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Posted by Lisa on 9/14/2012


The Founding of #FontFanFriday

Connecting with designers is something we always do regularly here.  We enjoy seeing the works from Building Designers, Interior Designers, Web Designers, Graphic Designers or anyone that loves artistic design.  Over the past few months we have been conversing with  Amanda Wood Web Design over our mutual love of Retro Sign Design.  Soon after when The Sign Depot and The Princess Cinema announced we would be partnering to present the TYPEFACE film, we realized we also had the same fondness as Amanda for fonts.

Finding the right font that fits your needs is something that many individuals struggle with.  Choosing a script that suits your brand identity is something best left to a professional.  Although your personal preference is always considered, a great designer will know what best represents your business.  They will find font to incorporate you and your company that is complementary to the style of your logo.

After a quick poll on the facebook page it was apparent that everyone has a different favorite font.  The font that few did agree on was Futura Bold.

Futura-Bold Design Font artistic signs - The Sign Depot

The description of the Futura Bold font from Adobe is as follows

Designed by Paul Renner in 1927, Futura is the classic example of a geometric sans serif type. Its original concept was based on the Bauhaus design philosophy that “form follows function.” Futura uses basic geometric proportions with no weight stresses, serifs, or frills, with long ascenders and descenders that give it more elegance than most sans serif typefaces. The wide range of weights plus condensed faces provide a variety of ways to set short text blocks and display copy with a strong, no-nonsense appearance.

Looking to find a favorite font? This is where we come in.  Today marks the beginning of the #FontFanFriday.  Every Friday follow @AmandaHWood and our twitter @TheSignDepot to see what design fonts we’re chatting about.  Join the converstation and let us know what fonts tickle your fancy.  Need some inspiration? Check out our You’re So Fonty Pinterest Page. Who knows perhaps your favorite font may already be on one of our custom wood signs.

What artistic fonts would you design with? Let us know by tweeting with #FontFanFriday hashtag,  repinning a font that you’re a fan of, or leave a comment below about your font of choice.


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  1. Posted by Lisa on 9/14/2012

    I’m always looking for ways to advertise my business and had some graphics prepared by another organization. Is it viable to use the same artwork? The company was Concord Signs & Banners 3568 Kimball Way Concord, CA 94518 – 925-808-3817. I am not positive if the art files will be compatible.

    • Posted by Lisa on 9/14/2012

      It depends if they designed the logo for you or if you brought it to them etc. Give us a call here 519-894-0890 or email and one of our sign designers can see what they can do for you. Thanks for contacting us.

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