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Top Ten Things To Pack For The Long Weekend Road Trip

road trip - cottage sign - The Sign Depot

Bring on the Summer

With the warm weather days upon us, long weekends are full of fireworks, fishing, and fun which usually means road trips.  The best way to ensure a fun and relaxing time is by being prepared for the excursion.  Most travelers already carry a vehicle emergency kit with First Aid items, booster cables, a can of quick tire inflater etc.  To ensure that road trip is enjoyable for everyone,  here is a list of some items to be sure to pack for that long weekend road trip!

Ready for the Road

  1. Bottles of water
  2. Granola bars or something that can tide you over until your next stop
  3. Baby wipes – great for those in car spills
  4. Change of clothing – see above
  5. Extra batteries or car chargers for music players/cell phones/laptops etc
  6. Travel pillows & blankets (the comfy kind, not those crinkly emergency blankets)
  7. Portable entertainment IE DVDs, deck of cards, magnetic travel games, hand held video games
  8. Sunscreen (daytime travel)
  9. Booklight (nightime travel)
  10. Large Ziploc bags – great for garbage
In addition it is also a good idea to have a bit of cash (in case your next stop doesn’t take credit or debit), also make sure to bring a map in case your GPS signal is lost.  You want to make sure to find that “hideaway” without having to worry about where it is hiding!  If you’re are inviting guests to your cottage, make sure they can identify your getaway from the everyday by adding a custom sandblasted cedar cottage sign to identify your neck of the woods.

Wood Cottate Sign - The Sign Depot

Enjoy the Long Weekend and remember to kick back and relax once the travelling part is done.   It won’t be long before you are on the road again, so be sure to stream our ROAD TRIP PLAYLIST Have any road trip tips you want to pass along? Make sure to add them to the comments, send us tweet or find us on facebook.


Mother’s Day Custom Engraved Signs – Personalized Gifts

Custom Signs Made for Mom

Custom Wood Cottage Sign - The Sign Depot

We wouldn’t want you to stress over the gift for the THE BEST MOM EVER, so here’s an early reminder that Mother’s Day is May 13, 2012 and we have a few gift suggestions for the Moms in your life.

Signs for the garden

Do you know a Mom who spends her spring days in the Garden? Custom Granite signs area a great choice for her.  They can be customized with sandblasted text, graphics and even colour to add some flair.  These signs are durable and look fantastic in flower beds, near slate or interlocking brick.

Sandblasted Sign Granite Stone - The Sign Depot

An artistic sign is a welcome addition

A cheery warm engraved wood welcome sign will compliment any entrance-way.  These wood signs have a simple elegance that will show just how thoughtful you are.  The neutral tones were chosen to match several different decor schemes and the sign’s size is perfect for a front door of a home or cottage.

Wood Sign - The Sign Depot

Customized creative cedar signs

 A little creativity can go a long way!  Choosing a custom designed sandblasted cedar wood sign for her gift will make it a Mother’s Day to remember!  Why not get Mom something that best represents her?  Choose the size, shape, colours, text and graphics to customize the look of a residential sign.  These custom engraved wood signs are great as gifts for homes, cottages and vacation properties.

  Personalized Cottage Signs - The Sign Depot

Need something altogether different? We have lots of unique ways to customize a sign for you. Need some inspiration? Take a look at our Sign Depot Pinterest Boards.  They have been known to ignite the creative spark in all of us.

With Mother’s Day less than a month away, make sure to contact us today.  The Sign Depot has lots of options to suit you budget, and we’ll make sure you’re still Mom’s Favorite!


Custom Business Signs – You Want To Go Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Or At Least Your Business Name

So many businesses don’t realize they are missing out on the advertising opportunities that are right outside their door.  You need to really assess the area surrounding your location to figure out the best way to draw attention to your store front.  This is where you custom business sign can make a big impact.

Down On The Corner, Out In The Streets

If you call in for directions to The Sign Depot, we’ll tell you we’re at the corner of Borden Ave. & Charles St., but really we’re not.  That is the closest intersection to our locale & as you can see it’s a very busy place to be.

Borden Ave & Charles St Kitchener Ontario - The Sign Depot

We take into account that many will see that corner because they are either waiting at the stop light or in line at the drive thru.  Which is why we are featured here

Business Tenant Signs - The Sign Depot

& chose this wayfinding text and image to describe where we truly are located on the street

Wayfinding Signs For Business - The Sign Depot

From there it only takes a quick glance to notice our custom sandblasted wood sign from that corner as it’s protruding off the wall.

Company Entrance Sign - The Sign Depot

As you can see we also have a flush-mount sign to attract walk by traffic as well as window graphics for a welcoming entrance.

Sometimes you only have seconds to make an impression.  Make sure to use that opportunity to it’s full extent by choosing your signage accordingly. Visibility is the key to getting your company noticed, and custom business signs are what makes the biggest impact on passers-by.  Grab their attention and you may see some new customers walk through your door!

Need suggestions on how you can improve your business visibility? Make sure to contact us via twitter, facebook or email & We’ll make sure EVERYONE KNOWS YOUR NAME