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Custom Business Signs – UPDATING DOWNTOWN

Custom Business Signs – UPDATING DOWNTOWN

Façade Grant Program For The City Of Kitchener’s Downtown Core

For the past few years The City Of Kitchener has been making changes to create a new streetscape.  Wider sidewalks, and better lighting are just a couple of ways they are creating a new look for the downtown core.  Many business owners are taking notice and relocating their shops to the area.  Others are upgrading existing buildings to match the surroundings.  The City Of Kitchener has created a Façade Grant Program to assist business owners with this transition.

We’ve been involved with three of these Grant recipients GLOSS, THE SILVER SPOON, and THE SPORTSLINK.  Each of these store changed their entrances to best reflect their unique businesses, and people are taking notice of their custom business signs.

The Feedback

Judy Horn,  of Silverspoon Chocolates, had this to say

Just wanted to let you know we love the teapot. There isn’t a day that  goes by without someone commenting on it. It has really made a  difference to our visibility on the street. Thanks again to Amos and  Peter and everyone else who worked on the sign and tea pot. We are  really pleased with the way it turned out.

Now her Artistic Feature Teapot is featured in the news where they had this to say about her business storefront

Bright red paint, big windows and the hanging teapot sign make it one of the most inviting spaces along the main street.

Teapot Sign - Custom Business Sign - The Sign Depot

That’s what it’s all about.  Inviting people to the area, welcoming them into the shops and creating a pleasant place to be. To find out more about how to start planning your custom business sign updates, take a look at our post on Sign Permits, Sign Regulations and Variances then contact us to get started on your company’s new custom business signs.




How Artistic A-Frame Signs Build Brand Buzz For Businesses

Eye-catching Signs

Here at The Sign Depot we often talk about a uniform look across the board.  We think consistent branding makes your company recognizable and your business memorable. Custom business signs that stand out get your company noticed and help you reach potential new customers. A great mix for a store front is a custom business sign, bold window graphics and an A-Frame sign advertising what your specialty service is. 



What You Need To Know About A-Frame Signs

A-frames, sometimes known as sandwich board signs,  date back to the 19th century as a form of advertising and have stood the test of time.  Their unique ability to attract customers into shops is well work the investment. A-Frame signs are available in many different styles.  They range from a metal frame with coroplast inserts to artistic A-Frames made from wood.  The come in several sizes.  Smaller sized A-Frame signs are often used by Real Estate Agents to advertise an Open House, mid-sized A-Frames work well outside storefronts and large A-Frame signs are great at capturing the attention in heavy traffice areas. Here are a few things to consider when thinking about A-Frame signs.

Five Things To Consider When Ordering A-Frame Signs

  1. Where will the A-Frame sign be placed?
  2. What will it be advertising?
  3. How big does the A-Frame sign need to be?
  4. What branding elements will be displayed?
  5. Does it require coroplast inserts, a chalkboard surface or a whiteboard?

 Custom A-Frame - The Sign Depot

Adding artistic elements to your A-Frame makes your sign noticeable.  This is great way to reach potential clients that are in your area. A-Frame signs create buzz about upcoming events, in-store specials, menu items and so much more.  Make sure to speak to one of our professional signs makers here at The Sign Depot and they can help you find what works best for your business. Designing custom business signs and knowing what works best in which area is just the beginning of their expertise.