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Custom Toboggans And Sled Promotional Business Signs

Custom Business Sign - Beaus - The Sign Depot 

Bring Back Tobogganing

Lately tobogganing has become quite a controversy in Southern Ontario.  While we don’t want to get into the politics of it, we want to let everyone know we are on the pro tobogganing side! Want to know why? We think toboggans are multi-purpose when they are used as custom business signs.

While other sign companies are busy making “No Tobogganing” signs we know that our promotional sleds and toboggans are great ways to promote a business. They can be customized to the company branding and make great giveaway items.  Beertown Public House and Beau’s All Natural Brewing chose to create a Beau’s Bomber promotional sign-sled for their recent contest.

Making The Beau’s Bomber Sign-Sled

The Beau’s All Natural Bomber Sign-Sled was created through a mix of signage techniques. From construction to paint finish to the vinyl decal branding this became much more than a custom business sign.  Take a look at the video below to see all the work that went into making this promotional giveaway item.

Branding Success With Signage

The Beau’s Bomber Sign-Sled was dual purpose. During the promotion it grabbed the attention of the restaurant patrons to increase awareness of the Beau’s brand and then it was given as a customer recognition prize. See the recent tweet about the prize winners.

Creating Custom Business Signs And Structures To Promote Companies

Want to create something unique to promote your business? We want to help! Be sure to visit our CONTACT US page to connect with one of our expert signmakers to see what would best fit with your brand. Finding the right match can help promote your company and help you stand out from your competitors. If you don’t reach us right away, we may be out catching some fresh powder on the local toboggan hill!


We Take The Same Approach To Custom Projects As We Do Custom Wood Signs – Fine Canadian Craftsmenship

Let It Snow

This year we had an abundance of snow and chose to take advantage of it while it was still here.  The team at Sign Depot decided to hit the local toboggan hill to test out the handcrafted toboggans.

Below is a slide show of Sign Depot getting ready for the Christmas Season.    Thanks to everyone who pops in to see us, or checks us out onlline! 2010 was really fantastic & CHEERS to continuing it on in 2011   

As you may have noticed the MOIRS toboggans are a feature of the slideshow above. These custom wood toboggans are often inquired about when visitors pop by for one of our community events.

Custom Wood - The Sign Depot

Proud To Be Canadian

These man made toboggans are a tribute to Canadian heritage.  They are handcrafted from re-purposed materials that may look familiar to Canadian sports enthusiasts. The MOIRS toboggans are made from recycled skis. Talk about your Green Economy!  Being know for our creative approach to signs and design projects, it was not a far stretch when these skis became a quite a show piece in The Sign Depot workspace. After before the final product was assembled there were lots of intricate steps elements involved including sanding to an ultra smooth surface, high gloss finishes, sturdy hardware as well as vinyl decals displaying the logo.  After the toboggans were fully assembled they required a test team and we were eager to see how well they worked. The staff at The Sign Depot trekked up the city’s highest hill in the name of market research. Lets say that  the test run for these wood toboggans grabbed a lot of attention, just the way our custom signs do and as you can see from the video below, fun in the sun was the theme for that Christmas Party!