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Lykke – Minded 3 Dimensional Signs

The Danish Have Done It Again

In 2017 we told you about Danish HYGGE and LAGOM and what they have to do with signage.  Once again they are bringing a new sensation to North America.  LYKKE is the new Danish word at the tip of our tongues and we think our 3 dimensional signs fit the bill perfectly.  According to The Little Book of Lykke: The Danish Search for the World’s Happiest People, lykke means Happiness but it has shown that people feel much happier if they call happiness Lykke rather than Happiness.  Here at The Sign Depot we want all of our signs to bring people happiness, and while we work hard to accomplish that with all of custom signs, our whimsical 3 dimensional signage provides an extra layer of lykke to the mix.

Bring On The Happiness With Our Lykke – Minded 3 Dimensional Signs

Many of our 3 dimensional signs are made from layered High Density Urethane, often referred to as HDU. They are created in our workshop on our CNC router table.  Once the form is cut, it is up to our expert sign-makers to shape the sign into the object of our client’s choice.  Over the years we have created many sign structures that bring smiles to faces.  We think it makes it “Lykke – Minded” signage.  You can see examples in the images below.

3 Dimensional Signs - Restaurant Signs - The Sign Depot3 Dimensional Sign - HDU - The Sign DepotScuptural 3 Dimensional Signs - The Sign Depot  

Spring Into Action

Spring is in the air (most days), and it is often known as a time of renewal.  Now that the spring season has arrived it is time to see how you can refresh your business.  Could it use a little HYGGE, LAGOM and/or LYKKE? Finding the right recipe for your company is something we can assist with.  Just visit our CONTACT US page to connect with one of our sign experts.  Together they can provide you with the signage that best suits your business. Do you LIKE (or LYKKE) that idea? Let us know in the comments. We always appreciate hearing from our readers.



How To Spring Clean Your Exterior Custom Signs

Curb Appeal

If you had a custom sign made, you want it to always look its best.  Spring is a good time to walk across the street from your sign and see if it adds to the curb appeal.  If there are some tweaks to be made be sure to give us a call.

What To Check When Evaluating Your Custom Sign

  1. Damage – Whether it be ice damage, wind damage, sun damage (fading) or vandalism, if your sign has been damaged in any way it is best to get it fixed before further damage occurs.
  2. Repair – If your lit sign has burnt out bulbs or malfunctioning LEDs then it is not serving it purpose to its full capacity. If you wood sign is showing checks (splits in the wood) then it requires immediate repair.
  3. Surroundings – Has the area where your sign has been place changed at all, example new buildings added or a new landscaping design.  This could hinder your sign’s ability to stand out from its surroundings.  This may be a good time to think about rebranding if you decide a new sign is in order.

How To Keep Your Custom Sign In Great Condition

By following these simple steps you can extend the life of your sign.

If you have a plastic/acrylic blade sign

Blade Sign - Acrylic - Vinyl - The Sign Depot

Give it a once over with some window cleaner or mild soap and water to remove any debris.  If it is lit have an electrician remove the sign from its casing first.

If you have a dimensional HDU foam sign

HDU Foam Sign - The Sign Depot

A light blasting from an air hose should blow off any dust buildup.

If you have a wood signWood Sign - Outdoor - Exterior - Cedar - The Sign Depot

  • Twice a year wash and wax your sign. Use a mild dish soap and soft brissle brush (paint brush) to gently loosen surface dirt – follow with a though rinse with clean water. A light coat and buff with typical spray on car wax will help repell water and keep your sign looking good.
  • Remove any weeds or vines that are crawling up your cedar sign posts.  They may look interesting, but they can do quiet a bit of damage to the finish
  • After about 7 years (depending on sun exposure) bring it into The Sign Depot workshop for refurbishing. It will leave looking brand new.

We also suggest refraining from using a power washer to clean any of your custom signs.  The pressure could end up removing any paint or vinyl that is applied the to sign and could damage the sign material.