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Short On Time? Here’s The Quickest Way To Get A Custom Sign

Shortcuts To Sign Quotes

Need a custom sign in hurry? Below are a few ways to fast track your way to a quick sign quote.  These valuable tips will ensure your signage rush job will meet your deadline.

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Seven Tips To Fast-Tracking Your Sign Quote

  1. Look for online examples of the type of custom sign that would best suit you.
  2. Know your budget. A professional sign designer can create a great sign that fits your style and budget.  Keep in mind when budgeting for materials, that better quaility substrates can drastically increase the longevity of your sign.
  3. Take measurements of where the sign will be placed
  4. Provide the sign manufacturer with a photo of where the sign will be located
  5. Include any artwork such as logos, fonts, text, graphics and colours that will be on the sign in a vector format such as a PDF.  If the layout artwork is not ready, let the sign company know if they will be creating the sign design
  6. Check that your sign complies with the local zoning sign-bylaws and inform the sign company if you will be arranging for the sign permits or if you require them too.
  7. Be aware of the timeline and the season.  Most signage companies are very busy in the spring with exterior building signs, so if that is when you need the exterior sign package completed it is best to contact them in the winter so it can be ready to be installed after the ground has thawed and the conditions are no longer dangerous.

After you have all seven of these items organized,contact your custom sign provider.  Be sure to the give them as many details as possible.  This will minimize the amout of artwork changes and speed up the sign quoting process.  Once approved your sign provider will be able to give you an estimated turn around time and production can begin after the right permits and deposits are in place.  These tips apply to most custom signs whether is be for an architectural exterior,  a business reception area, or even for a custom wood sign for a cottage.  To get your quote visit our contact us page and one of our expert sign quoters can assist you with your upcoming signage needs.

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