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A New Landmark For Waterloo Region When St Jacobs Market Opens Its New Building

St Jacobs Market Celebrates Their New Landmark

It was last October when we wrote about Canada Am visiting the St Jacobs Farmers’ Market. Now the St Jacobs Market has more exciting news to share. After their landmark building was destroyed by a fire, they are now ready to unveil their new building this Thursday June 11, 2015. They will be opening the new market building to the public that morning.  For those who live in The Region Of Waterloo this is exciting news.  So much so that when The Sign Depot sign installers were putting the sign on the building’s exterior it managed to garner a bit of attention from the local media.

Farm Market Signs

When it comes to Farm Market Signs there are several choices.  The St Jacobs Farmers’ Market wanted to ensure that the signage for the new building was highly visiable from various spots at the market.  To acheive this PVC letters were router cut and finished white.  The white letters installed against the red exterior of the building created a lot of contrast and as the image below shows, it allows you to see the new market building from quite a distance.

Landmark Sign - St Jacobs Market Building - The Sign Depot

Tourist Landmark

The St Jacobs Farmers’ Market serves as year round landmark destination for tourists. People visit the St Jacobs Market by the busload, so ensuring they can find their way around the market is incredibly important. Whether it be building signage or wayfinding signs, having a points of direction or places to meet at a busy place like a farm market makes getting around a lot simplier for those not familiar with the surroundings.

Custom Signs St Jacobs Market Community Involvement - The Sign Depot

Have you heard of the St Jacobs Farmers’ Market before? Did it inspire you to come to The Region Of Waterloo for a visit? Let us know in the comments! We want to hear about your experience there, or about any farm market you frequent.



Wayfinding Signs Point You In The Right Direction – The Rustic Loft

Helping St. Jacob’s Furnishings Find Their Way

When St. Jacob’s Furnishing wanted to find a way to lead their customers to their new Rustic Loft level, they came to Sign Depot for some direction. The wayfinding signage needed to be bold but fit in with the look and feel of The Rustic Loft area.  Creating a vintage theatrical look that would incorporate the purpose of the sign as well as making it a different component of the store required some innovation.  Choosing the right materials and colour scheme is what brought this sign to life.

The process started with metal arrow that was finished with our signature rusting technique.  This distressed look is becoming increasingly popular with our clients.

Wayfinding Signs - The Sign Depot

The next step was to add some pop to the project by creating arrow shaped layover to fit the metal box.  This was then painted red and than faded an quickly aged with through the rusting process.

Wayfinding arrow - The Sign Depot

To give the sign the look of a vintage lighted marquee,  bulbs equipped with LED lights (better on environment and hydro) were added to the arrow.

To incorporate the Rustic Lofts logo, the script was created with plexi and vinyl then a scratched-vinyl technique was used on the vinyl to give it the look of years gone by.

Vinyl sign technique - The Sign Depot

The script was mounted on to a stained wooden oval with epoxy to give the sign character and dimension

Wood Sign - The Sign Depot

All the sign components were then attached to the metal arrow which tied the whole project together.

Wayfinding Sign Lighting - The Sign Depot

Electrical Wayfinding Signs - The Sign Depot

Not only is this sign eye-catching it serves the purpose of a wayfinding sign as well.  

Wayfinding Custom Sign Tips

  • Choose an area that is visible to all
  • Pick clear, easy to read fonts for your sign
  • Find a way for it to stand out from the surroundings without looking out of place
  • Make it simple to interpret the sign’s purpose (IE washroom, exit, parking)
  • Check that your sign contains the correct info

This wayfinding custom sign is finding its way to St. Jacob’s Furnishings in time for The Rustic Loft Grand Opening today (June 21/12).  The event is in conjunction with company’s 25th anniversary.  More info about the event can be found here