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Artistic Signs Late Nights and Blue Collar Mornings @ The Sign Depot

Posted by Lisa on 2/10/2011


Artistic Signs Start With Artists

Next week is the February Long Weekend. Since it’s been too cold to do anything outside we decided to host something indoors. Our first Art Show is happening on Saturday Feb 19th from 6:30pm to 11:30pm here at 51 Borden Ave S. Kitchener. All details can be found at this link OR click the pic at the bottom of this post to see an enlarged version.

OR follow the hashtag on twitter #sdART Some fantastic artists make Kitchener Waterloo their home and we hope this region will support all that they do enrich the artistic culture here.

They are many ways the community can get involved to support local artistic talent.  Attending a local art show is just one of the ways our artistic sign makers find inspiration for the unique sign work that they do.  Finding different ways to sculpt signs, produce stand out memorable landmarks and experiment with finishing techniques such as distressed rust finishes or gold leaf guilding are just some of the artistic ways they create custom signs.

As you can see some of these artistic sign techniques have crossed over into the art world and are now being used to create artistic pieces for the masses.  You are never sure how your work can influence others, but in this case sign work inspired a full scale art show.

 Sign Up To See The Art

See what The Sign Depot looks like after dark.  It may just surprize you.  We want our custom signs to be part of the artistic landscape of our community.  Come by and see what you would like to see more of when it comes to artistic signs.  We appreciate your input and look forward to hosting you in our Sign Depot workshop. Perhaps you will see a piece that speaks to you. 

Artistic Signs - The Sign Depot


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