs a variety of choice and the opportunity to personalize their custom pub signs.

Traditional Pub Signs

Traditional pubs signs are often 3 dimensional custom carved wood signs.  They were highly visible signs to passers-by.  To learn more about traditional pub signs please take a look at the slide show below.

The History Of Pub Signs 

These pubs are generally geared to distinct crowd.  Many have a rich family heritage and the owners want that  history to been represented in their pub’s sign. Personalization of the sign is of tremendous importance.

Modern Pub Signs

Modern pub signs can be just as customized as traditional pub signs.  These signs tend to made from an assortment of materials and are built to a much larger scale.  These modern day pubs are often located in larger buildings that are created that way to compete with other establishments in the restaurant industry. They often have a menu mix of traditional and modern fare.

Beertown Sign - Modern Pub Sign The Sign Depot

Designing A Pub Sign

Whether choosing a Traditional or Modern Pub Sign there are several factors to consider

  1. How big in the building that the sign will be displayed on?
  2. Is the traffic near the pub vehicle or pedestrian traffic. or a bit of both?
  3. What will the text say?
  4. What kind of logo or graphics will best represent the pub?
  5. What is the budget for the project?

Once you are able to answer these five questions, then the design and sign permit process can begin.  Customizing a sign can be just as individual as you are.  Here at The Sign Depot we have quite a portfolio of both traditional and modern pub signs. Make sure to contact us regarding your restaurant signage needs.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!  


14 Responses to “Custom Pub Signs – Traditional VS Modern”

  1. Posted by Lisa on 3/14/2013

    A good sign is everything. If it doesn’t catch someone’s eye, they are not going to stop in.

  2. Posted by Lisa on 3/14/2013

    Really great tips for pub signs. I’d love to buy one for my home, it’s industrial and I think it would look pretty cool.

  3. Posted by Lisa on 3/14/2013

    I love the slideshow! I had no idea signs for ale originated like that!

  4. Posted by Lisa on 3/14/2013

    That is interesting. Thanks for the information on signs.

  5. Posted by Lisa on 3/14/2013

    Sounds really great! Signs are for sure important and what draw people in

  6. Posted by Lisa on 3/14/2013

    I’d love to visit a museum of old signs. There can really be a lot expressed in signage!

  7. Posted by Lisa on 3/14/2013

    It all depends on the pub itself, am I right? it always have to match the building and the type of the pub

  8. Posted by Lisa on 3/14/2013

    That is really neat. Many of these are really cool signs!

  9. Posted by Lisa on 3/14/2013

    I could definitely fall in love with collecting old signs! I’m a big fan of history…and kind of history! lol

  10. Posted by Lisa on 3/14/2013

    That’s so fun! I love learning new stuff like this!

  11. Posted by Lisa on 3/14/2013

    I’ve seen a mix of both. Those going for the whole old time charm seem to prefer the pub signs though, locally.

  12. Posted by Lisa on 3/14/2013

    I love anything old style. Reminds me of a different time 🙂

  13. Posted by Lisa on 3/14/2013

    Great pictures!!

  14. Posted by Lisa on 3/14/2013

    Very interesting post! I definitely will keep your tips in mind when I am thinking of signages. 🙂

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