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3 Dimensional Signs and Sculptural Structures

We Had A Barrel Of Fun Creating This 3 Dimensional Sign Structure

Here at The Sign Depot we are always looking for ways to add creativity to signs.  3 dimesional signs are a great way to customize and transform a sign into a creative sign structure.  When we were approached by Souvenir City to create a custom photo booth we went all out to make sure that the sign not only served the purpose as a photo opp spot, but also to build an eye-catching scuplture.   As you can see in the pics below we had a barrel of fun with this custom sign.

From Design To 3 Dimensional Sign

This sign project began with an in-house designed metal structure with attached High Density Urethane (sign foam) pieces carved to create a Niagara Falls scene for the photo booth.

3 Dimensional Sign Structure - The Sign Depot

The sign foam was pieced together to look like a barrel headed over Niagara Falls. After assembly, the sign structure was coated with epoxy to harden it and make it durable.

3 Dimensional Sign Structure - The Sign Depot

 Next it was time to give the 3 dimensional sign structure a custom paint finish.  It started with dark base colours to give the the custom structure depth.

3 Dimensional Sign Structure - The Sign Depot

 After the base colours were dry, lighter colours were applied to add highlights and add to the dimensional look.

3 Dimensional Sign Structure - The Sign Depot

 A final coat was added to the barrel to instantly age the sculpture. The rust finish technique was exactly what the barrel needed to make it feel vintage.

3 Dimensional Sign Structure - The Sign Depot

When CTV News Channel contributor Neil Hedley and his wife Tatiana stopped by, we decided to give the photo booth a test run.  The look on their faces is priceless!

3 Dimensional Sign Structure - The Sign Depot

The next steps included fabricating the top portion of the photo booth and manufacturing a Niagara Falls sign that would be affixed to the top of the sign structure.

3 Dimensional Sign Structure - The Sign Depot

Custom Sign - The Sign Depot

The sign structure travelled to Niagara Falls where our expert sign makers installed the photo booth and added the Niagara Falls Canada sign.

3 Dimensional Sign Sculpture - The Sign Depot

If you happen to stop at Souvenir City Headquarters make sure to tweet us a pic of you in their new photo booth!

To see the project evolve in more detail take a look at the gallery below.  As you can see this sign project really “stands out”. If you are interested in having your business stand out, make sure to visit our CONTACT US page let us know about your future signage plans.  We’ll be sure to get your project quoted asap and perhaps our next post will be about YOU!



3 Dimensional Signs – Creating A Landmark Sign

Creating a Landmark – Souvenir City Vase

The best signs make you stop and take notice, they draw you in for a closer look.
Souvenir City located in Niagara Falls Ontario commissioned us make a sign for their glass blowing studio. What better sign could we make other than a 3 dimensional sign replica as a vase.
We have created a variety of unusual signs for this client from a chain saw carved bear and moose to a Mountie on his horse perched high above the road way.
Every year thousands of tourist are drawn in to pose and snap pictures in front of the signs – photo mementos of a falls vacation. These landmark signs are serve as eye-catching advertisements for the store and attract new customers daily. The use of 3 dimensional signs has made an impact on their business and by continuing with their 3 dimensional sign trend they were able to put focus on the new facet of their business without taking away from their already established brand.
Wondering how you go about making a go about making a giant vase? Here’s how we did it. 3 Dimensional Signs - The Sign Depot
First, we built a arm powered lathe to accommodate the huge foam shape.  
3 Dimensional Signs - The Sign DepotThe handles were made from High Density sign foam and covered in fiberglass fior extended durability
  3 Dimensional Signs - The Sign Depot

Next a welded steel super structure was manufactured to keep the dimensional sign centred and rigid. This was attached to a fabricated mounting plate.

    3 Dimensional Signs - The Sign Depot


The turned vase was then installed onto the steel post and surface coated in two layers of 6oz. woven fiberglass cloth to begin the custom sign finishing process

3 Dimensional Signs - The Sign Depot A complete sanding and filling to smooth the surface 3 Dimensional Signs - The Sign Depot


Finally, a crack paint job by Dave to replicate the character of translucent glass. A clear UV top coat to hold the colour, and wax to accentuate the shine on our latest sign prop.

Once this 3 dimensional signs was done and installed it was hard to miss. This is where custom sculptural signs come into play for your company’s findability and wayfinding sign solutions. They become a focal point for passers-by.  These 3 dimensional signs get you noticed and make your business memorable.

 Even while we were installing this signs folks were stopping by getting their picture taken in front of the vase. They would then make their way into the store and exit with bags in hand.  The 3 dimensional vase was already proving to be a worthwhile advertising investment.

Landmark Signs - The Sign Depot - 3 Dimensional Signs