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Social Enterprise and Small Business Signs

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Community Involvement Means You Are Always Learning

The month of June was beyond busy with our cottage sign segment of the business, but we still take time to be involved in our community and find ways to learn about new ideas.  Earlier this month The Centre for International Governance held an advance screening of the film THE SOCIAL SHIFT along with a Q&A with the creators of the film, Meaghan and Marie Wright of Mirror Image Media. Many in attendance were new to the concept of Social Enterprise and the positive effects it has on a community.  The creators summed it up well when it was stated that many business owners wait until they retire and then become philanthropists.  In reality they could be creating businesses that “do good” as their mandate, which then would be referred to as a social enterprise.  You can learn a bit about social enterprises in Canada by viewing the film’s trailer below.

Throughout the filmed the audience learned about Canadian businesses that assist with environmental change, companies created that gave people a place to work and taught them new skills with a chance for advancement and so many many other ideas that help both locally and globally.

Signs With Social Enterprise In Mind

Last month we spoke about our community involvement with the BUDDY BENCH project.

Since then we been able to work on other signage that promotes inclusivity and social change.  One was a donor recognition feature at St. Paul’s University College along with signage for their Greenhouse social impact incubator.  Another project we were proud to be part of was the WELCOME NEIGHBOUR exterior sign created for the Victoria Hills Neighbourhood Association that was revealed at this year’s Neighbours Day.

As you have noticed in earlier posts we also enjoy being involved in our community, whether it be at sponsoring events or attending events like this above mentioned screening to see how we can be innovative with the way we make our signs and source our materials.  For example our preferred metal provider donates and holds fundraisers for the Make a Wish Foundation, which is why we buy from them.  When businesses take a look at how they run their company and the businesses they choose to work with they can learn how they can make a social impact.  Even small tweaks can provide lasting results and social change.



Five Hot Trends To Watch In 2012 – See How They Can Impact Your Business

Start The Year Off Ahead Of The Curve

Want to get a jump on the latest trends before they take off?  We’ve gathered a great list for you to start from.  See if any of these trends make an impact on your business.

Gardening Trends

According to The Vancouver Sun this year’s trend will be plants that require less water, but bring birds, butterflies and insects back to gardens.  As well plants that thrive well in small spaces and on a trellis will be quite popular this year.  What ever you decide to plant make sure it ads to your curb appeal.  Take a look at your surroundings.  A little upkeep can go a long way.

Car Trends

USA Today lets us know that emphasis is still on safety but environmental has not taken a back seat.  Vehicles that shut off at stop lights, powerful small engines that are fuel efficient are just a couple of the latest car features we’ll see in 2012.

Font Trends

Ready challenge yourself, while out-performing the rest? It sounds like you have the Olympic Spirt.  With that comes a Colossal FONT to match.  Keep the London Olympics 2012 Font  in mind before it starts popping up everywhere this summer.

Colour Trends

As mentioned in a previous post, TANGERINE TANGO is the 2012 Pantone Colour of the Year.  Make sure to include this vibrant splash of colour to your home, marketing materials and fashions to let others see just how trendy you are!

Restaurant Trends

In 2011 many restaurants focused on the importance of local food.  That trend will carry on into 2012 with the additions of food sensitivities and allergies being addressed.  Gluten-free being one of the top trends in the food service and restaurant industry right now.

Restaurant Industry Sign - The Sign Depot

What steps will you be taking to follow these trends, or will you be creating trends of your own?