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3 Dimensional Augmented Reality and the Sign Industry

Super Heroes, Sporty Cars and Signs

This week marks the arrival of the much anticipated summer blockbuster The Avengers.  As with all the films that Marvel creates, a large amount of licenced products will accompany the movie’s release.   Marvel has teamed up with WalMart to create a marketing campaign to continue The Avengers’ 3D experience by taking it beyond the theatre and into WalMart retail locations.  While WalMart already capitalizes on radio and tv ads, they have added an element of surprise to the mix.  It involves signs.  Signs that may look like 2D digitally printed signs to passers by, but to those “in the know” it’s the beginning of an adventure.

Through the use of Augmented Reality and a smartphone, Walmart shoppers are able to create an Avengers experience by scanning the signage for Marvel merchandise.  Although this might be the launch of Augmented Reality to masses, WalMart was not the first big brand to tap into this type of media.  Last year Volkswagon Canada used Augmented Reality to launch their new Beetle in the heart of Toronto.  They used traditional signage to create a stunt car rally to show off their enhanced model.

Augmented Reality was a term that many recognize, but few had experienced first hand.  It is a process where Geo Tags known as “layers” are embedded into a 2D sign. An Augmented Reality app reads the tags and displays the content linked to the tag on an augmented reality equipped device.  Now that smartphones are 4G (ie able to display fast streaming video), augmented reality can be experienced in the palm of your hand.  The applications are widespread and when executed properly it can attract customers by creating user experiences.  Augmented Reality is changing the 2D signage landscape into a 3 dimensional land where a smartphone or tablet can take a product and bring it life.  It will give consumers the feeling of fast forwarding into the future.  Augmented Reality will bring signage to the forefront of this cutting edge application.

What do you think is next for Augmented Reality and Signs?



Artistic Sign Solutions For Business – Gloss Captures Attention With Custom Business Signs

Exterior Signs - The Sign Depot

This street view photo by James Howe shows exactly what you would see as you pass by.

Eye catching don’t you think?

Adding Artistic Sign Elements To Storefront Signs

Finding ways to capture the attention of passers-by in this fast-paced world we live in is a difficult task for many store owners.  Adding artistic sign elements can help create a brand buzz when a new business moves in the area.  Gloss chose this route when they opened their Kitchener Ontario location and The Sign Depot was happy to provide the sign solutions to make that happen.

As you can see from the photo above, Gloss made the most of their Downtown location by using the Exterior signage as a focal point for drive by traffic and window graphics to catch the attention of those walking by as well.

Grab Their Attention

Want to be memorable? You need to get noticed.  Our  artistic sign solutions for businesses help to grab attention and make your company memorable. Below are three different ways Gloss used custom business signs to get noticed.

  1. Choosing an flat backer sign with dimensional letters helped Gloss stand out from the surrounding businesses.
  2. By incorporating the logo into the vinyl windows graphics it gives memorable look without taking away from the current window displays.
  3. A custom A-Frame sign was constructed to include a wipe off board so store specials and events can be updated on a regular basis

A-Frame Sign - The Sign Depot

Signs Of Consistency

All these custom business signs incorporated the company logo and the clean look stayed true to the Gloss business brand. Consistency is the key for being recognizable.  Is your business anticipating a move in the near future, or could your entrance-way use a refresh? Make sure to speak with one of our professional sign designers to see how our artistic sign solutions can increase your traffic and help you to grab some new customers.